Fruits and vegetable juices

Healthy fruit and vegetable juices

Naturally squeezed fruit and vegetable juices

Welcome, today we can have some fun and talk about freshly squeezed natural juices. 🙂 Many people probably know that our body consists of many elements, and the most important elements are: water, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, oxygen, fluorine, sulfur, iodine, manganese, etc … If the blood, cells, and tissue, organs, glands and other parts of the body do not contain these elements then there is an imbalance of our body and they develop toxins (poisons) and with toxins in the body, many diseases occur. Click here

Our Creator (GOD) created man and the human body with great strength of immunity to resist all possible natural disasters, but man falls into sin and does what is not according to God’s law or providence. A man digs a grave with his teeth!

When the food we eat be not healthy and unbalanced, then we suffer, we have pain, cramps, all these are warnings for us, and if we do not react in time to that alarm of our organism, then we indulge in various chronic diseases. Which affects much of humanity. Why are tons and tons of different pills sold in the world every year? Why are diabetes, heart disease, lung cancer, depression, and many other diseases so common today and why do people die prematurely?

Our diet must contain living, vital organic elements. These elements are found in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts. And oxygen is one of the most important elements. When we cook food, oxygen disappears, and most enzymes are destroyed at a temperature of 60% C, and then we lose much of the life energy we need as food. Only in a natural way can we at least try to change our diet and only then find out if all this is true? as for freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices 🙂 and what is well-being for our body. Click here

Natural detoxification for the body

Natural infusion and enzymes for our body

By far the strongest weapon in the fight against the most serious diseases is a juicer and freshly squeezed juices. This is especially true for cancerous diseases. Daily squeezing and use of this juice will strengthen our organism and immune system, and will also supply it with enzymes. People began to discover en masse the unbreakable link between diet and our health. Also, many doctors in the world discover and confirm every day that freshly squeezed natural juices are very effective for quick recovery from many diseases. Juices are digested much faster than some foods that take several hours to digest, and juices in a few tens of minutes, which is why juices are considered to act as an infusion of vitamins and enzymes. Herbal products

The efficiency of juices stems from the fact that by separating vital substances and water from plants, this type of diet digests much faster and has a positive effect on the whole organism. Water from plants is converted into organic healthy water, while tap water is polluted with chlorine, fluorine, etc. The only source that gives us healthy organic water plants. Click here

Another important fact and recommendation are to squeeze the squeezed juices to remove the porridge as much as possible. Thus, the juices in the body are digested twice as fast. The best natural juices for detoxification and as an antioxidant are well-known in combination: (carrots, beets, and apples) my opinion is from personal experience because I tried it on myself and saw better results after a week. I was somewhere around 25 days only on juices and I just corrected my optimal weight and felt so good like I was born again 🙂


Enzymes are vitamins, that is, what we can call helpers of enzymes that feed the body and keep it alive. Wherever there is life, there are enzymes. They are usually mentioned in the context of substances that help us digest food better and send it into the bloodstream. Enzymes are not just “substances”. Enzymes are energy, life and are found wherever there is life, they are connected with molecules in our body, plants, and other forms of life.

The best source of enzymes in raw foods.

They can survive at low temperatures, but not at high ones. At temperatures above 60% C, they become inactive just as our body is not active in hot water. At temperatures above 60% C, the life of the enzyme is quenched. The sun’s rays transfer energy to the plant world and thus enzymes are activated. Click here

If we do not consume food that our body processes properly, we will be constantly sick on our way to life, but I must emphasize that food alone is not enough to be completely healthy. We must also pay attention to our mind, to our spirit, to balance the diet for body, mind, and spirit. This is translation means that we remain psychophysically healthy mentally, physically, spiritually without quarrels, stress, negative thoughts, and so on. 🙂

Herbal milk for strong immunity

Decide for yourself vegetable or cow’s milk?

Herbal milk helps and strengthens the immune system in the fight against serious diseases. It is full of living nutrients:

vitamins, enzymes, organic minerals, etc ...

