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There are various tips for improving our health, but (especially the seasons and health) should be emphasized! Amid the coronavirus epidemic (Ovid 19), strengthening immunity plays a significant role in the fight against this vicious disease! And also the new season, summer. Of course, the inclusion of hygienic practices such as regular hand washing, social protection for sneezing, coughing, masks, etc … However, life habits play a big role in all this. Do you know that everything we eat, how active we are, how much we rest (sleep), and how we fight stress all affect our immunity?

Herbal products


Eat healthily

The importance of nutritional nutrition

Lack of nutrients significantly affects our immune system. The best way to protect ourselves is to eat a varied diet. There are always some good suggestions when it comes to healthy natural sources that make us healthier, protect us from colds, flu and strengthen our immune system. Here are some healthy suggestions:

1. ECHINACEA-It stimulates the immune system in the fight against colds and flu

2STRAWBERRY-Helps with seasonal flu

3. EUCALYPTUS-It has an antibacterial effect, is good for coughing, and can help the airways and make breathing easier

4. CANADIAN BUTTERCUP-Helps with bacterial infections

5. GINGER-It also helps with airway obstruction, warms the body, and relieves sore throat

6. SAGE-Eliminates sore throats and mucus problems in the sinuses

7. THYME-It contains antibacterial properties


But as always, before using any medicine (and herbal), you should consult your doctor or pharmacist. Especially if there are some symptoms or you are already using some therapy, medicine.How to have a healthy brain

Physical activity

Some reasons why physical activity is important: Daily moderate exercise can strengthen the immune system and thus protect us from the flu, colds, and coughs. Regular exercise will make you feel more energetic and make it easier to get out of bed on a cold and dark morning.

Stress and sleep factors

Our state of mind also affects our state of health. Adequate and sufficient sleep greatly affects the strengthening of our immunity and overall health. Stress and poor sleep are also factors that further weaken our immunity and susceptibility to infections. Especially in the time transition period when it comes to the seasons. Click here


The importance of general hygiene is essential for our health. Thorough hand washing, especially after visiting public places. Tears in the eyes when they go down into the nasal cavity, and when we touch the eyes with our fingers, we transmit viruses to the nose.


Proper nutrition and water

Inseparable prerequisites for health

We already know the fact that our body is made up of about 70% water. Water is necessary for the body, but unfortunately many do not practice drinking a lot of water during the day. By a certain amount of water, we do not mean one glass or two, but at least two liters a day, which is considered optimal. Of course, we do not count coffee, alcohol, etc … Only water, and that must become a habit.

Therefore, consume water with your meals, as well as between meals, during work breaks, training, or during snacks. Proper nutrition, water, rest, and exercise are the main allies for our health and good looks. What is sometimes very difficult to lose weight or keep your health stable and strong, is precisely this interdependence of these factors! Many people eat properly, but neglect exercise, rest, the amount of water they ingest or do not get enough sleep, etc … You may find it interesting to read something here as well keto diet

In addition to the above tips on nutrition and training, you should keep in mind that when we train we spend a lot more energy, so we should not pay much attention to certain strictly prescribed diets in that period. It is difficult to apply all diets to all people the same. With identical characteristics in terms of diet, health, etc … So it is always best to go to a nutritionist and seek good advice before we decide on a diet!

Discipline and awareness

healthy diet requires a certain discipline about what is healthy and what is not for our body! Beyond body 

Very often in stores, we come across various products where it says that they are healthy, but it is not always exactly as it says. The best example is sweets, mostly various chocolates whose specifications guarantee much less sugar and unhealthy ingredients compared to the classic ones. So we just need to pay a little attention to what we don’t want to eat, but we may want everything! not everything is to our advantage, we just need to know what we don’t want, and only then can we say that we are ready for a healthy diet to gradually become a life habit!


So that a healthy diet requires a certain discipline and awareness that over time it becomes a life habit that we will enjoy and be satisfied and happy to adjust to being comfortable at any time in life. Here you can browse a bit, read. Click here

Shock to the body

Diet and starvation are a shock to the body

Obesity occurs even if we eat less than we ate before the diet because the body has its mechanisms and tries to maintain some balance. Weight loss should be a gradual process because no one gained weight overnight. Instant solutions are not recommended because side effects come later. And usually, a person gets fat again after the end of the instant diet and returns to a normal or previous way of eating.

Diet and starvation are a shock to the organism, the organism tries to protect itself, creating larger reserves of fat deposits after starvation, IE diet. It is not often necessary to measure non-stop! Because over-counting how many calories we ingest or over-thinking about food spoils us that way our quality of life and we simply become dependent on how much we will lose weight and when we will look perfect 🙂


Olive old

ies olive oil gain or lose weight

Olive oil is a healthy fat, but moderate consumption is key to avoiding obesity. If consumed as part of a diet, its positive effect on health will give us the best results.


How to choose a go olive oil?

To avoid fraud, be sure to check the label before buying. It has a declaration that contains the country of origin when it expires, etc … Be sure to pay attention to the color of the oil, if it is slightly orange then it is not good and an unopened bottle can last up to two years. Olive oil is best stored in a dark and cool place. That is why the pantry, pantry, and even a closed shelf in the kitchen are the best places to store olive oil.

If it is necessary to have oil always on the table due to salad or some use, then it is best to pour it into a small bottle and use it fresh always if necessary.


One of the problems we can encounter is obesity if it is consumed excessively. Olive oil comes with a lot of health benefits, the more it is consumed, the better you feel, but you must remember that only one teaspoon of olive oil contains 120 calories. That is why you should pay attention to moderate consumption because it has so many calories in such a small amount that it can lead to obesity.

Olive oil can also be used on our skin and hair. It can be used in beauty treatments, skin, skin, nails, etc … It is often found in facial cleansing products, skskincareetc …

Olive oil prevents premature aging

The older we get, the more wrinkles appear on our skin. With olive oil, this process can be slowed down. The antibacterial properties of the combination of honey, avocado a, and olive oil will become a real balm for our dry skin that wants moisture.

Face masks

Olive oil and avocado

Mix one tablespoon of olive oil and half of the crushed avocado. Clean the face and neck, then apply this mask and after twenty minutes you will see the benefits of this mask.


Olive oil and lemon

Pour a few drops of lemon juice into one tablespoon of olive oil, then apply it on the forehead, face, and neck and leave it for 15.20 minutes, then rinse the face.

Olive oil and bananas

Squeeze olive oil and one banana and mix, apply it on your face and also leave it for about twenty minutes, then wash your face and you will see a huge difference in the freshness and beauty of your skin over time 🙂

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I would like to write so much for you in this small article of mine with the hope that all this will be useful to someone and help them improve their health. I must mention that I am not a doctor and Quaker and I advise everyone to consult their doctor or nutritionist before he does something on his own. If someone has something to ask me, feel free to leave a comment, a question, and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible and try to help. I wish you all the best and keep me healthy. Zveki 🙂

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