Spring and health

Spring falls on my shoulder

 : It is time to rest from isolation, viruses, corona, etc … It is time to slowly wake up and slowly return our health, psychophysical health to normal! 🙂 Where spring is, summer is coming soon, it is known that the seasons affect the change in the functioning of our organism and mood, especially in people who react to changes in the weather! Meteorological reactions most often occur with the change of weather and are related to our time. These are normal phenomena that do not have to worry us so much.

Spring is specially decorated with the chirping of birds and the announcement of waking up, flowers, greenery, etc … Again, it all depends on who lives where and in what climatic conditions, but regardless of all that time to wake up again when it comes to our health and constant self-examination Кликните овде  

Light food

What exactly do we mean by light food? spring has arrived, and the weather changes we are constantly exposed to can be a challenge to stay healthy. spring is the season of beginning and transformation. And the transition from winter to a light spring diet, like waking up to nature.

Easier spring diet. From winter to spring: What to change in the diet? On colder days, we should follow the natural desire of our body to eat warmer cooked meals, and on warmer days, we should freely switch to lighter meals, such as salads and cooked green vegetables, or light soups, fruits.:

Spring detox

Eat smaller portions, listen to the body’s natural call to cleanse itself, so that we eat less. Our natural system of metabolism and fat, which occurs in the spring, reduces appetite in the spring. We start burning fat and detox. This is very useful for us to lose some extra pounds. Add root plants for stronger immunity. Root plants, ginger, dandelion, burdock cleanse out the digestive tract of servings and toxins.

Always add fresh ginger and turmeric to meals, drink plenty of ginger root and dandelion liquid to cleanse the liver of toxins. we need to reduce foods that are difficult to digest if we follow the natural flow of our body: we need to reduce milk, gluten, and everything else that is difficult to digest! move be physically active to cleanse the lymphatic system: Our healthy lymphatic system is very important for our overall health.

We just need to imagine cleaning the sewage and toxins from our bodies! your heart pumps blood, but the lymphatic system needs muscle movement to move fluids and clear out bodies. Go outside, go outside, play something, exercise, ride a bike, or do some other physical activity that you enjoy. Click here

Clean eating

You’ve probably heard of the term “clean eating”, but you’re not sure what exactly it means? How too much to cleanse out the diet of unhealthy foods? the healthiest foods from each group. Most classic diets are quite rigorous and eliminate a group of foods, or are based on only one group of foods. The benefits of this diet are to find a diet that suits you.

It only takes a few steps to get into the habit. Add as many fruits and vegetables as possible and we have already made a huge step towards your better health. A clean-eating diet gives us control over food because if we are disciplined, our current desire for food will not drag us into “sins” such as sugar, salt, fats that we do not need. This way of eating is not a faster way to put ours on the cover of a magazine and a catwalk! 🙂 This is a better nutritional choice for our body. Here are some tips on how to start a clean-eating diet! Click here

  •  Lots of fruits and vegetables!

When we talk about fruits and vegetables, the fact is that rarely any of us ingest sufficient amounts. By consuming these foods, we significantly reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer. Fibers from fruits and vegetables help out intestines for better digestion. In this way, we reduce the risk of infections, and at the same time raise out mood!

  •  Choose a forehead grain of cereal!

The best cereals are the ones that are least processed – where the forehead grain is preserved, and also important nutrients. When we replace refined carbohydrates (white pasta, sugar and white bread) with a whole grain alternative, we take in more fiber, antioxidants that fight infections. If we eat more whole grains we will lose extra pounds faster and be less obese.

  • Eat less meat!

Veganism is not really necessary for a clean-diet, but a smaller amount of meat will reduce out blood pressure and risk of heart disease and keep out body weight under control! proteins: eggs, dairy products, legumes, nuts, etc …:

  •  Avoid processed foods!

There is a huge problem with the modern diet that a huge number of foods in stores are processed so much that we can hardly recognize. You need to be careful what contains a lot of sugar, refined product, cereals and fat long lists of various ingredients. That it is much reworked!Click here

  • Reduce the extra sugar!

Many of us consume too much sugar. How to clean the amount of sugar ingested, so we will have to eliminate certain foods: juices, sweets, bakery products. Also, to pay attention to the amount of sugar in salty products such as yogurt, tomato juice and We don’t have to worry about natural ingredients, fruits and vegetables because these foods regulate us, balance out insulin levels and all the necessary healthy ingredients.

  • Watch out for salt!

Most of us use more salt than we need. The daily dose of salt needed is about 2.3 grams, one teaspoon of salt. In order to best reduce the large amount of salt in the dishes we cook, we season them with various herbs, lemon, vinegar … And a healthier option we have sea salt because it contains much less sodium.

  • Choose a healthy diet!

Clean-eating diet is based on healthy, regular balanced meals and healthy snacks, which are nutritious. Often Eat at home, and prepare your food in a healthy way. When we have to travel somewhere or go to work, we pack out food from home and take it with us. When we eat out, we should choose restaurants where we balance out meal.Click here

So briefly in this little article of mine with the hope that I will be able to help someone improve their health! necessary to balance and reach out normal optimal weight. Physical activity means that we start moving a little, whether cycling, running, walking, various exercises, exercising, swimming, etc … It is not easy to change out life habits overnight, but if we start gradually we will see better results over time and gain greater self-confidence. !!

Морам још једном да нагласим да ја нисам никакав лекар и квекер и да свако мора да посети свог лекара да се посаветује са њим о исхрани и свом здрављу! Могу само да покушам да пренесем неко своје животно искуство које сам применио у пракси да бих истовремено некоме помогао ако је то могуће? Кликните овде

Ако неко има питање, слободно нешто пита, а ја сам увек ту да покушам да одговорим што пре! Желим вам све најбоље и да будете што здравији у ово пролеће и лето! Велики поздрав. Звеки Кликните овде

Моја препорука за најбољу платформу на свету!

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