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Everything is possible and simple if we do not complicate it we just need to decide to change bad life habits and discipline ourselves ! in less than two months we can get rid of all fat deposits from ourselves and correct the desired weight. We only need one blender and juicer to start! What?Benefits raw food diet
I think from my personal experience and exclusively with a plant-based diet, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices and nuts !
the first 30 days must drink only squeezed juices of carrots, beets, and apples, but 70�roots,20%apples, and 10�sets!it takes three to four liters of juice a day, we are free to add 50%of water to a liter of juice and so we drink this combination for a total of about three to four liters of freshly squeezed juice for 30 days…Healthy eating trend hit
Because this combination is proven to be known and good as a detoxification of the body of fat deposits, cholesterol, and all harmful toxins in the body! of course, this means that there are no cigarettes, alcohol, and other harmful ingredients that will only slow down and slow down this program of ours to achieve the desired goal, but also the bad habits we have to get rid of during this program!
what do we mean by bad habits? for example, a morning ritual with coffee and a cigarette, staying up late, unnecessary stress, etc…We also have to be physically active! physical activity is just as important as a healthy diet and changing our bad life habits!it is not easy, but if we apply all this in practice, we will get rid of our fat deposits, gain the desired weight, we will be healthier, and gain great self-confidence to move on and be stronger in the future!Spring and health
people think that if they drink only juices from vegetables and fruits, they will lose a lot of weight, get sick, and so on. That is not true. We know very well that a person consists of a large percentage of water, fluids and that is why the same weight, but only slightly corrected as needed.
I must emphasize that for breakfast we can blend little nuts! for example a handful of walnuts, a handful of kiki Riki, cats, barley, dates, a banana with a little water, and a spoonful of honey, this can be a morning meal! I
I lost two months. I made sure that this program with freshly squeezed juices and nuts is really good and I have a lot more energy. I feel better! Of course, it is difficult at the beginning, but if we know that we will get rid of fat deposits and be much healthier and longer-lived, then it is worth trying and transferring our experience to someone who needs it?
We mean physical activity for everyone according to their age and abilities. For example, cycling, swimming, running, walking or some other physical exercises during each day for at least an hour!keto diet
Ah not to forget just one more important thing, and that is hot and cold showers necessarily every day twice a day showering with warm cold water for at least 7 minutes cold and 7 warms, but alternately one minute warm and then a minute cold and so on a total of 14 minutes, it is recommended to finish the shower in the morning with cold water and in the evening with warm water before going to bed, I mean the last minute!


showering is very important because of our better circulation try you will not regret it for sure! 🙂 just so much for now from me, I hope it will help someone? Zveki…


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