Detoxification of the organism

Detoxification of the body from toxins and parasites

Cleansing the body

Cleansing and detoxification of the organism are becoming an increasingly popular topic in the world. Of health, nutrition, and fitness.


Various new and popular diets have experienced a real boom! 🙂 Cleaning diets aim to completely cleanse and detoxify the body, as well as parasites. This post can help someone how and in what way to cleanse the body of toxins and parasites. In most cases, cleansing the body of toxins and parasites can be done naturally. People are increasingly exposed to various poisons and pollution daily. At work, on the road, everywhere, and in various places, but if we reconsider a little, why are we tired, why do we have a headache, why are we sick, etc.

The answer can be sought in the diet and natural detoxification of the organism. We may not be able to prevent pollution globally, but we can combine a variety of healthy diets daily and cleanse our bodies of toxins. Another life habit that is necessary for cleansing our body is regular and quality sleep, ideally lasting from seven to nine hours. An insufficient amount of sleep encourages stress, anxiety, diabetes, obesity, etc. Click here

Food that acts naturally and removes toxins from our body:

– Garlic: stimulates the liver and is rich in antioxidants

– Lens: Extremely rich in fiber, and the lens helps remove toxins, lowers cholesterol, and normalizes blood sugar.

– Walnuts: contain essential omega-3 fats that promote detoxification.

– Broccoli: contains a large dose of vitamins and neutralizes toxins

– Turmeric: stimulates liver function

– Red pepper: contains a lot of vitamin C, which creates digestible substances from toxins and cleanses our body.

– Artichoke: It is too rich in cynarin, which stimulates bile production and stimulates digestion.

– Mung beans: This easily digestible grain absorbs toxins from the intestinal wall.


Fasting on juices

The best-proven method of cleansing the body

The body has a defense mechanism and can only heal. With God’s help, a person can be healed and kept healthy. 🙂 The human system is prone to wear and tear, but when the disease occurs, regular functions are rejected and the body begins to regenerate. Instead of using energy for digestion or muscle activity, the body switches to cleansing, recovery, and renewal.

When a person becomes ill, it means that the organs are tired and burdened with toxins. Illness is nature’s effort to cleanse the body of toxins. Click here


If the person is not seriously ill, we can start with fasting on juices or a diet based on vegetable porridge. Healthy food for a person in poor health consists of freshly squeezed juices from raw fruits and vegetables. Take one glass of freshly squeezed juice three or four times a day. In severe patients, three or four liters may be taken daily. It can be fruit or vegetable juice. Sometimes it can be a mixed juice of fruits and vegetables.

The best fruits are citron or pineapple, and the best vegetables are carrots and beets. The best combination of fruits and vegetables are carrots and apples. When a person is ill, upset, physically, mentally, or emotionally, this juice diet will quickly return them to normal much better than taking medication. Common foods are nuts, bread grains, etc … they are not taken during the period when juices are consumed. It all again depends on the degree of the disease.

Rotational diet:

Sometimes a longer cleansing program is needed and a rotational diet is applied: it can include a few days of fasting on liquids, and then 1-3 days of lighter meals. All this must be done carefully. This program allows the body to cleanse itself of all harmful ingredients in the body, which, if left in the body, would cause organ decay. If drugs are introduced, the process of organ breakdown only accelerates.

Also, a large amount of unnecessary food clogs the system: fast food, smoking, alcohol, carbonated drinks, etc … Easy Way I They only worsen the health condition. Taking medication to relieve headaches, stomach upsets, insomnia, etc. They only delay the recovery process! and where disaster is imminent. It is better to try the juices for a few weeks and rest. The sick person must clean the blood, intestines, kidneys, and lymph. This is achieved by resting, juices from fresh raw fruits and vegetables, consuming herbal preparations, and conducting therapies such as enemas, hydrotherapy, etc. Click here


Juicer and blender

A juicer and blender are needed for both health and illness

Sick people often have little or no appetite. This is normal, working with a natural process during this period should not use intravenous methods that can do more harm than good. Every home should have a good juicer and blender. A food blender is good when you are healthy, and an electric juicer is good for both health and illness. 🙂 A glass of freshly squeezed carrot, beet, and celery juice helps the healthy to stay healthy, and the sick to refresh and heal. 🙂 We’re just talking about the juice as the pulp is tossed.

