Meteoropathy and headache

  1. How to treat migraine pain?

Meteoropathic reactions

Meteoropath can be anyone. Meteoropathy and headache we often associate with migraine, but can we consider meteoropathy a medical diagnosis? Climate elements such as solar radiation, humidity, air temperature, and wind speed affect our health. Fatigue, joint pain, and mood swings can be responsible for the weather.

Hippocrates, an ancient physician, claimed that sudden changes in weather can be dangerous and that everything in nature is connected, so care should be taken about the change of seasons and strong winds. Therefore, it is necessary to react preventively in time and monitor all-natural disasters. It is better to prevent than to cure. 🙂Click here

There are certain preventive steps to prevent or at least reduce migraines, headaches, and meteorological reactions, and these are:

  •  Massage

  • Relaxation exercises

  •  Hot water (shower)

  •  Stretching the neck

For prevention, it is important to change your diet. Some types of headaches can be prevented by ourselves, but some severe headaches need to be treated medically. There are also some specific signs that alert us as an alarm! when to worry when it comes to a serious headache:

  •  Severe headache, especially if it wakes you up in pain

  •  Headaches that occur often and get worse

  •  Changes in personality and mental function

  •  Headaches accompanied by sore and red eyes

  •  Headaches accompanied by neck pain, stiffness, fever, and visual disturbances

  •  Headache that prevents daily obligations and activities

A healthy diet helps reduce the incidence of headaches and migraines

Avoid harmful foods

Many people find that avoiding harmful foods helps a lot in relieving severe headaches and migraines. Consuming omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, riboflavin, spinach, nuts, and fish in particular (salmon) helps reduce migraines. The best home remedies are from:

essential oils, buckwheat oil, flax, and basil, but it is best to consult a with his doctor. Click here

By changing our diet, we can treat headaches.

For example chocolate, and hard cheese can cause headaches.

The same goes for other things like fatigue, insomnia, and stress. 

It is best to have a balanced diet and not skip meals. If we want to stop the headache quickly, it is best to consult our doctor first, what is the cause of the headache?

Maybe it’s not all about health, but without health, everything is nothing. 

Additional ways to treat headaches and migraines are cups of coffee or tea with caffeine in moderation. Hydration can also be a solution. It is known that lack of water when we dehydrate and do not drink enough fluids causes headaches. This is especially useful for the hangover from the previous night, alcohol, insomnia, or parties 🙂 it is good to drink a glass of natural tomato juice with a little pepper. Click here


Essential oils, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and magnesium are best consumed with as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible. The more you are in the fresh air in accordance with the possibilities, the better it is to take a light walk somewhere in nature. Stand guard and fight the headache, try it naturally. This natural way can be a slower process, but you can permanently eliminate a severe headache.

Massage only against headaches can help a lot, but only the upper part around the temple and the back part around the neck. You can easily solve the chronic tension that can be the cause of a severe headache. 

Harmful foods that cause headaches: 

  •  Alcohol

  •  Highly processed canned food

  •  Chocolate

  •  Smoked fish and meat

Salt can cause headaches because it leads to fluid retention and increases blood pressure.

The best natural herbal remedies for headaches

Miraculous plants from God’s garden against headaches

  •  Basil

Basil is a spicy plant with an intense scent, which is considered a natural remedy for headaches.

It has many analgesic benefits. Basil oil relaxes muscles and helps relieve pain. It is also good and basil tea can be sweetened with a little honey and it is good to chew basil leaves. Click here

  •  Flax seeds are a natural remedy for migraines

Flax seeds are a popular natural remedy for migraines, as most headaches are caused by inflammation.

A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can relieve headaches. You can eat whole seeds or ground them into powder. Flaxseed fits perfectly into the daily menu of salty and sweet. 🙂

  •  Chamomile

Chamomile is known to relieve pain and relax. One of the better teas when it comes to headaches. And it can be drunk every day. Pour a bag of tea with hot water and wait for ten minutes, sweeten with honey and drink throughout the day.

  •  Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the best and most effective natural herbal remedies for headaches. Source of iron, manganese, fiber, and calcium. Pour a spoonful of cinnamon powder over hot water and let it stand for 10-15 minutes, sweeten with honey of your choice and drink two to three times a day. Click here 

  •  Ginger

Ginger is another good natural multi-purpose herbal remedy for headaches. The action of ginger helps reduce the inflammation of blood vessels and thus relieves pain, and it is also good for the prevention of colds and flu. Ginger stimulates digestion and reduces nausea. Chop 3-4 cm of ginger, cook, and leave to stand for about 25-30 minutes. Try it if you can drink it without sweetening. Click here

  •  Lavender

Lavender has a wonderful scent and is especially good against headaches. Simply inhaling lavender oil can relieve headaches. Lavender is also known as a freshener in the room where we live, and it is also good as a fabric softener for washing clothes 🙂 The beneficial scent of lavender has a calming, refreshing effect and relieves headaches.

Try light neck and head stretching exercises:

Try the exercises by turning your head to the left, moving ten times to the right, then moving in a semicircle from bottom to top in the direction of the left and right shoulders ten times, and then moving the whole circle ten times, I also do these exercises ten times and I personally tried myself and I responsibly claim that they help reduce neck muscle tension and relieve headaches. Do these exercises every day and when you don’t have a headache, they help a lot as headache prevention! 🙂 Click here

Sinus headache

Natural Remedies For Sinus Headache

The accumulation of pressure in the sinuses causes pain that we feel like a headache. The sinuses are air-filled cavities. When they become inflamed due to an allergy or infection, they swell and last until the respiratory organs become clogged, creating mucus and pressure in the airway. 

In the following, I will explain how you can eliminate the problem with the sinuses with a simple natural method.

Sinus headaches are usually associated with migraines. Doctors are sometimes confused and cannot make an accurate diagnosis. I have personally tried one method that I would recommend as a remedy and useful for the problem of sinus congestion! Click here

We are back to ginger again 🙂 Cook this wonderful natural plant in a small pot or sherpa and let it stand for about 30 minutes. Put a towel or cloth over your head and lean on the sherpa, inhale the steam as long as you can stand it.

It may be uncomfortable at first and you will sweat a lot, but don’t worry about it. It’s only at the beginning until you get used to it, so try to endure this a few times while it’s hot and until it evaporates, keep the lid on the pot or sherpa while you pause. This natural method has been proven to be good for clogged sinuses and prevents headache relief. Read my recommendation here Herbal products

Also, light aerobic exercise can prevent headaches, but warm-up well before each exercise so as not to cause a sudden headache. By warming up the muscles, you reduce tension and prevent cramps and numbness. Be sure to spend more time in the fresh air every day and be sure to ventilate the air in the rooms where you stay. Always make sure that while you sleep you make a circulation of fresh air so that you get up rested, not tired so that you don’t have to hold a chair by the bed to rest when you get up 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m joking I hope you understand what I want to tell you 🙂 Click here

That is all I have to write in this small article for now, and I hope that someone managed to understand this message of mine and to be here to improve their health. I just have to mention, as always, that I am not a doctor and a quack doctor and that everyone should first consult their doctor or nutritionist. If anyone has a question, can you leave me a comment below, and do you like the article? I want you to be in good health. Zveki …

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