7 creative ways you can improve your healthy diet

5 facts everyone should know about Cabbage

This amazing plant is full of nutrients such as fiber, vitamins C, K, B-6, calcium, iron, potassium, and manganese.

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It is an interesting fact that cabbage has long been considered a plant for poor people with a small budget, but in contrast, this plant is actually very rich in every sense.

1. China, India, and Russia are the biggest consumers of cabbage.

2. Cabbage prevents cancer and rejuvenates.

3. Cabbage is known as the best natural remedy against swelling and pneumonia and has a beneficial healing effect as a poultice on diseased areas.

4. This amazing plant is full of vitamins, fiber, iron, and calcium.

5. Cabbage is an ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to lose weight due to its low-calorie content.

And now we can get back to 7 creative ways you can improve your healthy diet with cabbage, but be sure to read these three important facts and the beneficial effects of this amazing plant before that.

1. Maybe you didn’t know, but cabbage is a great natural brain food. 

Cabbage contains a lot of vitamin K and can improve mental function, and concentration and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and brain.

Unlike green cabbage, red cabbage has a higher nutritional value and a slightly better effect on the nervous system.

2. Minerals for beautifying the skin

It is well known that cabbage contains a lot of sulfur that helps to dry oily skin, and also has protein and keratin that beautifies nails, skin, and hair.

3. Detoxification

Considering that cabbage contains vitamin C and sulfur, so consuming cabbage works in detoxification when someone has a problem with urine and uric acid, which can be the cause of rheumatism, and diseased skin, and it is best to combine red and green cabbage.

Therefore, if you consume 250 to 300 grams of cabbage per day, you will have all the necessary nutritional properties of this amazing cabbage plant.

I have to emphasize that cabbage is very effective against heart disease or cardiovascular diseases because of its composition: magnesium, potassium, sodium, and all other vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B9, in combination, make cabbage such a powerful plant that a strong effect on your immunity.

So now let’s get back to the 7 creative ways you can improve your healthy diet and of course, improve your overall health.

Many people today think they don’t have enough money to live a healthy life, but that’s just a delusion and an alibi for anyone who doesn’t want to change their lifestyle habits, and most of these 7 creative ways are actually free.

1. Water

Everyone knows the fact that a person is made up of 65/% water, but unfortunately many do not consume water in sufficient quantity, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Nowadays, water is not always free, but everyone has such a budget that they can afford enough to start the new day in the morning with a big glass of water.

2. Sleeping

Sleep and quality rest are necessary to accumulate new strength and energy for the overall functioning of the body. Sleep is essential when it comes to mental abilities, and it also regulates blood sugar levels.

So if we learn to listen to our body’s alarm, we are well on our way to naturally maintaining our overall health, I also have to stress when I already mentioned the wake-up alarm, we also need to set the sleep alarm a few minutes before the time and without delay. 🙂

3. Peace

Calming your anxious mind

Today, many people know that stress is the cause of many diseases.

Solution of the problem:

If you take some time during the day to calm down you will solve it and it will be easier for you to avoid everyday stress. Practice prayer or meditation every day, and find a place where you can calm down for at least 15 to 30 minutes  By doing so, you will feel a great improvement in your immunity, reduce stress, improve your mental state and, of course, you will sleep better. 🙂

4. Fresh air

Nature has given us everything, only if we want we can use all the blessings that nature offers us. Therefore, in the morning immediately after waking up, it is not bad to take a walk in the fresh air and take in the necessary oxygen that the body needs for normal functioning during the day.

It is known that our body uses cortisol and increases the concentration of blood sugar and it is also necessary to consume proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates regularly consume potatoes, carrots, beets, and cabbage and you will see positive results very quickly.

5. Be smiling and positive

It has been proven that man is what he thinks, but unfortunately, many people indulge in negative thoughts and complain that only this and that would make them happy and cheerful. That is not true, basically, a person should be satisfied with what he has, and everything else will fall into place over time if we strive for it positively.

So don’t fall into the trap that you need everything to be happy immediately and now, but surround yourself with positive people and try to be smiling and positive every day and you will see over time how your life changes in a positive sense. 🙂

6.  Physical activity 

Benefits of physical activity Health

Daily physical activity can be tested and proven to change your mental and overall health.

When it comes to physical activity and of course your overall state of health, you can read in more detail in one of my past articles healthy body healthy mind 

Therefore, physical activity is necessary and completely free, but if you want to pay for a gym or hire a fitness trainer, you can, of course, adjust it according to your budget. 🙂

Everyone can take 45 minutes or an hour every day to walk, ride a bike, jog, or swim according to their physical abilities without an alibi or any excuse.

Of course gradually over time when it becomes your daily habit you will see positive results very quickly. You can also look here on this site when it comes to general health Beyond the body

7. Gymnastics for your brain

It may sound a little funny to you 🙂 but exercising your brain is essential for the continuous development of your mind, and it can be chess, solving puzzles, crosswords, drawing, writing, or anything else where we will have to move the brain a little. 🙂

Health may not be everything, but without good health everything is nothing. 🙂 

That’s all I have for now in this little article of mine to write to you and I hope that someone was able to find themselves here and improve their overall health. 🙂

I must mention that I am not a doctor and quack and everyone should contact their doctor before doing something wrong to themselves. If anyone wants to get in touch with me, you can leave me a comment down below and I will try to answer as soon as possible, and until then I wish you success and good health. 🙂 Zveki.

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