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Breakfast and obesity

Unfortunately, extremely obese people are the ones who do not eat breakfast. Why is it important to compare breakfast and obesity? It is extremely important to emphasize breakfast when it comes to obesity! Why do we make the huge mistake of skipping breakfast and not eating breakfast regularly? Because our body switches to “saving” and burns calories more slowly. During the day we feel more hungry because the body struggles to make up for the lost time. Just as there is a recipe for a healthy breakfast, so there is a recipe for our overall health! It is known that people who eat a healthy breakfast regularly have more energy during the day, unlike others who skip a healthy breakfast. Also, if we don’t have breakfast we quickly feel tired and irritable during the day.

A book of healthy recipes


There are a lot of healthy recipe books, but unfortunately, all those books quickly end up on one of our shelves in the house and dust collects on them. There is a much better way for a book to motivate us, and that is actually an e-book! which will be available at any time on our phone, computer, or office where it will always be with us when we need it? It’s a much better way to motivate us. So on the way back from work or some time we take a look at the phone and see some useful healthy recipe for breakfast and the next day we already know how and what we have for breakfast. For each recipe, we have a list of groceries on the phone and we can’t forget anything. There are a lot of books with a lot of valuable tips and explanations. A list of healthy foods and why is breakfast so important?

Healthy food

What exactly is healthy food?

We decided to eat healthy-excellent. However, we lack some knowledge of how to prepare healthy food? Today, a healthy diet is quite popular and in the sea of all this information, people just do not know where to start? Which foods are considered healthy and what is combined with what. To know that, we first need to define what healthy food is? Healthy food means “living food” that will give us the energy we need to function normally throughout the day. That is why it is best to eat raw food. In this way, we get the most enzymes out of it. Enzymes help us to digest and absorb food better. Although our body produces its enzymes, this is not enough because our body expends a lot of energy on its production.

Why do we get tired and drowsy after eating a lot of heat-treated food? We have probably noticed that we get tired and drowsy when we overeat. This is because our body persistently struggles to digest the food we eat. Also, what remains in the stomach rots and is a problem to create some new diseases. Therefore, we would have to introduce at least one meal of raw food during the day and to save more energy for our activities during the day. We should try to avoid complicated recipes that require a lot of time to prepare and reduce as much as possible heat-treated food, and thus we will have fewer dishes and less work in our kitchen :-)In addition to raw meals, of course, it is necessary to cook a little something because some foods simply require cooking. Click here

Some cereals should be heat-treated and we can make various pastries from them. Also, some cereals should be heat-treated! Which should be pre-immersed in water. Mushrooms, for example (mushrooms are best boiled). As for nuts, we can eat them raw, and we can also soak them in water or blend and make various spreads, cheeses, milk, cakes and various sauces. For easier review and memory, here is a small list of healthy foods that are desirable to consume for our better health!

1. All kinds of fruits and vegetables (watch not to eat fruits and vegetables in the same meal)

2. Whole and gluten-free cereals (rice, buckwheat and quinoa) are best eaten with old varieties of their seeds.

3. Germs and dry brewer’s yeast.

4. Soy products (turf, cheese, soy yogurt and soy paste) should not be overdone with soy intake, one meal a day of soy is enough.

5.Legumes (lentils, beans, peas and green beans)

6. All types of nuts (walnut, almond, hazelnut, Brazil nut, cashew nut)

7. All edible mushrooms.

All these foods together are rich in healthy fats, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Daily intake of these foods reduces the risk of various diseases.

What is junk food?

Avoid unhealthy foods that lead us to various diseases.

You have probably noticed that the above list of healthy foods does not contain meat and dairy products! An unhealthy diet also includes foods high in calories from simple sugars, as well as saturated and trans fats, but containing almost no fiber, minerals and vitamins. That’s why these foods are often called “empty calories” that do more harm than good!

For easier review and memorization, here is a short overview of a short list of unhealthy diet!

1. Fried foods like french fries, chips and other fast foods because they are full of fat and have no nutritional value.

2. White bread, because it has a high caloric and low nutritional value, so it should be avoided. And not only white bread, but generally whole wheat, which in 90 /% and more cases is a hybrid.

3. Alcohol because they contain empty calories and are called anti-nutrients.

4. Unhealthy sweets, juices and carbonated drinks, because they are full of sugar. Their consumption has a lot in common with taking drugs. The more we consume them, the more our body requires them to consume them!

5. All types of meat, especially cured meat products and meat products (pâtés, sausages, salami, etc.)

6.Eggs (of which we could occasionally consume are organic hen eggs that boil freely in the field and do not feed on concentrate)

7. All types of fish (we can consume organically farmed fish or from nature reserves because water surfaces are increasingly polluted.) Fish is still the least harmful of all these foods.

By consuming these harmful foods, we contribute to getting sick from some of today’s diseases (allergies, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.)

How is healthy food prepared?

We met a healthy and unhealthy diet !

Now that we are familiar with a healthy and unhealthy diet, all we have to do is learn how to prepare healthy food. It is desirable to eat as much raw food as possible, but it is also necessary to eat cooked food. Do not collect recipes, but ideas. All fears that we will not store food nicely and we should not burden ourselves with measures, weight, etc. should be removed. Should we look for inspiration and add something ourselves and make our own idea and remove all fears that it might not be good?

For example, we can make a small alternative list of healthy and unhealthy diets.

1.You can replace meat with soy products (tofu cheese, soy burgers, soy flakes, etc …)With other legumes (beans, lentils, raw chickpeas, etc …) nuts, mushrooms. We can always make, replace healthy plant alternatives, and ours remind us of meat and even much tastier than meat!

2.An alternative to dairy products are vegetable milks (almond, soy, rice, coconut and cashew milk). If you lack calcium, be sure to eat sesame seeds and as many greens as possible.

3.Replacing any industrial non-carbonated juices are squeezed clear and thick juices (smoothies) You can make them from fruits and vegetables, with the addition of seeds, nuts or super foods.

4.An alternative to refined sugar are unrefined sweeteners (homemade honey, barley malt, maple syrup, coconut sugar,)

5.Refined salt alternatives are (sea salt and Himalayan salt)

6.Unrefined cold-pressed oils (hemp oil, wheat germ, chicken, olive, flax, pumpkin and sunflower) are excellent alternatives to refined oils.

7.A substitute for ketchup is blended tomatoes or ground tomatoes in the winter.

8.Instead of white flour, you can replace it with wholemeal flour, the same goes for white rice

By the same principle, you can always find an alternative to unhealthy food and replace it with a healthy diet! If I accidentally missed something, feel free to email me at Also, you can write to me here, and I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible and share with you everything I know from my experience and I sincerely hope that with this small article of mine I will be able to help someone improve their Iealth.I would also advise everyone to go to their doctor before trying to embark on this program, a healthy eating procedure and adjust everything to their age, weight, some of their health problems? I just need to mention that I am not a doctor and Quaker I’m just sharing with these my little posts in the hope that I will be able to help someone improve their health. So many of me for now feel free to write me in the comments, and I will always try to give you some useful advice and answers to your questions that bother you! mi u zdravlju.Zveki … 🙂

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