Heal varicose veans naturally

Healing varicose veins

Foods that heal varicose veins

Welcome we can talk a little about the problem of varicose veins and how to heal varicose veins naturally? 

There is a difference between veins and arteries. The veins return blood to the heart, and the arteries carry blood from the heart. Veins are one-way valves that direct blood flows to the heart but if something is disturbed in the veins then the blood returns or collects in one place where blood pressure is created. This is called vein disease or hypertension. 

Symptoms of varicose veins appear as sharp pains, cramps, itching, etc. Venous hypertension spreads from unhealthy diseased veins to healthy veins where it gradually spreads to other healthy veins. In many cases, the increase in veins causes complications such as swelling, open wounds, muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue, cramps, ulcers, etc …

Healthy natural food for the treatment of varicose veins

Before you start treating varicose veins with natural food, be sure to first ask your doctor or nutritionist for advice on what to do if you are taking certain medications to avoid allergies or side effects.

– Chestnut

Chestnut is considered a natural remedy because of its composition (china) which has a beneficial effect and soothes pain and swelling.

You can consume chestnuts or prepare a balm that will reduce cramps and pain. You can do this by taking 10-15 chestnuts, grinding them in a blender, adding 2 DCL of alcohol, stirring everything leaving in a glass jar for 4-5 weeks, and shaking a little jar every other day. You can apply it to the affected area and you will see positive results.

– Cabbage

Cabbage has been tested many times and has proven to be a very good remedy for varicose veins.

The most useful balm for diseased veins is a leaf of fresh cabbage Nutrients and sulfur found in cabbage will alleviate inflammation of the veins and prevent infections that can develop.

Why did our ancestors, grandparents, use fresh cabbage leaves on the affected area? 🙂 feel free to put a cabbage leaf on the diseased veins if you can and all night you will see how the varicose veins recede and disappear, but always change to keep the cabbage leaf fresh!

– Apples or apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, rich in vitamins and minerals, is a very effective remedy for treating varicose veins.

When you use and apply apple cider vinegar as a remedy for varicose veins, you will quickly see positive results.

Simply take some gauze soak it on the diseased veins and do it daily until you see that the varicose veins are slowly and gradually withdrawing.

– Tomato

Green and red tomatoes are great for treating varicose veins due to their rich composition of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Tomato regenerates damaged veins and successfully cleanses blood vessels. Cut the tomato into rings and put it on the affected area, hold it until it starts to sting and count, but do not take it out immediately, keep it as long as you can.

The same procedure is with red and green tomatoes. It is best to put a little gauze around the tomatoes and repeat this procedure as often as you can and you will quickly see good results with varicose veins.

– Aloe vera

You have all heard of this amazing wonder plant. Aloe vera is a multi-purpose medicinal plant.

It is very often used when it comes to skin diseases. This plant is good for burns, open wounds, and frostbite.

Aloe vera restores skin elasticity, cleanses the skin, and rejuvenates.

Finely chop two carrots and put in water to boil when the carrot softens, take it out of the water and mash, and take 2, 3 leaves of aloe vera and remove the gel, mix everything with the carrot, and put it on the affected area somewhere on the skin and if you have a problem varicose veins? you will see how the problem is slowly solved with this amazing and healing plant. Click here 

How to alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins

Varicose veins

If you didn’t know, the largest organ in the human body is the blood vessels (veins).

Do many people think when you ask someone what are the largest organs in the body? immediately think of the liver, heart, etc … The fact is that blood vessels and veins are the largest organs that require care, cleansing, and regular maintenance that can rejuvenate us and prolong life 🙂 Rich natural food for cleansing the fatty liver 

Blood vessel disorders can occur if we have varicose veins. Today, it is not uncommon and often occurs on the legs or lower legs, but this problem is not unsolvable, despite the fact that many think that there is no cure.

The diagnosis of varicose veins can be made visually or by ultrasound. According to some statistics, it is estimated that women are more endangered than men, and this disorder affects the elderly more than the younger ones. Most obese people, smokers, and pregnant women.

What can help and benefit you?

– Special compression socks

Special compression stockings are very effective because they do not tighten the legs much, so they facilitate better blood circulation through the veins.

