Benefits raw food diet

The benefits of a diet with raw foods Raw food is easily digested We can call raw food live food, and the food we prepare and heat, cook, we can call dead food. 🙂 It should be noted that the food we eat does not contain substances contrary to the chemistry of the organism. So … Read more

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Attracting health  Law of healthy and unhealthy diet  Today, we all know that an unhealthy diet is the number one cause of death in the world! Our daily diet is a bigger killer than smoking, and according to some statistics that I read, it is nicely written that about 10 to 15 million people die … Read more

Healthy eating trend hit

Trend hit

Why has a healthy diet become a trend?


The trend of healthy eating in the last decade is current and people have massively raised the awareness that healthy eating has a huge impact on our health! Unfortunately, a fast lifestyle and fast diet prevailed in many people, but when a doctor diagnoses, for example, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, headache, obesity, etc … Then we realize that it is time to reconsider where we are wrong?



If we decide to eat healthily, we will notice:

  •  That we have excess energy and vitality

  •  To manta in the optimal weight that suits us best

  • That our immune system is stronger and better

  • To age more slowly 🙂

  • To reduce our fatigue and exhaustion

  •  That our teeth and gums are healthier

  •  To increase our ability to concentrate

  • To get up more rested and full of energy throughout the day

healthy diet on the body

The impact of a healthy diet on the body

The impact of a healthy diet on the body. Unfortunately, many still eat unhealthily and unbalanced. Improper diet is a risk factor for many diseases, but it is better to prevent than to cure. And finally, the time has come to follow the global trend of healthy eating and put an end to unhealthy eating and our bad life habits! Click here

It is difficult to determine the basic guidelines of a healthy life, but when it comes to our health, then we simply and easily have to accept the fact and adapt to a certain diet!

Foods to avoid:

1. It should be used in as small a quantity as possible because it burdens the kidneys and is the cause of high blood pressure. Use other spices to reduce food salting

2. Sugar/sweets: Also in as small a quantity as possible due to the risk of obesity in diabetes. As well as because of caries.

3. Empty calories: food that has too many carbohydrates, fats, sugar, and salt, and no other valuable ingredients. These are various snacks, chips, candies, sweets, wafers, and this food is harmful and expensive.

4. Ready-made food: contains artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives that improve the appearance, taste, or durability of this food, which is harmful to the human body, and especially to developing children.

5. Dried meat products: especially those with lower prices, such as salami, pate, hot dogs, and harmful ingredients that are usually of unknown origin!

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Choice and amount of food


1. The food we eat should not contain preservatives, it should be fresh and easy to prepare.

2. Meals should be of moderate size, but with quality ingredients.

3. Carefully choose and read labels and declarations, on groceries: shelf life, composition, origin, and which additives are added.

4. Enjoy fresh uncooked fruits and vegetables

5. Choose foods rich in antioxidants: tomatoes, spinach, carrots, berries. It is best to use seasonal fruits and vegetables

6. The best drink is water: carbonated drinks have a lot of negative ingredients, sugar or artificial sweeteners, and various additives that are harmful to the body.

Meal advice

1. Eat regularly and schedule meals according to your daily schedule

2. Eat fewer meals every three to four hours

3. Start the day with lemon tea or lemonade and healthy breakfast, about seven or eight hours depending on your biorhythm

4. Dinner should be light so as not to burden the digestive organs and should not be eaten for at least two hours before bedtime


Healthy diet for better learning

Healthy diet for better grades

Brain food is strongly associated with a healthy diet. To the surprise of many lay people, advocates of healthy eating confirmed that healthy eating has a positive effect on students’ academic success, as well as on their attitude and behavior towards learning. It has also been confirmed that a healthy diet contributes to better grades in students, the brain works faster, general health and simply healthier students learn to better. 🙂click here


Healthy students value themselves more and socialize better, they fit better into the community. On the other hand, unbalanced meals affect chronic health problems such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.

All-day long

Skipping breakfast is a common mistake that students make, justifying rushing to school, getting up late, etc … The morning dose of nutrients feeds the brain and gives energy during the day, better concentration, and the whole learning process, but a hungry stomach and a hungry brain never! :-)A light dinner, best served before dusk, ends the school day with a certain amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber, which allows students healthy sleep and rest and a better developing body. 🙂

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The hit is to be full of healthy food 🙂

The latest world hit (golden milk)

haldi doodh

The traditional Asian name and this drink were used as a medicine against colds, coughs, and other ailments. In time, due to its great global popularity, it got the name golden milk! You can buy it around the world in healthy food markets, restaurants, cafes. Golden milk is a turmeric drink, also known as turmeric juice or tea.


