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The blue zones of the planet of long-lived people

Health diet blue zone 
What are the blue zones and where do the longest-lived people on earth live? Genetics is responsible for such a long life expectancy of only 20-30 question… 


    Island of Ikaria People live here for over 90 years and exclusively eat vegetables, fruits, and grains and consume a lot of olive oil.  They grow their own plants and drink a lot of tea, and they also consume red wine in moderation, all these nutrients contain antioxidants and they are always physically active. It could be a recipe and an example for many of how you can at least somewhat slow down aging if there are no such conditions for life, then we can take some examples into accounts such as nutrition for example, and physical activity. 🙂
The island of Okinawa is known for having a large percentage of people over 100 years old. Here, people eat only rice, omega-3 fatty acids, soybeans, and fruits, and generally consume a diet rich in fiber. In Japan, there is a very strong sense of family community and this is one of the reasons that they are less susceptible to life’s stresses, and also everyone is very physically active every day.


Loma Linda (USA) Here, people also live with a strong sense of community, and they eat exclusively plant-based food, and legumes, without cigarettes and alcohol. They consume very little meat in moderate quantities and mostly feed on cereals and nuts. They must rest on weekends and are dedicated to each other, they are mostly positive and always smiling. 🙂

Costa Rica

Here is a large percentage of long-lived people who live over 100 years. They mainly eat legumes, corn, tropical fruits, pumpkins, lots of fruits and vegetables, and no industrially processed food. They are physically active every day and often in the fresh air.


(Sardinia) in Sardinia, a large percentage of long-lived people, who are mostly livestock farmers, was recorded. They consume a healthy natural diet and a lot of sardines. 🙂 They are also interconnected in the community, they are physically active every day in the fresh air and that is their recipe for longevity. 🙂

So you have seen the blue zones of the planet here, people eat mainly a lot of vegetables and fruits, and physical activity and fresh air contribute significantly to the fact that these people literally do not know what illness is, and almost no one is ever sick.

I just have to emphasize another instructive example. In Japan, when people eat, they make sure that they never overeat, and when they are about 75% full, they stop eating. This is a good example of when someone wants to maintain their optimal weight to avoid obesity.

In Greece, for example, intermittent fasting is useful when only plant-based food and a little fish with omega-3 fatty acids are consumed in a certain period. Greeks are known for their love of red wine, but of course only in moderation with a glass or two after a meal.

Due to its composition, red wine is a good antioxidant due to the grapes from which it is made and has a positive, healthy effect on overall health and regulates blood pressure.

One of the most important factors in the blue zones in the world is that in addition to these antioxidants, a healthy natural diet, physical activity, and everything else, there is also the fact that these people rarely wake up at the alarm clock because their healthy body also has a healthy spirit. 🙂

They respect the time cycle and are in tune with it. It is important to note that when it comes to rest, it is important to have quality sleep and a healthy natural awakening with chirping birds, not alarm clocks and noise, and everything that is not natural.

In each of these places, spirituality and religion are expressed by nationality, but they certainly traditionally maintain a family relationship and thus grow up in a common spirit, which is another example and reason for their longevity. :-

Healthy eating in the blue zones 


A healthy diet in these blue zones of the world is based as I mentioned above in the text. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, soybeans, fish, sardines, physical activity, healthy natural, and peaceful sleep.

All that I have written so far cannot be valid and apply to all people completely. If you ask me now, what will we do if we live in cities, in a polluted environment, or if we work a lot, or we are very sick, and we can’t live without meat, and so on and so forth?

The answer to this question of yours is short and clear “don’t whine” but adapt according to the conditions where you live and your geographical location. What does it mean?

You can simply always find a way to pack up over the weekend and go with family, and friends somewhere for a day or two. You can also change your diet and incorporate physical activity into your life without leaving.

These people from the blue zones are just a good example of a healthy and longer life. I agree with you when you say that you can’t live like that completely, but you can partially correct your lifestyle habits and a healthier way of eating.

This is not easy, but you must know that the magic wand no longer exists even in movies and series when we want a normal and healthy recipe for a longer life. 🙂 You can see for yourself the leading causes of death in the world: unhealthy diet, cigarettes, alcohol, and heart disease.

Other long-lived nations

In one of my past articles I wrote about these amazing people called Hunza, you can see more details here 

Chronic stress and cancer here you have more detailed information about general health and how to overcome dangerous new diseases such as cancer and stress and others with a healthy and natural way of life.

These people are considered the longest-lived in the world, they even live over 120 years. They feed mainly on raw vegetables, fruits, and dried apricots.

These amazing people called Hunza live in the mountains in the north of Pakistan and they are the main tourist attraction they are interesting they are positive and they are always smiling cheerful nature cheerful spirit and confirm the fact that in a healthy body there is a healthy mind. 🙂

Another thing that is very interesting is that these people are very sexually active in their later years, even at the age of 65, and women give birth at that age, which seems like a phenomenon and is still being investigated, how is this possible?

The diet of these people consists mainly of vegetable origin, they exclusively feed on apricots, and they consume very little meat, and during the day they have only two meals, they usually skip dinner and always go to rest with a half-empty stomach, which contributes to their easy, peaceful sleep, rest and vitality, and most importantly they are always physically active every day. You can read more about these people here Hunza

What will be the life expectancy of people in the future

So, in one of my past articles I wrote about why in the world healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle became a global hit. Read more here Healthy eating is a world hit 

Free we can say that in the future the secret of the longevity of these people and all people, in general, is a healthy diet and a healthy way of life, people have woken up en masse and realized that they have to stop to dig their own grave with their teeth.

What exactly do we mean when we say healthy lifestyle and healthy diet, it is necessary to change your bad lifestyle habits, diet, for example, consume a lot of raw vegetables, fruit, olives, olive oil, wine in moderation, physical activity, socializing with positive people, laughter, a community of families and so on and so forth.

This is definitely a recipe for the longevity of all people in the future if we wake up and learn how to listen to our body and the alarm in time we will definitely see positive results and of course, we will not know what the disease is. 🙂

That’s all I have to write you for now. This article is for informational purposes only and I hope someone was able to find this article to improve their overall health. 🙂 And now I would like to hear from you how you like this article. 🙂


I just have to emphasize that I am not a quack doctor and that everyone should consult their doctor or nutritionist first before doing anything reckless on their own.

If anyone wants to contact me, you can leave a comment and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible until then I can only wish you much success and good health. 🙂 Zveki.

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    • Thank you for your comment and of course by changing healthy lifestyle habits you will see positive results very quickly. I wish you good health 🙂

  2. I would like to live to be 120 years of age and we try to eat as healthy as possible they seem to be eating all the best foods. This article is about eating right and forming healthy eating habits and healthy diets.
    Thank you for the read very informative.


    • Of course, it is nice to celebrate one hundred and 100th birthday, but if someone is not able to follow this rhythm of life, for example, if the dynamics of life are such that he lives in the city, turbulence, rush, polluted air and so on, then he can at least correct the usual way of life and go out into nature occasionally and you will surely see positive results 🙂 thank you for your comment and I wish you good health.


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