They provide the ideal combination of healthy nutrients needed to improve patient health. We’ve been thinking about fasting on fruit and vegetable juices, but there’s also a real stricter fast! (starvation) which proved to be extremely healing. This fast generally consists of water with lemon or grapefruit juice, without sweetening, which the sick person takes as often as possible, without coercion.

In some cases, it is good to starve for three to four days, but maybe a little longer. Sometimes it is best to give only juices for a few days. However, occasionally it is best to change your diet, first for a day or two on a juice diet, and then for a day or two with light meals. Indeed, you should not give light meals until the symptoms of fever pass, etc … Until the crisis passes when the person is ready to recover. Starvation provides physiological rest to the body. Click here

By starvation (moderate starvation), the body gets the best chance to cleanse itself of residual impurities in the body. The organs and structures of our body can return to normal. You can regain as much strength, energy, etc … No chemicals, surgeries, drugs, radiation can provide that healing as much as the body’s resources if allowed! You work with the body, not against the body.

Nature is the best healer and doctor. Soon when a person begins to starve moderately, the body begins to burn harmful substances from body tissues. Only the process of starvation must be used thoughtfully, moderately, wisely, and skillfully! 🙂 Of course, this process does not apply equally to all sick people. This starvation can have a beneficial effect on some people who are less sick, but it can have a detrimental effect on very sick people. A very thin person may not be able to starve for a long time as a person of average weight or as a person with excess weight. If it is a chronic condition, which requires a longer fast, it may be necessary to fast for three days, and then switch to light meals, etc. Click here

Water and health

The need for water


The need for water is necessary for our health, but that need is very individual. Everyone knows that the human body consists of 60% water. Knowing your body well can help you find out what your daily water needs are. Current health, lifestyle, level of physical activity, and of course diet greatly affect daily water needs. No formula suits everyone.

Water is the basic chemical composition of our body and every part of our body depends on water. The importance of water is so great that it is found everywhere and in every place in the human body, and the appropriate amount of water ensures the integral functioning of the organism as a whole. Lack of water leads to dehydration, and dehydration leads to a drop in energy and a feeling of fatigue, while a higher degree of dehydration is a prerequisite for the disease. Click here

How much water do we need? in men, roughly speaking, on average about three to four liters a day, and in women a little more modestly two to two and a half liters of water a day, all depending on the consumption during the day.


Factors that affect the need for water are daily physical activity, climatic conditions, the current health status of the organism, and many other factors. Significant amounts of water are found in food and certain beverages. In fruits and vegetables: watermelons, potatoes that contain about 90% water in their mass. Various juices and so on, but the best source and choice is clean, drinkable, liquid water for our body, because it is energy neutral, cheap, and available in unlimited quantities! 🙂Click here

I would have so much to write to you briefly in this little one of mine and hopefully a useful article. I hope that someone here will find themselves at least a little and that it will be useful for someone to improve their health, and I must also mention that I am not a doctor and Quaker and that everyone should contact their doctor or nutritionist if necessary. If anyone has any questions, let them write me a comment, and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible! I want you to be healthy. Zveki …

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  1. What a great article on detoxification. As you have stressed we live in a world full of pollutants, so it makes perfect sense that we need to detoxify the body. Quality sleep and the consumption of nutritious and healthy juices, seems to be very high on your list of reducing toxins and having a healthy life style. You have mentioned that fasting on juices will rid the body of toxins, but what about diabetes problem people? Is there a recommended juice diet for them to be able to fast? 

    • Of course, there is carrot, apple, and beetroot juice for diabetics in moderate quantities, it cannot be harmful to diabetics, but it is recommended that everyone consult their doctor and nutritionist. Thanks for your comment and I wish you good health 🙂

  2. Hvala vam na ovom clanku moram da isprobam post na sveze cedjenom soku od voca i povrca 👍😊


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