Turmeric has been known for many years, and it gained popularity when all the trends are directed towards a healthy diet today! It is known for its antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory action. This golden milk lowers blood pressure, regulates metabolism, and is good as a healthy invigorating drink. If you haven’t tried it yet, be prepared for an unusual taste reminiscent of a little curry, but many mixes this drink with coconut and almond milk, which improves the taste mmm … 🙂

Preparation of golden milk ingredients:

1. one cup of coconut milk or almond

2. A piece of turmeric thinly sliced, unpeeled, or 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder

3. Cinnamon stick

4. A piece of thinly sliced ginger

5. A teaspoon of honey

6. A teaspoon of coconut oil

7.1/4 teaspoon black pepper


Whisk all the ingredients with the measure of one glass of water and pour into a bowl. Wait for it to boil and then cook on low heat for another ten minutes. Strain into a cup and sprinkle with cinnamon powder. Pleasant 🙂

How to choose healthily?

Black and white bread

There is a difference when we talk about black and white bread. Many people who care about their stature, appearance, and health consume some kind of black wholemeal bread. Everyone would like to eat grandma’s bread from the village, hot bra,n, and other things, but of course not healthy 🙂


There is one secret, a way to recognize real healthy wholemeal bread. Unfortunately, many bakeries add various toppings to the bread to make it look and look integral, they add cocoa, red wine, artificial color,s and the like. Real wholemeal bread is easy to recognize, and here’s how?

Put a piece of the middle of the bread in water – if the bread turns white and the water turns black – the bread is colore!

Black bread is harder than white, and white is softer, translucent,t and has a different smell and taste. 🙂 the most beautiful bread is according to the recipe of our old ancestors, grandparents from the village from the oven and wood stove! 🙂

Choose to bread made from 100% whole grain

or mixed with other types of whole grains. Skip those types of bread that have too many additives, flavor enhancers,s, and salt.

Rye is rich in dietary fiber so it can help you lose weight.

Buckwheat is good for cardiovascular patients and diabetics.

Oatmeal is known for its amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, while its energy value is lower than others.

Choose to bread with as many cereals as possible that will bring your body as much fiber as possible per meal. Read the declaration and choose the bread that is the healthiest to your taste. Do not omit bread from use, just choose moderately. 🙂 and I wish you pleasant meals! 🙂

I hope this has been helpful to someone and that with this little article of mine I have been able to contribute to someone to improve their health! 🙂 Ever since a healthy diet became a world trend and a hit in the world! let’s join the victory of supposedly incurable diseases, which essentially do not exist, there are only incurable people 🙂 who do not want to change their bad life habits! :-)And I must emphasize that I am not a doctor or a quack doctor. So always consult your doctor or nutritionist before starting a healthy diet! I can only share some of my personal experiences and try to help someone improve their health!

If anyone has questions about healthy eating, feel free to ask me or leave a comment, and I will do my best to answer your questions as soon as possible. I wish you a lot of success and health! 🙂 Zveki…

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Importance healthy eating habits

Importance habits

you think that this approach to a healthy diet is completely correct and without complications! Just imagine that while reading this text you do not understand half the things and that is why many people give up because it seems very complicated to them. They look unattractive or tiring and think that if they become slaves to a healthy diet, they will never eat healthily! click here

We do not have to strictly adhere to some rules. Because then it’s unsustainable in the long run! We don’t need magic formulas to lose weight or for such children to just empty their pockets. Healthy eating habits should become a part of our lives. Again, I note that extreme abstinence is not necessary because it is unbearable in the long run. Because then we are constantly on this or that side if we are on an extremely “clean” diet. And it always occurs to me just give me a little more to eat, etc. 🙂

To lose weight, you need a healthy optimal diet with reduced calories. And regular physical activity that suits you. By your physical, health, etc … which give us results for a longer period! That is why I suggest that we move on to a few useful tips that should be followed for a longer period, and which will be essential for our diet and our health!

Healthy living habits

1. Three to four meals a day, let at least three, four hours pass between each meal. This does not mean now that our metabolism has a special and precise hour, time, but through practice, it has been shown that it is good to apply that period between meals. This has proven to be a good solution for those who have a problem with uncontrolled food intake. If we constantly have bowls of snacks in front of us, then we should be of a really strong character 🙂 to resist that! And that time between meals is important because we need so many opportunities to digest food and feel hungry, not to eat constantly because we are so badly used to it! Click here

Protein in most meals

2. Protein in most meals or at least three out of four meals during the day. Proteins keep us full and keep our muscle mass and contribute to our better and better appearance, but that also includes our regular physical activity!

Fruits and vegetables

3. As we use protein, we must also include fruits and vegetables in every meal of vegetables! it doesn’t matter so much whether it is cooked, raw or fried it is important to get used to always consuming fruits and vegetables every day in all meals!

Fruit instead of sweets

4. Fruit instead of sweets, if the reduction of body fat is our goal, then the rule also applies to fruit to be useful to us instead of sweets!

Water and low-calorie drinks

5. Include healthy fats in your diet. Try to consume drinks with as few calories as possible! In translation, drink as much water as possible, carbonated, non-carbonated, teas, coffee with non-caloric sweeteners and juices if you can smooth, naturally squeezed juices with added water!

