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Training and brain food

The health of our brain, as well as its work, can lead to perfection, superior mental health, and then our entire being. Then our success will be inevitable. In other words, people with the greatest talents and potential, if they do not develop them, will not achieve good results in the business they are engaged in. On the other hand, hardworking and persistent people, given the weaker talents and potential that manage to improve their mental potential, will achieve success.

Strong mental health is what makes the difference between champions and others. And there is a difference between champions. Some have been champions once or twice, and some have been champions for many years, such as Karl Louis, Mike Tyson, Martina Navratilova, and many others, and it should be emphasized that they were vegetarians! 🙂 What set them apart was what was on their mind, not better muscle training! Read more…

Anyone who has taken sports a little more seriously knows that the difference between top athletes is in their better mental preparation! motivation, self-control is something that goes into the domain of spirituality. And here we come to an important conclusion. It is important to train our muscles, but it is even more important to train our minds. Strength will not be enough to win if our mental strength is not at a higher level! Click here

Below we can repeat that 80% of our success depends on our mental health! Like other parts of the body if we don’t use them they fail, our brain if we don’t use them decays 🙂 But if we involve our brain in creating big plans and goals, then it does what it likes most to participate in achieving great reach. So, the first and most important step for better functioning of our brain is making plans and strategies for achieving our goals.

In the beginning, our plans and goals will be more modest until we reach and discover the huge potential of our brains. . When making plans and goals, it would be best to refrain from talking to others about it because they may consider us weirdos who want to achieve unrealistic things. That is why it is best when we achieve something to explain it later with arguments. 🙂Read more…

Mental brain hygiene

Reason and emotions

The human brain is a perfect chemical laboratory that can produce superior substances that our organs need. Reason and emotions When we take healthy substances into the body, the brain becomes stronger and works better. When we ingest unhealthy substances, they release harmful ingredients and thus damage our health. In other words, unhealthy substances kill brain cells and give a false sense of satisfaction. At that moment, the mind needs to overcome emotion, stop the immediate satisfaction with harmful ingredients, and start producing healthy substances and impulses in the brain.


Healthy chemical ingredients in our brain will lead us to true satisfaction and top health. It also works for physical and spiritual food or for information that reaches our brain. Spiritual food can be healthy or unhealthy and can move the brain to high productivity or a state of numbness and hypnosis. The state of numbness and hypnosis is also described as “alpha” when the brain is constantly in a passive state, and the information that comes to the brain completely controls the human thoughts to which he completely surrendered.

So, one cannot be envious not only of various physical substances (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc …) but also of spiritual negative things (destructive music, movies, false ideology, black thoughts, etc …) In the concept of spiritual hygiene and training, reason and emotions must stay together and act in harmony. Because relying only on reason can lose its true beauty, the nuance provided by emotions. 🙂 And relying only on emotions can lead a person to a sick state of addiction where a person relies only on feeling without common sense:-) Read more…

In many people, feelings appear first, then thoughts, and as a consequence, actions occur under the influence of feelings. The fact is that rational, common sense needs a few more moments to react compared to the emotional mind, which often reacts quickly and without thinking. In situations like this, feelings come first, followed by thoughts. This interconnectedness of common sense and the feelings of our being is the basis of the mental life of man.

“Thinking with the heart” is another bad habit. Most common addicts – are addicts of tobacco, alcohol, nightlife, unhealthy diet, and other bad habits. Such people tend to invent many reasons why they should and must remain dependent on their bad habits. What goes along with “thinking with the heart” is hesitation, where a person puts off work, work, training, and daily duties that need to be done. Procrastination is convincing oneself that it is easier to put everything off than to face them. We will feel much better if we do everything we have on time. Click here

The worst form of procrastination or hesitation is when nothing is done or “bled” as the jargon says. It is a state of conspiracy against oneself when someone gives himself his own goal when he wins. This condition is accompanied by feelings of boredom, worthlessness, discouragement, and severe fatigue, and is manifested by lying in bed all day. Avoiding other people and any work. A quick sweet recipe

A plant-based diet for a healthier brain


Life habits greatly affect how our brain will function, that is, how we will relate to certain life situations we enter. It is known that meat in excessive quantities makes a person aggressive, and a plant-based diet has a beneficial effect! I did not invent this, there are many studies, and analyses of the behavior of pupils, students, prisoners, and so on … The results clearly showed that all people on a healthy diet were much more balanced, without much stress, more communicative, and so on in a positive sense. 🙂

One of the main ways our brain can function better is to improve communication between brain cells 🙂 Chemicals called “neurotransmitters” are produced in the brain. Which transmit certain messages or signals to certain brain cells, and thus directly affect a person’s behavior. However, since the chemical factory in our brain can produce all the neurotransmitters, if we start running through the pills, the factory in the brain will stop and they will start collapsing, and thus our brain. As is well-known, an organ that is not used properly or is not used at all then fails.

