How to treat osteoporosis naturally

Osteoporosis as a silent epidemic

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Today we can talk about what kind of disease osteoporosis is and why it is a silent and insidious epidemic and how to treat osteoporosis naturally.

So, osteoporosis is such a disease that the bones lose their strength, and also because of the lack of calcium, they become easily brittle, many do not know that they suffer from osteoporosis until these problems appear. Beyond body

Calcium plays a very important role in building bones.

Calcium is a very important mineral without which people literally could not function normally, especially when it comes to building bones.

It is known that if we take in too much or too little calcium, our health condition can worsen, that’s why many people use certain supplements for calcium intake, but this can have unwanted effects.

The best way to get enough calcium is to introduce a diet in natural way. You may be surprised at all the foods that have calcium, and it doesn’t always have to be milk 🙂

Foods that are rich in calcium

– Dried figs

One serving of dried figs can provide you with about 260mg of calcium. Believe it or not, dried figs are the greatest source of calcium, and they also contain easily digestible fiber, which is essential for overall health.

– Almond

Almonds contain a lot of nutrients such as calcium, and vitamin E, just feel free to eat at least 100 grams of almonds a day and you will also get about 260mg… of calcium and vitamin E. If you regularly eat almonds, you don’t have to worry much about osteoporosis because this amazing plant has a defense system and successfully eliminates all ailments.

– Raw kale

Everyone knows that green vegetables are very healthy, and kale is rich in calcium, vitamin K and vitamin C. Kale is best eaten raw, or as a side dish, and you can also make smoothies from kale.

– White beans

White beans are a very good source of calcium, and they also contain proteins that are necessary for us. Many experts confirm the fact that white beans reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent the occurrence of cancer, and there is almost no fat at all.

– Broccoli

When it comes to vegetables, broccoli must not be neglected as a great source of calcium, and it can rival milk in terms of its amount of calcium, in just one portion it has about 190 mg of calcium.

– Sesame

Sesame is very rich in minerals and vitamins such as iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and vitamin B1, you can use it as an addition to any dish, and just one tablespoon of sesame has about 100 milligrams of calcium.

How much calcium should be taken daily?

We can simply answer this question that it varies, it all depends on the age and from person to person, in what state of health is it?

It is well known that calcium must be consumed from early childhood and mother’s milk.

Babies need to consume their required dose, and as the skeleton grows over time, so does the need for calcium. 

In the period of puberty, when a large mass of bones is built, and if enough calcium is taken in, there are fewer chances that osteoporosis will appear later.

A child up to one-year-old needs 500 to 600 milligrams of calcium, and adolescents from 12 to 18 years old need about 1,300 mg of calcium per day.

In old age, the skeleton loses calcium, but we can properly consume a sufficient amount of calcium, which is necessary for normal functioning, through natural nutrition.

We certainly cannot stop this process of losing calcium, but we can slow it down by eating a healthy, natural diet.

And this is especially true for pregnant women who must consume a sufficient amount of calcium and various vitamins and minerals throughout their diet for better fetal development.

We have to be the careful in intake of calcium to prevent, not treat, hypercalcemia.

This disease is manifested by an excessive concentration of calcium in the blood and can cause damage to the kidneys and nervous system. Hypercalcemia can occur if you take too much calcium and vitamin D through supplements.

People who are not physically active and do not move well, and who consume too much calcium through vitamin supplements, have the highest risk of suffering from hypercalcemia.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we shouldn’t take supplements, but if we do it in moderation then it’s fine, but again I have to emphasize that the best-balanced intake of calcium is through the introduction of a healthy natural diet.

How to strengthen bones and joints

That’s why in the rest of this text I will share some tips on how to naturally strengthen your bones and joints and of course how to treat osteoporosis naturally

It is equally important how we maintain our physical and mental health, we must also work to keep our bones and joints strong.

Weak bones and joints can even lead to disability.

Nuts such as almonds and peanuts contain plenty of potassium, and walnuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids.

These omega-3 fatty acids contain a composition that quickly forms bones and joints and of course, slows down the process of bone mass loss. These foods should be consumed in moderation to avoid headaches and side effects if we overdo them.

Intake of vitamin D is necessary for better absorption of calcium. It is known that all types of cereals play a very important role in strengthening bones because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, magnesium, fiber, and carbohydrates.

Physical activity

Physical activity is necessary for strengthening bones, everyone should be physically active according to their physical abilities. Read more

For example, running, lifting weights, natural exercises, hiking, and even a light walk is definitely much better option than sitting at home, and of course, fresh air is also necessary, necessary for our overall health.

Of course, this goes hand in hand with a proper diet, this way we can find out how to treat osteoporosis naturally.

If you are not physically active enough, it can lead to a decrease in bone mass and, of course, the appearance of osteoporosis, in any case, a good recommendation is to ride a bicycle because literally all the muscles, the cardiovascular system, legs, arms, and everything else that is necessary need to be involved.

It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride. Whether it’s an electric home bike or another, the point is to be physically active and to activate the whole body, of course.

Swimming is also a good option as well as cycling and when we swim we literally move the whole body and of course, that way we can improve the quality of life and our overall health 🙂

So always do some exercises where all your muscles will be moving and working. It is necessary to exercise several times a week until physical activity becomes a healthy habit and you can forget the occurrence of osteoporosis and other diseases.

Don’t forget if you exercise outside in the air your body will be supplied with the necessary vitamin D

Cigarettes are not good for bone health

This is a very bad habit that harms not only the health of our bones but also financially, we spend money in vain, especially for younger people who are just developing.

Smokers have a much higher risk of osteoporosis, and also a much higher risk of breaking bones in the event of a fall because smoking and nicotine negatively affect bone development and, of course, our overall health.

It is known that smokers do not have much of the hormone estrogen, so smokers are more susceptible to osteoporosis.


Don’t overdo it by losing a lot of weight because it can save us from falling and breaking bones.

If you lose a lot of weight, it will reduce the force that can protect you in the event of a blow or fall when it comes to bones but of course, this does not mean that you have to gain weight up to 150 kg 🙂 Weight loss 


You are probably familiar with the fact that coffee is healthy, but in moderate amounts, caffeine can wake us up and increase circulation, but if we consume too much caffeine it can weaken the bones and thus we ourselves increase the risk of osteoporosis.

That’s all I could write for now in this little blog of mine and I hope that someone managed to find himself and the solution for what he was looking for.

Let me emphasize that I am not a doctor or a quack and that everyone should consult their doctor or nutritionist before doing anything to themselves or to their detriment.

How do you like the article, if anyone wants to contact me, please leave a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible, until then I wish you success and health. 🙂 Zveki…

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  1. As older citizens, my wife and I have been concerned about osteoporosis for some time.  Unfortunately, I cannot ingest too much calcium because I have a condition which causes calcium to collect around my heart.  My wife, on the other hand, has found this article very helpful, especially in terms of the foods which she can eat to add calcium to her diet.  She has been diagnosed with osteoporosis, but finds pills and medications difficult to deal with.  Your article has given her some hope that with dietary additions and focus, she will be able to add the calcium she badly needs.  We both exercise so that is not a problem.  Thanks for the article.

    • Yes, of course, you can treat osteoporosis naturally, but of course, you can also take supplements only in moderation. The best way is natural, but since not everyone’s body is the same, simply try which option of nuts suits you and your body. Thank you for your comment and I wish you good health and a speedy recovery. 🙂


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