Supplements as needed

6. Supplements as needed, but give preference to a healthy diet, and use supplements as a dietary supplement in an emergency!

Plan meals on time

7. Plan meals on time and look ahead for example: if you are at work or school it doesn’t matter where if you are prevented from making your healthy meals? A, you are hungry and all around you are faster food kiosks 🙂 burgers, various ham sandwiches, and other products you then manage and take as much salad as possible from the side dish! cabbage, tomato, salad and then discard a little from the sandwich sausage, ham or burger and give it to birds, pigeons, etc … 🙂 it is difficult to apply in practice, but it’s about gaining and getting used to a healthier diet! Click here

Various foods

8. Eat a variety of foods as varied as possible. One day one vegetable, another day another and so that every day you have different fruits and vegetables, but always vegetables and fruits in various combinations! Also, with fish, nuts, cereals, fruits and working on it is all a matter of training! 🙂

Flexible diet

9. Test yourself with flexible foods and train breaking down a maximum of 10% to 20% of unhealthy foods each day. For example chocolate, or some fatty unhealthy product, but to eliminate unhealthy ingredients from the diet every day and to gradually and finally discipline yourself and get used to a healthy diet! It is not easy to change long-standing habits in one day, but with a little effort and will we can achieve good results! 🙂 click here

The reason why not everything is ideal for you in a healthy diet is very simple, but there is a fact to pay attention to! In order not to make it complicated for us. We can give some examples and along the way,y we will understand why it is important to adjust the diet to our needs and desires, without having to blindly follow the advice that may not be adequate for us! 🙂

Jelly beans


For example, the fact is that jelly candies have a lot of sugar, but also those jelly candies can be a salvation for someone who has diabetes and occasional hypoglycemia (drop in blood sugar) and they need sugar to return to normal quickly. They can also be a good source of energy due to some hard work, running sports, cycling, etc …Healthy eating trends hit



We all know that kale is full of vitamins and minerals, but excessive consumption of kale can reduce the effect of some drugs, it can also have a bad effect on the thyroid gland. You see, vegetables do not always have to be healthy or unhealthy, let alone everything else! your doctor or nutritionist for good advice! 🙂

Freshly squeezed juice

small glass of squeezed orange juice or some other fruit a day is useful, but more than that in some cases does not have to mean even though it is fruit sugar, it is not ideal to ingest so much at once! In that case, choose whole fruit instead of Juice. HOW TO GET RID OF FATDEPOSITSS FROM YOURSELF IN TWO MONTS



Nuts are nutritionally very rich, they contain vitamins, minerals, proteins and are recommended as a daily diet. One handful of about 30 grams a day is considered quite enough so that our snack does not become lunch. 🙂 But still, some nuts can be allergenic and cause nausea, diarrhea, sweating, suffocation, etc … Basically, only those who are allergic should take care not to take them through meals when they do not even know they are present.



Grapefruit contains a large amount of vitamins C and A and fiber as such is ideal for everyday diet, but just like kale can hurt certain drugs and therefore you should always look at the warning on the medicine boxes because it is mostly written .click here

Sports drink


Sports drinks are a great option for extra hydration, for example: for running that lasts longer than an hour and longer for other demanding activities. However, in normal situations, they can only be a source of unnecessary sugars and calories, so plain water is still the best choice for everyone. Who does not have strenuous exercises?


Coffee in many people provides extra energy and improves alertness, but in some people,e caffeine causes headaches, fatigue, dizziness, sleep disorders, anxiety, etc … And it is already clear to us if you have a sleep problem, avoid caffeine in the afternoon and follow that has an effect.

Black and garlic


In addition to giving the smell and taste of food, garlic and garlic are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins C and b6 and magnesium. Only moderate consumption can be beneficial.

Vitamin and mineral supplements


Vitamin and mineral supplements in certain conditions, such as pregnancy or restrictive dietary supplements, are useful and necessary. But for most people, these supplements are not needed because everything you need is taken in with food. Of course, we mean those who take care of a healthy diet. 🙂 just as bad in (hypovitaminosis due to vitamin deficiency), so bad in (vitamin hypervitaminosis) which can cause excessive intake of supplements!



Bananas are rich in fiber, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins and I believe that most of you love and adore bananas 🙂 The calcium it contains is optimal for our health. It helps us keep our heart healthy and our muscles strong One banana a day can certainly bring us a lot of benefits. We can constantly hear that bananas grow a lot and that you should not eat bananas when you need to lose weight. Which, of course, is not true. No food in itself is fat, but it all depends on the calories in the body! so that you are free to enjoy bananas, just make sure you balance calories. And with a doctor’s consultation.


I would like to write so much in this little article of mine and feel free to ask me if you have anything about healthy eating, and I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible and I must mention that I am not a doctor and Quaker and that I should always ask my doctor or to a nutritionist about a healthy diet! I wish you all the best and that you are in good health 🙂 Zveki

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