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Meteoropathy and headache

  1. How to treat migraine pain?

Meteoropathic reactions

Meteoropath can be anyone. Meteoropathy and headache we often associate with migraine, but can we consider meteoropathy a medical diagnosis? Climate elements such as solar radiation, humidity, air temperature, and wind speed affect our health. Fatigue, joint pain, and mood swings can be responsible for the weather.

Hippocrates, an ancient physician, claimed that sudden changes in weather can be dangerous and that everything in nature is connected, so care should be taken about the change of seasons and strong winds. Therefore, it is necessary to react preventively in time and monitor all-natural disasters. It is better to prevent than to cure. 🙂Click here

There are certain preventive steps to prevent or at least reduce migraines, headaches, and meteorological reactions, and these are:

  •  Massage

  • Relaxation exercises

  •  Hot water (shower)

  •  Stretching the neck

For prevention, it is important to change your diet. Some types of headaches can be prevented by ourselves, but some severe headaches need to be treated medically. There are also some specific signs that alert us as an alarm! when to worry when it comes to a serious headache:

  •  Severe headache, especially if it wakes you up in pain

  •  Headaches that occur often and get worse

  •  Changes in personality and mental function

  •  Headaches accompanied by sore and red eyes

  •  Headaches accompanied by neck pain, stiffness, fever, and visual disturbances

  •  Headache that prevents daily obligations and activities

A healthy diet helps reduce the incidence of headaches and migraines

Avoid harmful foods

Many people find that avoiding harmful foods helps a lot in relieving severe headaches and migraines. Consuming omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, riboflavin, spinach, nuts, and fish in particular (salmon) helps reduce migraines. The best home remedies are from:

essential oils, buckwheat oil, flax, and basil, but it is best to consult a with his doctor. Click here

By changing our diet, we can treat headaches.

For example chocolate, and hard cheese can cause headaches.

The same goes for other things like fatigue, insomnia, and stress. 

It is best to have a balanced diet and not skip meals. If we want to stop the headache quickly, it is best to consult our doctor first, what is the cause of the headache?

Maybe it’s not all about health, but without health, everything is nothing. 

Additional ways to treat headaches and migraines are cups of coffee or tea with caffeine in moderation. Hydration can also be a solution. It is known that lack of water when we dehydrate and do not drink enough fluids causes headaches. This is especially useful for the hangover from the previous night, alcohol, insomnia, or parties 🙂 it is good to drink a glass of natural tomato juice with a little pepper. Click here


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