– Massage

Massage can be helpful and alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins. The movements should be light and care should be taken not to touch the sore spot but to gently massage around. For massage, the use of moisturizer and essential oil is recommended.

– Training

Raise your feet on the pillow and keep your feet above your heart. Repeat this exercise several times a day and you will see how the swelling in your legs gradually decreases.

Here are some more helpful tips

1. Avoid a tight wardrobe. Wear comfortable clothes made of natural materials to maintain normal blood flow and better circulation so that wounds heal faster and damage the skinless. Read more…

2. Lose extra pounds with daily light exercise and adjust your diet. This is the only way to reduce the symptoms of varicose veins much faster.

3. Do not cross your legs while sitting! this will only worsen the circulation and slow down the healing process.

4. Choose your shoes carefully, do not wear tight shoes be sure to avoid high heels, and wear anatomical insoles so that the shoes are comfortable and pleasant without fatigue and strain on the feet. Read more…

5. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes or reduce to a minimum it only worsens and slows down the recovery of damaged veins.

How to get rid of varicose veins pain

Pain relief

A warm cold shower at the end of the day can relieve pain in your legs or where your veins are dilated. This can relieve discomfort, swelling, and cramps in the legs. Avoid hot water because it only worsens circulation and increases pain.

Prevention is necessary to prevent and avoid severe pain. So, as I already mentioned, good compression stockings, hot-cold showers, light exercises at home, healthy natural foods, etc … All this can be good prevention to alleviate varicose veins.

Especially if you spend most of your time at work or anywhere? then it is necessary to have comfortable shoes with the obligatory anatomical insoles that are adapted to your feet. Herbal products

High heels and tight clothing definitely have a bad effect on the healthiest people, let alone people with damaged and varicose veins. It is necessary to talk to a doctor, especially if the health condition of varicose veins is constantly deteriorating, then it is not enough to just look at the symptoms.

Potential complications of varicose veins

Do we have to take care of varicose veins?

Below we can look at the potential complications of varicose veins and how to take care of them.

In most cases, varicose veins are not a cause for great concern. Serious complications can occur, but they are rare.

Our body simply has an alarm and a warning when we have to (better prevent than cure) 🙂 which means that if we react in time, this varicose vein disease recedes and is successfully treated.

Dark veins are easily noticeable and usually protrude under the skin. They appear below the lower leg and in other places. Varicose veins are usually dark, purple-red in color, if we run our fingers over them we feel that they are bulging.

What exactly is the cause of varicose veins? varicose veins are caused by increased blood pressure and if the veins are damaged somewhere then the blood cannot circulate properly in one direction. When (valves-veins) weaken, then there can be an accumulation of blood in one place and twisting of the veins.

Spider veins

You’ve probably heard that there are spider veins. This type of vein may be less well known, but it belongs to the same type of varicose veins. 

This type of spider vein is twisted and dark blue or red, but it is not bulging like ordinary varicose veins. This type of vein can appear on the face or legs and does not look very pleasant as a tattoo (tribal tattoo or spider web) which can look very ugly on the body, but this type of spider vein is painless and less harmful.

So, basically, I have listed the main factors, symptoms, causes, and how you can solve this problem of varicose veins. I hope you enjoyed this little article and that someone managed to come here to improve their health. 🙂

I just have to mention that I am not a doctor and quack doctor and that everyone should first contact their doctor or nutritionist 

If anyone has something to ask me they can leave a comment below, and I will do my best to answer within 24 hours I wish you good health 🙂 Zveki …

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  1. We did not know there were so many home remedies that could help varicose veins, the more I stand on my leg the more bigger the vein gets and with me sitting it does the same thing. Old scare tissue build up, and with me losing weight it seemed to get bigger. Chestnuts, cabbage, and aloe Vera can help tremendously with the veins we learned something new today thanks again, we will be back.


    • Yes, of course, there are natural remedies, especially aloe vera together with carrots 🙂 it is very useful because it cleanses toxins and rejuvenates, and as for your weight, of course, it is better to lose weight, you can gradually see relief for your legs and varicose veins. You can also wear special compression stockings that can relieve your pain. Thank you for the comment and I wish you health.

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    • Thank you too, Daniel, for reading and I’m sure this article will help someone and always be better prevented than cured 🙂It may not be all about health, but without health, everything is nothing!

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