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Drowsiness yawning, how many times have you been unable to go to work? You didn’t have the strength to get out of bed? Is it because of the modern lifestyle? To go out on the town? how many times have you been tired as soon as you get up? And you start the day with just one cup of coffee? If you are here, then it’s time to have some fun with your life, health, and diet. 🙂 And a healthy modern lifestyle. 🙂

Your health in all spheres of life and productivity are directly related to the way you eat every day. What does a healthy diet mean? no matter how complicated it may seem, a healthy diet is very simple if we follow certain guidelines and foods. Click here

– The body’s needs for food are individual

– Don’t overeat

– Do not eat quickly and greedily, during the meal you only think about the food you eat

– Always eat at the table

– Eat a variety of foods

– Drink plenty of water

– Proper nutrition means that you do sports as much as you can, endure, and as much as you want. Physical activity should be adjusted to your abilities and over time it should become your healthy lifestyle! 🙂

Food should be cooked as little as possible because that is how the nutrients in the food are stored. A combination of carbohydrates and proteins should be avoided, then the food stays in the body longer and produces toxins and gases.

Drink as much water as possible because water is necessary for the normal functioning of the body. You need to drink at least 2.5 to 3 liters of water a day and drink water even when you think you are not thirsty. Drink water between meals, never during meals. Because water dilutes stomach acid for normal digestion. Read more …

What are the most common dietary mistakes?

– Skipping meals

– Omission of fruit

– Excessive use of sweets and carbonated drinks

– Insufficient physical activity

Focus on the positive aspects of a healthy diet and your body will be grateful for a new, healthy lifestyle 🙂 Click here

The universal healthy eating program

Regular healthy meals

There are universally good healthy eating programs recommended by many experts and nutritionists. The goal of such a program should be our lifestyle, not our specific desired weight. The morning food choice is extremely important because our highest level of cortical is around 8, 9 o’clock. (stress hormone) and should be used for a strong and hearty breakfast. What do we mean by a strong hearty meal? It is a selection of foods that will not cause us sudden spikes in insulin and that will keep us full for a long time. These are foods rich in protein and fat.

Here, from my personal experience, I can suggest to everyone who skips breakfast, or who takes very little food in the morning, to try to have a hearty breakfast for only a week and see how the body functions much better! So, if we take in enough calories, protein, fat in the morning, we don’t have to snack or chew anything during the day until the next meal 🙂

If we skip breakfast in the morning, then we will be constantly hungry during the day and think about food. A big mistake is made here and we constantly need to nibble something during the day to alleviate hunger. What does a universal diet program mean? We can call it a balanced diet and regular meals, but of course, if it is a healthy population. A balanced diet means eating good fats, proteins, and calories and avoiding products from the processed industry. Click here

It is important to consult a nutritionist because even in a healthy population there is intolerance to diet. A food intolerance test needs to be done. People who have some health problems should already pay attention to their diet.

We have to learn to listen to our organism and find out what we like and what we don’t? How do we feel best while eating, without it bringing us nervousness, discomfort, stress, etc …

A quality and healthy lifestyle mean a rational, moderate, balanced diet, good interpersonal relationships, and coping with stress. Physical activity is an inevitable part of a healthy lifestyle. In short, physical activity means – movement = life. 🙂

Physical activity

Physical activity and fresh air

Oxygen is a colorless gas, odorless and tasteless, which is an element in the atmosphere, the earth, necessary for life. It participates in living beings and provides the body with the most important source of energy. Without whom we could not breathe and live. It is known that our ancestors were long-lived, but over time, the human body has weakened and life expectancy is decreasing and getting shorter. The question is why is that so? Correct me if I’m wrong? Click here

The modern age of modern civilization today has made life much easier and faster for many, but it has also polluted the air we breathe! What can we change here? we accelerate this process of self-destruction even more by poisoning with cigarettes, alcohol, unhealthy diet, and so on. Why are we so indifferent to our health? In the conditions of today’s modern civilization, people spend more than half of their lives indoors without a sufficient amount of fresh air! Click here

This means it’s not bad to occasionally go with your family somewhere on the mountain and be a little physically active there 🙂 Of course, everyone according to their abilities. Physical activity increases concentration, mental stability, and a good mood. You have to fight for every new day 🙂 Walking, cycling, swimming, walking to the store or market instead of by car and so on 🙂 and for that, we only need about 30 minutes every day to make it a daily habit. Weight loss

We eat properly – meals should be prepared at home and if possible avoid ready-made and fast food, consume as much plant food as possible and so on … Also, maintaining a normal optimal weight in this way eliminates the possibility of new health problems. Provide fresh air and while you sleep at night keep the windows open so that the air flows, circulate through the room where you sleep and of course, you get up rested 🙂

Metabolism and age

A healthy diet and a more active life can speed up the metabolism

How can a healthy diet and a more active life speed up the metabolism, even in later years, when you gain weight? Metabolism is defined as the rate at which the body uses energy to burn calories and depends on several factors: genetics, life habits, and the food we consume. Metabolism encompasses all the activities that your body performs during the day, from digesting food, new cells, and breathing.

After 25 years of age, a slowdown in metabolism and increasing encounters with excess weight is noticed. Night outs, insomnia, lack of energy. So, the consequences of slowing down your metabolism are not only biological but also the way you live your life. What are all the causes of slowing down the metabolism and how to correct it, at least to some extent?

After 35 years, muscles begin to weaken, those who are not physically active enough lose the power to burn calories to muscles. Fat begins to accumulate slowly as well as pounds. Aging is the main cause of slowing down the metabolism, but if we can’t stop it, we can help our bodies. Instead of physical activity, pay attention to the food you eat. Focus on getting enough protein to make your muscles as agile as possible. Click here

Exercises that are recommended to speed up the metabolism are: swimming, running, cycling, all these exercises significantly help better heart function and speed up the metabolism. Mental health also affects your metabolism no matter how old you are. Even depression is associated with metabolism. In a depressed state, there is often an increase in appetite by looking at food as comfort and less physical activity. A healthy mind and a healthy mind = a healthy metabolism.

Insomnia is also a consequence of slowing down the metabolism, a consequence of slower calorie burning, and a tendency to gain weight. Everything is connected: poor diet, night-life, alcohol, stress, insufficient physical activity can be the causes of slowing down the metabolism. As you get older, the consequences of this kind of life are more and more pronounced, your metabolism ages and you gain extra pounds! Click here

So much about it for now in this article of mine and I hope someone will find themselves here to improve their health? Note: I am not a doctor or quack doctor and everyone should consult their doctor or nutritionist. If anyone has questions, leave me a comment, and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible. I want you to be healthy. You can contact me and leave a comment. Zveki …

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