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What endangers and bothers the liver?


Welcome, today we can talk a little about how to heal the liver naturally? Probably everyone already knows that the liver is the only organ that can be completely regenerated.

The liver is the most important organ in our body, which has a very important role in cleansing and expelling various accumulated toxins from our body. The liver has the ability to regenerate with 60% damage, unlike other organs. The liver must cleanse all the toxins that enter it so that they do not go into the bloodstream.  Click here

Unhealthy and improper diet during our life increases the risk of various diseases. A large percentage of the liver is damaged by various drugs, which leads to the disease.

The most common symptoms of liver disease 

Common symptoms that indicate something is wrong with the liver

  •  Sharp pain in the right part of the abdomen

  •  Nausea and loss of appetite

  •  Drowsiness and fatigue

Cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis of the liver most often occurs in alcoholics and people suffering from (hepatitis virus), this liver disease develops slowly and insidiously, so it can take a long time from the first symptoms to a chronic condition.

The virus (hepatitis C) is obtained from dirt, needles and syringes, tattoos, etc … Parasites, fungi, various toxins can weaken the liver a lot, which can later become seriously ill. Click here

Natural food for liver disease

Natural juices and raw foods for liver disease

– Whey:

Whey is rich in vitamins E, B, minerals, and amino acids that contain sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and molybdenum.

Whey is known as a liver cleanser and is very effective as a remedy for liver diseases. Especially with hepatitis, viral diseases, alcohol, and an unhealthy diet. Immunoglobulin and lysosomes from whey strengthen immunity and help a lot with chronic hepatitis. Cysteine is also found in whey, especially good against inflammation, cysteine produces a glutathione antioxidant that prevents the accumulation of toxins. 

  •  colorful čkalj

This plant is not so well known, but it is very effective in treating liver cirrhosis! this plant contains the antioxidant silymarin which helps the diseased liver a lot. You can grind the seeds of this plant and put them in water to boil a little, wait 10-15 minutes and drink slowly like tea, you will quickly see positive results. Herbal products 

  •  Papaya

Papaya is another fruit that belongs to the natural remedy against liver diseases. It is very rich in vitamin C, which raises immunity, and is also delicious 🙂 burns unnecessary fatty deposits from the liver and excess harmful ingredients from the body. You can consume it raw, and you can make juices to drink every day.

  •  Turmeric

Turmeric is known as a spice for many dishes with a special aroma and orange color, but it is especially important due to the natural healing composition of antioxidants that successfully remove liver damage and repair damaged liver cells. You can dissolve turmeric powder in lukewarm water and consume it as needed.

  •  Spinach

Spinach (iron)

We have already written a lot about spinach, but it should be emphasized again that spinach, in addition to being good for anemia, is also good for liver diseases (cirrhosis) due to its rich composition: iron, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. You can mix spinach with carrots, mix in a blender to make a drink that you can consume every day and you will see positive results very quickly. Anemia

Fatty liver

Cleansing fatty and diseased liver

Rich natural food for cleansing fatty liver

Today, it is almost impossible to avoid exposure to unwanted toxic substances that are in our environment, but we can if we make a little effort to reduce and alleviate all the various toxins, especially toxins that are in our body and our fatty liver.

The liver is a natural filter and cleanses the blood, breaks down vitamins, minerals in the small laboratory of our body 🙂 If the liver is disturbed, then we cannot digest food normally, especially fatty foods!

Here are some examples of how to naturally cleanse a fatty liver. Special emphasis should be placed on fresh raw fruits, vegetables, and fish!

1. Fresh natural juice of beets, carrots, and apples.

Apples have a very important role in detoxification (cleansing) due to their pectin composition and better digestion, and otherwise many doctors recommend at least one apple during the day and then you will not need a doctor 🙂

Beetroot has the ability to cleanse the fatty liver due to its rich composition: phytonutrients and anti-inflammatory action. Beetroot improves circulation and gives us enough energy during the day.

Carrots have a rich source of beta-carotene, speeding up and improving liver function. All you need is one blender for this combination of fresh beets, carrots, and apples 🙂

2. Green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants, chlorophyll kills bacteria and definitely prolongs the life of the liver

3. Garlic and honey

Garlic is a well-known natural antibiotic and antioxidant just like honey. This combination of garlic and honey successfully fights inflammation and fatty liver.

This combination of garlic and honey successfully removes the specific taste and smell of garlic and retains all the useful and nutritious substances that have a beneficial effect on the fatty liver and the whole organism.

Detoxification and cleansing of the fatty and diseased liver can succeed with these natural methods and, of course, regime, discipline, and change of bad life habits.

Alcohol is a poison to the liver

Methods of cleansing the liver of alcohol

Stop alcohol

How to get rid of bad alcohol habits? alcohol seriously impairs our health, creates complications, poisons the liver, and negatively affects the whole organism.

The liver has several functions that it performs: it creates bile, proteins, uses fats, filters harmful substances and toxins, creates better digestion of food, cleanses the blood, collects vitamins, minerals and even creates vitamin A, etc …

When the liver is seriously damaged by excessive alcohol consumption and turns into cirrhosis, then it takes a long time to recover and regenerate. The liver recognizes alcohol as a poison and expels it while it is healthy and normally functional, but if it is seriously ill and, as we have already said (cirrhosis), then it is difficult and slow to cure.

The fact and symptoms of liver disease that indicate that alcohol is the cause of the disease are recognized by the fact that our skin is yellow, as well as the eyes or under the eyes. 

There are other signs that alcohol is the cause of liver disease: yellow urine, chronic fatigue, malaise, nosebleeds, bloating, swollen legs, etc … Simply try the above natural methods of juices, fruits, vegetables, and of course just say stop drinking alcohol! until you cure the diseased liver.

When you recover and cure the diseased liver, you can again occasionally consume alcohol in moderation, but just in case or on a special occasion, birthday, celebration, or some other event where you simply can not avoid a toast 🙂 Basically, we all know what is good and what is bad, but we can never know completely until we apply it in practice and on ourselves 🙂

That is why we have to stick to the facts and the famous saying “maybe not everything is in our health, but without health everything is nothing” 🙂 

So don’t look for an alibi to change bad life habits! Alcohol-STOP! physical activity and healthy food YES! 🙂 Start with light exercises every day, but of course, everyone is in line with their physical abilities? for example, cycling, swimming, running, some other exercises, and you can just take a leisurely walk in the fresh air for about 30 minutes every day and of course, consume healthy natural raw foods without much cooking and spices. You will see positive results very soon. 🙂

As I have already mentioned, fresh fruits and vegetables will completely cleanse your liver, and I must emphasize that it is necessary to drink as much fluid as possible during the treatment. I hope you liked this little article of mine and that someone managed to get here and improve their health 🙂

I did not invent any hot water, but only with my personal experience can I try to help someone heal naturally, but I must add that healing naturally and with a healthy natural diet is a somewhat slower healing process, but it has lasting value! then treated with various drugs. Health may not be everything, but without health everything is nothing 🙂

I just have to mention that I am not a doctor and quack doctor and that everyone should consult their doctor or nutritionist especially if someone has already prescribed medication, it is not recommended to mix various herbs and medicines without a doctor!

If someone wants to ask me something, you can leave a comment below, and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible 🙂 To try to help someone improve their health, I am always here for you and feel free to contact me for any questions I will answer within 24 hours and until then I wish you good health 🙂 Zveki …

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