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Medicinal Herbs 

       The more our body looks forward to food, the more our skin glows when we give it preparations with natural, organic ingredients. Inspired by the knowledge and skills of experienced herbalists! A new Garnier BIO line of certified organic skin cleansing and care products has been created.
Thyme, diffuser, cognac root, lemongrass, lavender, argan oil, and many organic products. These herbs and ingredients have been carefully selected as suitable for all skin types. As important as plants are, so important are hot and cold showers! also for our skincare, circulation and good health.Benefits raw food diet
I recommend hot-cold showers every day for 14 minutes,7 minutes cold and 7 minutes warm, but alternately for a minute warm and so on for a total of 14 minutes. I have to emphasize before showering with a damp sponge or brush to rub the skin well!
We do all this for our better circulation and better cleaner and healthier skin! hot and cold showers should be applied for a minimum of 30 days daily if we want results for healthier and more beautiful skin and better circulation!Healthy eating trend hit
I am writing all this from my personal experience with the hope that I will pass it on to someone and at the same time help someone to improve their health? ah not to forget only about hot and cold showers!
it is best twice a day in the morning and at night before bed, and in the morning we end with a cold shower because cold water draws our bloodstream into the body, and in the evening we end the shower with warm water because then our bloodstream it erupts on the surface of the skin,
Health skin
Health skin
so we usually blush and it puts us to sleep better, etc…so in the morning, for a better wake-up, we end up with a cold shower, and before going to bed with warm water! today, a very popular healthy organic diet, many people are gradually raising awareness that the main source of our good health is healthy food!Recipe for a healthy breakfast
it is known that man is the only living organism in nature that is sick! unlike animals that rarely suffer from something, but also all of our diseases can be treated with plants, naturally. We just need to recognize and find the right recipe for each of us? the answer lies in nature!
There are countless types of plants, organic foods that we need for our good health! here are just some of the examples!
  • mungo beans 2-red beans
  • integral short grain
  • red rice
  • hulled oats 
  •  hulled buckwheat 
  • Raz
  • wheat red
  • oat flakes 10 quinoa white
  • quinoa red
  • control green large
  • lentil red
  • sunflower raw
  • in gold
  • lan brown seeds
  • coconut sugar
  • cane sugar
  • walnut 20-almond
  • kiki riki
  • dried cranberries
  • dried grapes
  • cocoa beans pieces
  •  hazelnut raw
  • coconut leaves
  • Susan peeled
  • banana chips
  • sours
  • oats etc…
just to emphasize for healthy and soft skin there are many natural creams for our face and skincare ! for example, a face cream made of propolis and honey and many natural balms without chemical ingredients!Spring and health
also, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are necessary for us, just like nuts, we just need to decide and check and convince ourselves of all this in time! when we achieve some results then we will ask ourselves so where have we been all these years ?
we can’t change anything fast and overnight, but it’s never too late! we are all still in school and learning all our lives!:-) I hope someone will find themselves in this little text of mine? if anyone has questions there yes I’m trying to answer !:-) I hope this will be useful to someone ?:-)My recommendation ;Wealthy Affiliate

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