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Healthy habits

Branded diet

Every year they throw out a new diet that is in trend. It is nothing new, it has already been seen, with a lot of protein and in question? What do a healthy teenager’s habits depend on how much a person will lose weight? It depends primarily on weight, for example, someone who is 80 or 90 and someone who weighs 55.60 kg. They cannot lose the same weight in the same period. Every organism needs 1200 to 1400 calories to survive. If you choose what you eat, you will certainly lose weight, but not as much as it is said. It is important to eat food that is nutritionally prescribed and that preserves the body and so you will lose unnecessary fat.

Which food is best for the morning?

”People are afraid of what will happen to me if I go hungry?

The big problem is that people are afraid of hunger! What will happen to me if I starve? I have to say right away that we will not faint. It will be nothing for us, it is only important that we drink enough fluids, that we drink as much water as possible! Our body is perfectly capable of turning our fats into energy when we don’t eat at the moment and we will be perfectly healthy! What food is best for the morning and what is the best thing to do in the morning when we get up? In the morning when we get up it is best to drink half a liter of water. Usually, when we get up we say I’m not well, then we drink coffee, and coffee instantly raises our blood pressure, but later lowers it again. At night, we dehydrate it will evenly regulate our pressure. Click here

Foods that slow down again

The elixir of youth

Aging is a process that definitely cannot be stopped, but that is why we can significantly slow down aging by consuming certain foods. Also, our way of life contributes to the fast or slow aging process. How we take care of ourselves and how much we take care of ourselves. choosing the right foods will surely help us to postpone showing our age when we look at ourselves in the mirror, face, and body 🙂

Every day we are surrounded by numerous factors that affect and accelerate our aging, but we are not even aware of it. These factors not only affect how we look but also how healthy we are and how we feel?

Foods that alleviate aging and reduce stress

1. Fruits, vegetables, and legumes contain vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber necessary to slow down skin aging. Antioxidants include lycopene, glutathione, carotene … They can be found in carrots, tomatoes.

2. Sulfur expels toxins from the body, stabilizes blood pressure, and prevents infections. (Broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, and radishes.)

3. Vitamin C A vitamin that helps us with colds and flu, and also helps alleviate symptoms when we get sick. It is mostly found in lemons, kiwis, yellow peppers, red peppers, strawberries, and pineapple.

4. Omega-3 fatty acids Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids preserve the health of the cardiovascular system. Fatty fish such as sardines, mackerel, and salmon is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids. They are full of vitamin E, are a powerful antioxidant, and improve the appearance of our skin!

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Milk and honey

Milk is a meal in itself

Milk is a meal in itself and it is difficult for many to accept the fact that it should not be mixed, combined with other foods. The reason is that milk is very complex. The only recommendation is milk and honey because together they can affect microbes.

Every pimple hides a secret

Our skin is an indicator of our health

Acne can indicate serious problems. Acne can be an indicator of our poor hygiene, allergies, or poor cosmetics. Acne on the face can be caused by a lack of zinc in the body, but we can make up for it with dairy products and seafood – crabs and shellfish.

Acne on the face, those that appear on the cheeks, can be a signal that we have a lung problem, and the cause can be air pollution and allergies. Keep everything that touches your face as clean as possible! For example, a pillow or a mobile phone, etc … Acne on the forehead shows a problem with the intestines, which means that we have a problem with the digestion of food. We need to add as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Click here

Not the same rules for everyone

The place where acne appears clearly shows the internal struggle of some organs, their difficult work or disease. Our skin reflects our health. But it should be emphasized that the rules are not the same for everyone. For example, in some people, acne can appear on the forehead due to sweat, tits, hats and sweat glands, etc … Showering, water eliminates the main cause of acne. If sometimes, after training, exercise, judging around the city instead of taking a shower, we stay in sweaty clothes longer, we increase the chance of acne on other parts of the body, buttocks, groin, back and armpits. Namely, sweaty clothes are full of bacteria, so it is best to jump in the shower immediately.

At the beginning, I emphasized for the healthy habits of teenagers, but that also applies to adults, perhaps not to the same extent as for young people, but in any case, if we nurture healthy habits, we will eventually realize that we are much healthier. Of course, this is not easy, but if we want to look beautiful and healthy, we must force ourselves to learn to listen, listen to our body and acquire healthy habits.

Healthy diets are a world hit

Paleo diet

Everyone is crazy about this diet, and the pounds are melting. The Paleo diet is based on the study of the possible diet of our ancestors from the Paleolithic period. This diet is a hit among world stars as well! As such, the Paleo diet is based, based on a diet that was available to people at the time. In this diet, some foods are prohibited. In short, this means no dried meat products, sugar, salt, coffee and alcohol, and cereals are also prohibited. This diet is less restrictive than other diets. All vegetables are allowed, except potatoes, beans and legumes. . Mushrooms are allowed. Fruits and nuts are allowed. Honey and dried fruits are allowed in small quantities. Only some oils are allowed – olive oil, linseed oil. From drinks – water, tea and unsweetened squeezed juices.

It is recommended to eat only quality unprocessed food. An example of a Paleo-menu.

The breakfast :Omelet with spinach and mushrooms,

Snack: A handful of berries,

Lunch: Grilled trout, large mixed salad with a topping of lemon juice and olive oil.

Dinner: cooked broccoli and tomato salad.

Dessert: roasted walnuts and apple


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Just to emphasize, I note! That after 35.40. Metabolism slows down in both women and men. If we want to lose weight, we must first reconsider our eating habits! It is known that hormones change by the age of 40, and the body does not need as much energy as before. By consuming the same amount of calories, people run the risk of gaining weight. Introduce more fruits, vegetables and cereals into the diet. In addition, it is important to allow the body at least seven, eight hours of sleep during the night, walk in the fresh air and drink enough water to remove as many toxins from your body. keto diet

Don’t starve, when we starve we expose our body to stress. Then it stores calories instead of burning them. Rigorous and strict diets lead to eating disorders and thus to some side effects on our health.

You should always consult your doctor and nutritionist about diet and nutrition! By no means on your own. I must emphasize that I am not a doctor and Quaker. I sincerely hope that I will be able to help someone with these little articles and some tips from of some personal experience! For someone to improve their health and bring their weight back to normal and of course look better 🙂 Today, many children in the world have become a brand, a hit and quite popular, but we need to be careful not to lose our compass and get lost by recklessly, hastily make some decisions that can be detrimental to our health!

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I would have so much to write to you for now with the hope that someone will find themselves in some of these articles of mine on healthy eating, and feel free if anyone wants to ask me something? Let them leave a comment below and I will try to as soon as possible I answer and as much as I can I help all I can. And I will do my best to write and send in the next period I hope something useful for you! I greet you very much and wish you health! Zveki …

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