Kidney disease treatment natural

Kidney remedies natural

Kidney disease natural remedies 

Welcome, today we can talk a little about how we can naturally cure diseased kidneys and what is the role of these two organs in the form (of beans) in our body.

The kidneys maintain the necessary balance of water and salt. The kidneys are the filters and the central part of the urinary system.

Symptoms of kidney failure:

Vomiting, headache, burning when urinating, drowsiness, malaise, high blood pressure, etc … If you have these symptoms, you need urgent treatment for the organism to return to normal as soon as possible.

Kidney stone

Kidney stones can be large or small, which form in the form of crystals and can be excreted in the urine crystals have sharp edges and each passage can be very painful and the treatment depends on what kind of stone it is? Click here

Here are some helpful tips for maintaining kidney health

– Quit smoking

Smoking bothers your kidneys, so I recommend reading this: Easy Way 🙂

– Drink naturally squeezed fruit juices

This is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy kidney and general health and all you need is a blender and juicer 🙂

– Be sure to reduce the drugs brufen, aspirin, and more 

These drugs are very difficult for the kidneys and increase the risk of kidney cancer and other diseases

– Reduce meat intake

Kidney stones most often occur in people who consume a lot of meat or meat products. If you can’t eliminate meat from the menu, at least try to reduce it and you will see good results Click here 

– Eliminate phosphorus

Examine your intake of phosphorus, a mineral found in most foods, as well as in carbonated soft drinks and processed fast foods.

Inflammation kidneys


Acute nephritis-inflammation of the kidneys can be reduced, alleviated, and completely eliminated, especially if we detect this new disease in time.

Treatment of inflammation of the kidneys may require an underlying condition and the cause of the problem. When taking certain medications, your doctor must prescribe you an alternative medication.

It can be an antibiotic, an intravenous antibiotic that works faster than a tablet, or if you have an infection and severe pain, then painkillers.

If your kidneys are very inflamed, you may be prescribed corticosteroids, if your kidneys are not working, it can affect the electrolyte balance in your body. My recommendation is to improve your health Beyond body

If you have acute nephritis, then you will probably be prescribed rest because your body will need time to regain lost energy, and it may recommend that you drink as much fluid and raw fruits and vegetables as possible. My recommendation is to take a look at this as well  Herbal products If you have too much sodium in your blood, your kidneys retain water, which can increase your blood pressure.

Nephritis inflammation of the kidneys occurs if we do not eliminate the causes in time and do not treat them, then the kidneys can fail in the final phase. Healthy kidneys function by removing water and waste, maintaining the balance of chemicals, and maintaining normal blood pressure.

The two biggest reasons why the kidneys fail are diabetes and high blood pressure. Therefore, when we discover the first symptoms and alarm, we must react in time and start treatment. The most common symptoms of kidney failure are nausea, drowsiness, fatigue, insufficient physical activity, lung pain, poor urine flow when urinating, and abdominal pain.

Chronic kidney disease cause

How to slow down kidney disease

We can make some changes to slow the development of kidney disease 

– Keep your blood pressure normal

Always check your blood pressure in the morning when you get up, and during the day if it is high try to lower it with natural garlic and choose foods and spices that affect blood pressure, and when you get up in the morning drink about half a liter (water) without coffee and cigarettes. drink as much freshwater as possible in the morning and you will quickly see good results.

– Check your blood sugar

High blood sugar is harmful to blood vessels and kidneys, so keep your blood sugar within normal limits. Always check your sugar after a meal to see for yourself which type of food suits you best and be physically active during the day, walk in the fresh air for at least half an hour a day. Click here

Reduce in meals additional types of sugar and refined carbohydrates, bread, cakes, rice, etc …

– Avoid fizzy drinks

It is known that regular consumption of carbonated drinks has a negative effect on the kidneys, so include only pure natural water in your daily habit as preventive medicine and you will see how you will improve your overall health over time.

