BIKE TO HEALTH RIDE  Why is a bicycle a more dedicated means of transportation? there are several reasons, and they are: we do not pay for fuel, we do not pay for parking, we arrive on time, and the best reason is that we keep our health, maintain our condition and we have as much fuel as we eat 🙂 by riding a bike every day, we also maintain the desired weight! of course, it means to eat healthily and be physically active if we want results in teams of our weight and better health! Click here
I am writing this from personal experience, and in addition to the car I often drive or not, I do not walk or transport? A bicycle is a mandatory means of transport for me for at least one hour during the day! 
I don’t know if anyone has noticed that in the last ten years it has become quite popular to ride a bike, at least I think in Europe!
I’m trying to share my personal experience of what happened to me positively with cycling! Click here
since I have lived in Austria for many years-more precisely in Viena-Viena! there are well-maintained bike paths so I had good conditions for that! there are even traffic lights for bicycles, a beautiful trail that stretches for over 1000 km…
All over the city! Why am I writing all this? Because I have personally experienced the goal of losing weight! by strictly adhering to a healthy diet, being regularly physically active, and improving my health in a relatively short time! Click here
so it is necessary to set a goal and decide to live healthy in the next period, to eat healthily, to ride a bike regularly, to sleep regularly, to be physically active and the results come quickly! there is always an alibi or some excuse?
I can’t from many of my obligations, or I don’t have time for that or this hurts me, that hurts me, etc…if we don’t have enough will and desire to lose weight, to be healthier than the problem is in ourselves it means that we need to discuss with ourselves what we want, what we want, and what we don’t want? there are many programs, recipes and various other methods to live healthily and heal if we are sick-there are no incurable diseases! there are only incurable people if someone agrees with me?Click here

I have personally tried everything I write on myself and I hope this small text will be useful to someone who might want to ask me something? here I am ready to answer myself! stay healthy and ride a bike !:-) Be in good 🙂 Read here too…Physical activity 

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