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Foot comfort and better health

Welcome greetings to all 🙂 Today we can talk a little about comfortable work shoes for standing all day. Or in general about the necessary footwear that will improve the health of our feet, legs, circulation, and our overall health! For example, how can we solve the problem with (curia-eye)? Curia – the eye often appears on the feet between the toes, and it can also appear on the hands around the toes, elbows. It is more painful than ordinary blisters. Beyond body

Never wear tight and uncomfortable shoes. If you get blisters, don’t cut them yourself, you only make the situation worse, the blisters are hardened dried skin.

The best solution for curing blisters is: apply vegetable oil or put your foot in diluted chamomile tea and make sure that your foot is always wet in that part. Click here

Soak your feet in water daily for the next few days, it will ease you, alleviate the pain and then gradually remove the blisters, but again make sure that the part where the blisters are always is moistened or lubricated with vegetable oil.

If you have to? apply the patches to the affected area before putting on the shoes. So, when you buy shoes, make sure that in most cases the shoes are made of leather because in that way the air circulates better. Women should not wear shoes with big apologize to women 🙂 sorry, heels! but the fact is that excessively large heels destroy the feet and damage the spine.


Anatomical footwear made of genuine natural leather

Anatomically designed footwear for our better health

Why do you think your legs and spine often hurt? we just have to choose the shoes we wear and I will emphasize that in particular! Anatomical (Schol-gel insoles) for shoes and sneakers. I have been using this insole for shoes for some time now and I am very pleased with this choice. Of course, there are other models, brands, but the emphasis should be on anatomical because they are proven to be useful. Click here

– Why is the material important?

In every shoe we wear, the foot must breathe, air circulation is very important, so if we do not want an unpleasant foot odor, sweating, blisters and so on. It is very important what material it is made of? because natural leather has proven to be the best protection for our feet. Artificial leather breaks down quickly and differs in smell.

– Details on the shoes

Joints, seams, and other small works on footwear play a big role. You need to look at what kind of thread it is sewn from, what kind of seams it is, also these details have a lot of influence on the comfort itself. Rough seams around the shoe can also cause discomfort and blisters, etc.

– Footwear flexibility

When choosing shoes, never rush, but slowly look at how flexible the shoe or sneaker is and how soft the sole is? if the shoe bends nicely along the foot when walking, then that’s fine, but you should also pay attention to the toes, does it tighten you on the left and right sides? feel free to take a walk and try the comfort you are entitled to when shopping 🙂 Sholl – gell

Virtual shoe purchase

Virtual shoe purchase and mistakes when shopping online

My dear ones, do not think that we have deviated much from the topic of our good health. This is a website about health and I just want to show you, this time I will show you a little more about the comfort of the shoes we wear and how much it all comes down to how many diseases can affect us from the feet.

Why do people make mistakes when buying shoes online? we often ask for their number, but that doesn’t always mean it’s true, especially if we see a nice looking shoe or sneaker, but when they arrive and don’t suit us then the problem is to return the shipment and wait for online delivery again. That is why before buying, you should always examine everything in detail and not rush recklessly only with the purchase.

If you have flat feet or don’t know if you have? you can easily check by soaking your foot in water and simply quickly standing on a piece of paper, cardboard and seeing your imprint. If the whole print is on paper then you have a flat one, if the print is from the middle to the middle, then that is normal and if there is no middle print at all then the foot is crooked! here’s an easy way to check. 🙂Click here

We especially have a problem in the announcement if we choose pointed shoes and high heels. Then our toes suffer a lot of pressure if we wear shoes like this, our leg muscles weaken and we need to change our shoes soon. Brand and fashion are not important when it comes to our health.

Heel pain

Heel pain and Achilles tendon

There are several ways we can naturally cure these heel pains:

It is much better to try this first than to go to the doctor immediately to prescribe a lot of medication or maybe even surgery, etc … And that’s fear for a lot of people and maybe not exactly the best idea.

Heel massage with ice:

It should be noted at the outset that ice should not be placed on the skin of the heel immediately, but ice should be placed in a scarf or cloth and the painful part should be slowly massaged in a circle. This feeling of cold can be very useful for stopping the pain, but it should be applied every day for ten to fifteen minutes, depending on how long the endurance of the ice can last? Click here

If the pain is so severe to unbearable, then you can try a potato compress:

– Take one whole unpeeled potato, wash it well and grate such unpeeled potatoes and put them in a sock, and put them on. You wear it all day for a total of a week every day, but can you change the potatoes as needed when it suits you?