– Avoid canned food

We all know that processed canned food contains a lot of salt or a lot of sugar, which can negatively affect our kidneys.

Chronic kidney disease can be a risk factor for heart disease and stroke and therefore physical activity is very important for your body and does not have to be an expensive gym with equipment, you just need a little willpower to ride a bike or walk somewhere you can park or (the nature)

Healthy diet as a recommendation for healthy kidneys

Food affects your health

So, foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds are the best for our general health.

So, all food that comes from cans, jars, boxes, and factory processes has a lot of preservatives and chemicals, unlike natural raw foods that have a beneficial effect on our diseased kidneys, so it is necessary to apply natural treatment and healthy raw foods. for kidney disease.

– Fruit juices

Fruit juices are proven to be good and full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These juices can expel toxins from the body if we consume them every day, especially in patients with kidney stones. These can be juices of orange, lemon, carrot, apple, etc …

– Aloe vera

Everyone knows how much this amazing plant is medicinal and rich in nutritious medicinal ingredients, and it is good to drink aloe vera juice, it is very good as a remedy for kidney diseases. It can strengthen the healing process and be very important as a relief from unpleasant symptoms. Read more… 

– Vitamin C

Vitamin C increases the acidity in the body and prevents the spread of bacteria to the kidneys, and bacteria cannot live and survive in an acidic environment. Vitamin C has a very important role in strengthening the entire immune system, strengthens the healing process, and should be taken into the body daily and regularly.

– Soda

Baking soda is very effective in kidney diseases and can quickly bring positive results and improve the quality of life, and it is also known to have a positive effect on allergic reactions and various toxins, so soda should be consumed daily by anyone with kidney problems.

– Watermelon

Watermelon is a natural remedy for kidney disease for the following reasons: Watermelon is low in phosphorus and potassium because doctors always advise patients with kidney disease to take in as little phosphorus and potassium as possible because these minerals lead to kidney dysfunction.

Watermelon has a high percentage of water that helps diseased kidneys excrete toxic and harmful substances, and it is possible that daily consumption of watermelon can break down kidney stones.

It should be especially emphasized that watermelon has a lot of natural sugar, so patients with diabetes should not consume too many watermelons and it is best to consult a doctor or nutritionist.

– Olive oil

Olive oil is a great source of nutrients and unsaturated fats. Daily consumption of olive oil can greatly alleviate and speed up the healing process of kidney disease, chronic diseases and enhance kidney health, but it should be emphasized that when preparing food, olive oil should not be cooked or fried but added to salads so as not to lose its nutritional value.

– Cherries

Cherries contain an excellent source of nutrients, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, vitamin K, magnesium, etc … Cherries are recommended for kidney disease and in general, regular consumption of cherries for overall health can strengthen the immune system and speed up the healing process.

– Bananas

Bananas contain very little salt and are very effective in treating inflammation of the kidneys (nephritis), so bananas are another effective natural remedy from the Garden of God 🙂

You see, we have our free will, and everything is allowed to us, but not everything is in our favor 🙂

That’s all for now from me and I hope you like this little article and that someone has managed to find themselves here to improve their health. I just have to mention briefly that I am not a doctor and quack doctor and that everyone should contact their doctor or nutritionist

If anyone wants to ask me something, you can leave a comment below, and I will do my best to answer you within 24 hours. I wish you good health 🙂 Zveki 

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  1. Hello, I learned a lot about kidneys and I didn’t know that eating a lot of meat wasn’t good for them! Kidneys are so important and yes a balanced diet is crucial to keep them healthy. I eat a lot of bananas and cook with olive oil, so I guess I am doing great so far. 🙂

    • Yes, I agree that a balanced diet is good, and as far as the kidneys are concerned, it is necessary to ingest as much fluid as possible. Olives and bananas are great but try if you can use olive oil without cooking, but only as an addition to dishes such as salads, and only then olive oil does not lose its nutritional value! I wish you good health 🙂


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