Orthorexia obsession with proper or ‘healthy’ eating.

Obsession healthy eating Greetings, my dears, as always you are welcome 🙂 Today we can talk a little about how to treat orthorexia naturally. When Healthy Eating Evolves a Health-Destructive Obsession Some people may spot the initial behavioral changes that indicate they have an eating disorder. Others might never set the record straight about it. … Read more

How does the food you eat affect cancer?

The leading cause of death is cancer Hello, I’m glad to welcome you 🙂 Today we can talk a little about how does the food you eat affect cancer? Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, right behind cardiovascular diseases. It is the most vicious disease that swallows you whole and your darlings. But, … Read more

How to cure psoriasis naturally?

Mental health and psoriasis The relationship between psoriasis and mental health Welcome dear friends, today we can talk a little about how psoriasis and mental health are related and what is the best way to treat this type of disease naturally. Many people with skin-thinning psoriasis become depressed and suffer from poor mental health due … Read more

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