If you have decided to work on your health? Then you need a good juicer there is one fact in the whole story about milk that seems a bit confusing: all living beings initially use breastfeeding as a way of eating, but only in the beginning. Only people use breastfeeding all their lives. Nature has reserved only the first, second year of life for man, but does man still feed on milk in one way or another? When you use dairy products, it is like taking from an animal for the rest of your life. 🙂 blender to start 🙂 Can vegetable milk replace cow’s milk? The answer to this question is as follows:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just trying to convince someone that milk is not a bad option, but just the type it belongs to. For example, gasoline is not a bad fuel, but we can’t pour it into a diesel engine, we will create a problem, we will break it, we will make the engine sick :-).Click here

Milk can be useful for its protein potential, but only up to a certain age and development at an early age. If we know it’s harmful at a later age, we don’t necessarily need it. Milk from coconut, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc …

If you want coconut milk, you can buy a coconut and separate it from the shell, grate it, put it in a blender, and finally add a little water. You can strain it if you want clearer milk. you can also use (coconut water) coconut contains water that is transparent and is good because it has vitamin C, magnesium, and sodium. It has a positive effect on reducing bad cholesterol.

Coconut milk is best kept in glass packaging and consumed on the same day, it usually has a shelf life of a few days, but it is best to make it as needed and consume it on the same day. 🙂 The process of making vegetable milk from other nuts is almost the same, you grind it in a blender and sweeten it with honey in a similar way and I wish you good health 🙂

Staying in nature for better health

Staying in nature cures many diseases

What is guaranteed in the city is stress and starts in the morning when you wake up, will you arrive on time by car to work, you are annoyed by the crowds in the city, you are annoyed by the boss at work, and your salary is small, bills arrive even higher than last months, you come home nervous, you get upset about the news on television and so it all comes down to everyday stress. Then you take fast junk food because you don’t have time to prepare and at the end of the day you take sleeping pills because you have insomnia etc …

I’ve probably left a lot out of the troubles that plague you, with some exceptions, but in most cases, it’s so sad and we want to admit it or not. And so we wait for something to change for the better, but the biological clock is ticking every day and time is passing Click here

The city pace of life overwhelmed us and gave us a completely wrong picture of life with imposed everyday habits. Can we talk about our healing at this pace of life and this habit?

Mandatory stay in nature cures many diseases

Nature is our predestined genetically conditioned environment. It has an easier, slower pace of life, and just being in nature will slow down our pace. Nervousness, chases, false needs will disappear, stress will slowly disappear, and our exposure to various harmful gases, resin, and polluted air will be significantly lower than in the city.

Mother nature simply carries life within her and we strive to return to nature, when in fact we return to our mother :-), and that is mother nature. 😉 

What nature offers us, no pharmacy can offer you. By staying in nature and respecting the natural laws of habits and healthy eating, we ensure that the energy of heaven and earth circulates in us! 🙂 That’s all I would like to tell you so much about it for now and I hope that someone managed to find and improve their health 🙂 I just have to point out that I am not a doctor and quacker and that everyone should consult their doctor or nutritionist.

If anyone has any questions feel free to leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible. I want you to be in good health. 🙂 Zveki … keto diet

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  1. Awesome article. I’m into health lifestyle and I definitely agree with your article and I believe it will help many people. Indeed God created man and from nature provided everything man needed to keep the body strong and health but man rejected what God provided as food and fuel for their body and embraced man made food (industrialised food). Then their body get sick and they wonder why -health prophets like me and you try to show them their wrong way but they don’t repent from their ways and start eating the thing God created for their body, so they instead seek the help of doctors who is also seek wondering why and none of them realise it is their lifestyle that is killing them.

    Thank you

    • I agree with you exactly, God has ordained us to eat from God’s garden, but many people are galloping towards their self-destruction with an unhealthy diet! in essence, there are no incurable diseases there are only incurable people. It is not easy to change life habits just like that overnight, but anything is possible if we raise awareness that it is time to turn to a healthy lifestyle. As the world’s leading cause of death is “unhealthy diet”, thank you for your comment and I wish you health 🙂

    • Slažem se potrebno je sve izbalansirati uravnoteženo i probati post na sokovima, a moja preporuka je da probate program samo na soku 30 dana. Kombinacija cvekla, šargarepa 🥕 i jabuka 🍏 🙂i videćete pozitivne rezultate u roku od nedelju dana! I dobićete svoju optimalnu težinu. Želim vam zdravlje 🙂


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