Our brain produces several dozen different neurotransmitters, the most famous of which are: dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

1. Dopamine not only relieves pain and accelerates the feeling of satisfaction, but also affects emotional reactions and the creation of harmonious and controlled movements, which is of great importance in sports. People who do not have enough dopamine in the brain are prone to paranoid thoughts and memory loss. Read more…

2. Serotonin is directly related to the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. When the brain produces enough of it, the person is in a good mood and has a firm and peaceful sleep.

3. Norepinephrine is similar to serotonin and helps maintain a person’s depression and anxiety. A healthy brain produces it in exactly the required amount, and if it is taken through tablets in large quantities, a person can become very aggressive.

For the brain to be able to create all these and other signal transmitters, it is necessary to ingest “raw materials” through food to create them. These are amino acids – tryptophan and tyrosine. A diet rich in carbohydrates and low in protein is the best source of these two amino acids. A diet rich in carbohydrates gives the brain twice as much tryptophan, and a third more tyrosine than a diet rich in protein.

The best source of carbohydrates is planted, while meat and food of animal origin have few carbohydrates and are rich in protein. By simply increasing the intake of carbohydrates through a plant-based diet and reducing the intake of cholesterol through foods of animal origin, we will get a much better mood, especially among students. 🙂 Much better mental abilities and increased EQ (emotional intelligence coefficient :-))

A varied plant-based diet

A varied plant-based diet is the best source of raw materials for factories in our brain, but if we want to highlight some foods that are especially good for the brain, then we should list foods rich in tyrosine and tryptophan. A varied plant-based diet is the best source of raw materials for factories in our brain, but if we want to highlight some foods that are especially good for the brain, then we should list foods rich in tyrosine and tryptophan.

1. Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds

2. peanuts


3. sunflower


4. Almond


5. Tomato


The best sources of tryptophan are pumpkin seeds, sesame, sunflower, walnut, flax, and oats. Another very important element in the brain’s diet is omega-3 fatty acids

It is very important for good memory, and the lack of this fatty acid causes physical and spiritual problems, depression, anxiety, memory loss, heart problems, dry skin, etc. Everyone knows that fish is a good source of this acid, but there are a few problems. Today, it is extremely difficult to find healthy fish on the market. Most of the fish on offer are from ponds where they feed on high-protein food and several other chemicals to improve growth and maintain health in unhealthy conditions of limited space and overcrowded ponds.

It is also known that rivers, lakes, and seas have become extremely polluted due to sewage and other forms of human poisoning. An additional problem is that fish contains cholesterol, which can cause problems for our body, and our liver produces enough cholesterol as we need. But that’s why plants don’t contain cholesterol. Finally, omega-3 fatty acids from plants are absorbed by our body much better than from food of animal origin. The best sources of omega-3 fatty acids are:

1. Flax

2. Walnut

3. Wheat

4. Avocado

5. Paprika

6. blueberry


The influence of vitamins on a person’s mental development is great. It is known that B vitamins are very useful for the good work of the nervous system and the brain.

Vitamin B-1

It is abundant in whole grains, such as rice, wheat, flax, oats, and sunflowers, and its deficiency causes fatigue, irritability, memory loss, as well as muscle cramps. The amount of this vitamin is drastically reduced in people who consume alcohol.

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 deficiency greatly increases the risk of depression and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, as well as epileptic seizures. The best sources of this vitamin are Wheat, garlic, walnuts, potatoes, hazelnuts, bananas, peanuts, peppers, lentils, and beans. People who consume a varied plant-based diet do not have problems with a deficiency of this vitamin. Excessive consumption of this vitamin through tablets can cause deterioration of the nervous system.

Vitamin B-9

Vitamin B-9 is another important ingredient for better brain function. If we consume beans, lentils, cabbage, and spinach, we will not lack this vitamin.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 The vital need for this vitamin is only 0.3 grams. This vitamin is produced by bacteria in our intestines and mouth, and can also be ingested through plants that are grown healthily and naturally.

Vitamin C

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of this vitamin, without which the brain cannot create “signal transmitters” from the food we eat. This vitamin is very important for maintaining a good memory. The best source of vitamin C: Cherries, peppers, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, kiwi, orange, strawberry, and lemon. Exposure to the sun for only 15 minutes a day is enough for our skin to produce enough Vitamin-D

This vitamin improves mood and improves memory. Sun exposure also prolongs a man’s sexual ability and better potency. It is known that people who have been exposed to the sun for a long time, such as farmers, are sexually active until the eighties! 🙂


Although our skin only needs 15 minutes to produce enough vitamin D, it also takes about 30 minutes of sunbathing for our better mental health! 🙂Read more…

I would have so much to write for you at the end of this little article of mine. I hope to be able to help someone get somewhere here to improve their health. I just have to mention that I am not a doctor and a quack doctor and that everyone should consult their doctor or nutritionist. If anyone has a question, let them leave a comment, and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible. I want you to be healthy. 🙂 Zveki …keto diet

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