How to acquire healthy habits

Healthy habits

How to acquire and maintain healthy habits

Today, we can see many people with healthy habits, such as athletes who are paid to be dedicated to sports and healthy habits. These people have worked hard on themselves for years to be vital and have the strength, energy, and endurance they need for the job. How to acquire healthy habits


At the beginning of each year, there are countless decisions that people make for a healthier lifestyle. Better nutrition, more physical activity, and fewer sweets, and the decision to lose ideal weight that year. What happens then? we are all going into the circle of daily obligations, work again, and again the old habits prevail and the desire we had until next year is slowly diminishing. Click here

We must keep in mind that we cannot change old habits overnight

That struggle we have with old habits develops in our minds when it comes to an unhealthy diet, insufficient physical activity is deeply rooted in our minds. Creating a new habit is difficult if the system is the opposite of the old habit. The ideal weight is just a product of a healthy lifestyle that characterizes our habits. What many of us don’t understand is that we can create good healthy habits without even being aware of them in some situations. When, for example, did you walk up the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk to the store instead of the car when was the last time you threw out bread or anything of animal origin? all this works on your slender desired line 🙂

Through various TV media, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, we watch various commercials for training tight stomachs, tight skin, slender lines, etc … Do you really think that all this was achieved overnight? no, those are years of work! healthy habits, daily exercise, self-discipline, a healthy moderate diet, etc … 🙂


If you exercise every day, your body needs time and in time your body will be ideal, and it should be especially emphasized that you should not look in the mirror every hour, but train, so look at yourself after a month of training and you will see results. 🙂 Click here  We are aware that chocolates, snacks, and various sweets should be avoided. We should slowly and gradually change our habits and avoid food that makes us constantly go to the doctor and take various medications. Click here

How to stay young

Slow down the aging process 🙂

We all know about a person who looks older for their age, and there are many people who look younger for their age. 🙂 The aging process can be slowed down naturally.


Why do some people age faster than other people? there are several reasons. The cause may be a hereditary factor or a disease. Exercise is important. Without this, there is a loss of bone and muscle mass. Physical degeneration is inevitable if we are not physically active. Take a walk outside every day, be in the fresh air, and the mood for a walk! 🙂 Read more …

Go to bed on time if you can’t fall asleep, pray to God and thank Him for everything He gives you. People with negative opinions age very quickly. The biological clock is beating every day, constantly beating, beating, beating … 🙂 But if we try a little harder, we can slow down the aging process. 🙂Click here

The aging process is accelerated by bad life habits and bad lifestyles. Unhealthy diet, smoking, Easy Way alcohol, and everything else we know is bad for our health, it also speeds up the aging process! Do not consume large amounts of caffeine and do not take any medication if possible? you will be much happier without them. Click here

Healthy diet

Over time, hearing loss occurs with age. The problem is in excessively fatty food and lack of vitamins, minerals, and especially vitamin A. Consume carrot juice (green and yellow vegetables)


Eat healthy foods with nutrients, but do not overeat. The biggest secret to longevity lies in a healthy and moderate diet! Unnecessary excess weight affects and accelerates the aging process. The food must have a lot of fiber, eat more salads, which is a green salad plant, more antioxidants. Drink squeezed carrot juice every day or drink pure spring water or boil water and drink it. Click here

B-complex vitamins are needed for better brain function, the nervous system, and greater physical endurance. Vitamin C is needed and reduces the risk of stroke and fights infections. It is also necessary to take supplements of magnesium, potassium, zinc, and selenium.

Eye problems

Eye treatment is natural.


Eye problems such as redness, itching, tears, dark circles, nausea, etc … can be solved with natural herbs. There is a saying that our eyes are the mirror of our soul and body. 🙂 Certain and more severe cases still require a specialist, a specialist doctor, but for most cases, some methods solve the eye problem.

The eyes and brain use a lot of oxygen, so we need to make sure we have enough. Occasionally you have to fast on the carrot, beet, celery, and apple juices, as well as drink a glass of water with lemon every morning as soon as you open your eyes! Immature raspberries are good for blurred eyes. Do not overeat, exercise and rest. Be careful with contact lenses! They prevent the flow of air to the eyeball. Infections can occur. But this only applies if worn for a long time. Click here

The best herbs for the eyes:

The Vidal plant is the best for eye problems and has been used for more than two thousand years. Cook this plant and strain it and leave it to cool. Use this eye rinse tea to strengthen your eyes and eliminate potential eye problems. You also make hot raspberry tea, which has been used for centuries as a natural eye remedy. Chaparral plant is very good in case of diabetes and eyes.

Our old ancestors made Marduk grass tea for rinsing the eyes and aloe juice!


It is good to put slices of cold cucumber on the closed eyes, which will bring blood to the eyes and strengthen them. It is good for conjunctivitis, burns, and eye strain. Chamomile tea for rinsing the eyes is also useful for our eyes, especially for redness, conjunctivitis, and inflammation. Click here

Creating energy through a healthy diet

Regular meals


During life, we take food into our bodies several times a day. That is why it is necessary to know what role nutrition plays for us. Chewed food is taken into the stomach and then converted into the necessary energy. Food goes through different stages: digestion, combustion, and absorption


Food must be transformed so that the body can use its nutrients. The goal of digestion is to break down (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins)

  •  All carbohydrates are converted into glucose

  •  All fats are converted to glycerin and fatty acids

  •  All proteins are converted into amino acids

Finally, we get a mixture of glucose, glycerin, fatty acids, and amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals.


Food passes through the mucosa into the bloodstream: glucose, glycerin, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.


Nutrients enter the body through the bloodstream where they are needed for various functions in the body: life, energy, heat, etc. All vital organs need energy. Life itself is the constant consumption of energy. 🙂 The nutrients that the body uses as fuel burn and produce the necessary energyHerbal products

Vitamins are everywhere, but most of them are in plants! water is found in all foods but in insufficient quantities. Therefore, at least two to three liters per day must be ingested. Plant fiber is found only in foods of plant origin, and most of it is found in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. All these foods, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and so on have the proper mutual balance that is necessary for our body for good health, and the necessary energy for a long and healthy life! 🙂 and how to acquire healthy habits?

So, we need to learn to listen to the call of our organism and, of course, to prevent it in time in a better way than to cure it! 🙂 Click here

For now, I would have so much to tell you, I am writing with the hope that someone will find themselves in this article and will be able to improve their health if of course there are problems. I just have to mention that I am not a doctor and a quack doctor! my advice is that no one should do anything alone but consult their doctor or nutritionist. If anyone has a question about this topic of health and healthy eating? feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible. I can only wish you good health in the end 🙂 I hope to post more and more on this topic soon 🙂 I wish you health once again. Zveki…

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