There is another great variant of honey and salt:

– Take a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of salt, mix everything, but in equal amounts. Apply a nylon bag to the sore spot and of course don’t forget the socks? 🙂

With these two examples you can try these plant variants in the same way:

Carrots, cabbage with honey, black radish, onions, and all that, try not to be lazy and you will quickly see good results, it is a somewhat slower process, but it has a beneficial effect on your heels and of course on better health. 🙂 and be sure to change the linings everyday ups! not to forget and be sure to try the ginger variant this is an incredibly good plant for many health problems. Read more …

You can try another good method with hot ground pepper, but in combination with olive oil, apply it well on the sore spot and hold for 10-15 minutes. Here are some examples of how you can naturally alleviate heel pain and eliminate this problem over time. If you do hard work, where do you have to stand? then you have to take the time to rest your feet and there are many good anatomical insoles on the market, for example, look here: Sholl-gell

Heel pain can often be the cause of problems in another part of the body, such as Disc spine problem – hernia. If we do not treat the underlying disease, the nerves in the legs can be permanently damaged. That is why we need to listen to our organism, our immunity, and as soon as we get the alarm! it is just a sign that we react in time, promptly, and eliminate one cause at a time. Herbal products

So, if we listen to the alarm on time and examine or record by magnetic resonance imaging, we can know the real cause and apply these natural methods of course on time. Not everything is in our health, but without health everything is nothing! 🙂 Nuts are also good because of the high concentration of vitamin E, which helps a lot as a strong antioxidant and neutralizes inflammation and tissue damage, especially in the Achilles tendon! 

For now, I would have so much to say and I hope that someone managed to find himself in this small article to fix his health problems. I must emphasize that I am not a doctor or a quack doctor, but everyone should contact their doctor or nutritionist.

If anyone has questions maybe? you can contact me or you can leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible. I wish you good health. 🙂 Zveki…

The biggest adventure in life is when we meet ourselves 🙂


12 thoughts on “Comfortable work shoes for standing all day long”

  1. When someone mentions shoes in terms of health, I always remember a guy whom you can see on the buses and tramways of Belgrade and who is always talking about “inhumane footwear”. No matter how funny it sounded at first, the guy is completely right. I have been avoiding to wear high heels for a long time and about a month ago I had a wedding celebration to go to. I don’t know why, but I decided to wear high heels and I wanted to die because of that decision. I couldn’t stand longer than half an hour. But literally. Thank god I found an alternative so I could enjoy the rest of the celebration. Thank you for this insightful article. 😊

    • I agree, high heels and stilettos are definitely very harmful to the circulation as well as the spine. I understand if it’s a special occasion, but not for a long period of time. Special attention should be paid when buying shoes, never over the Internet, but just try them on in person, walk a few laps, and, of course, what material the shoes are made of. Thank you for your comment and I wish you good comfortable shoes and good health 🙂

  2. I never knew material and how the shoes are made had such an impact on my feet or my overall health and wellbeing! I have long since ceased any consistent wearing of high heels (the sporadic special occasion as the exception) but I will make sure to pay more attention to the kind of material my shoes are made of in the future! I also really appreciate the natural solutions to common podiatry problems. 🙂 Great read!

    • Welcome, never rush when you try on or choose the number of shoes you think suits you right now? walk freely, move your fingers left, right and choose a genuine leather material, and of course, you can wear heels on special occasions and only special occasions are not, of course, every day? 🙂 I wish you good health 🙂

  3. hi, there we are glad to see your website and help others on what the best footwear to use when you are standing for long periods of time. Heels can damage your spine did not know that they are bad, and still, lots of women wear them.
    I know this article can help women that want to find alternatives to footwear.


    • Welcome, I’m glad you found yourself in this article and that you finally found the right comfortable shoes for yourself and improved your health 🙂

  4. Hello. Thank you for this post. I am currently looking on buying shoes to work in as we speak and this is going to help me a ton. If it is not to much trouble, what is the trick to finding a good pair of shoes that will not rip after a couple of months but will stay comfortable enough to work in? What price range should I be looking for if I work outside all day?

    • Welcome, we have a solution for you 🙂 There are many models of various deep and semi-deep shoes for work, but always choose shoes made of genuine natural leather! You have shoes, for example: which have a two-layer sole that is good, flexible, stable when you step on it, and comfortable to wear all day long. And especially they have reflective strips on the side for greater safety at work. Make sure your shoes have an antistatic anti-slip sole. These are shoes for everyday use in construction, agriculture and are resistant to all-natural disasters. And the prices are not very expensive for almost everyone’s budget. These shoes will last you and preserve your health. I wish you health 🙂

  5. Its interesting reading some of your article it feels like you are talking to me directly. I tend to buy shoes in a rush and most times end up returning them. Thank you for such a beautiful article I have learnt a lot today. Love it.

    • Thanks for the nice comment. You should always check well in person and try on shoes, you should not always rely on the exact number of shoes, it can vary. My recommendation is to always choose leather shoes made of genuine leather and to be comfortable so that you can move your toes and have normal air circulation and better circulation for your health in general 🙂

  6. These are great tips. Personally, I hate wearing shoes because I always get blisters, even when they’re the right size, but it always takes time to get used to them, hence the blisters. I stopped wearing shoes over 10 years ago. I always wear sandals or flip flops now – it helps that I live in a hot climate – but I would like to get the gel soles to add them for added comfort and better circulation.
    I’ve never worn high heels and the one time I tried I didn’t know how to walk …! Just imagine, your whole body weight is on your toes basically … very unhealthy. I’m glad I never got to wearing high heels.

    • Thank you very much for your comment and I agree that tight footwear creates blisters and poor circulation and many more difficulties, and for Sholl-gell insoles you have a link if necessary? Enjoy your sandals and we can look for the best naturally solution and wish you health 🙂


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