What to eat if you want to lose weight fast

Weight loss as a challenge

How to achieve the desired results?

I’m glad to welcome you 🙂 Today we can talk a little about what to eat if you wish to lose weight fast natural way?

We all know that a healthy diet is very popular today. People are raising awareness en masse that the world’s leading cause of death is (unhealthy food)

Also, there are various diets for fast weight loss that have also become a world hit, but now we need to emphasize and ask the question of which diet is right and which will really help us lose weight healthily and quickly? Beyond body 

Right at the start, I must emphasize that for such fast weight loss there is no magic wand or hocus pocus preparators, abracadabra, etc … 🙂 but the solution to fast and healthy weight loss lies in us 🙂

Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can

– Fruits and vegetables have a high content of water, fiber, nutrients, and very low energy density. Which allows you to eat more without consuming too many calories. It is extremely healthy and helps to lose weight. Weight loss 

Drink coffee, but no sugar!

– Sugar-free coffee in moderation can help you lose weight quickly and healthily. Coffee can speed up your metabolism, it is full of antioxidants and useful compounds. Coffee can help you be full, there are almost no calories.

Drink as much water as possible

– Drink as much water as you can, water is very good for fast weight loss, especially when it replaces other drinks that contain calories and sugar. And it helps burn excess unnecessary calories.

Motivation for weight loss

Motivation, plan, and goal!

At first, it may seem impossible to lose weight

Simply determine, define all the reasons why you want to lose weight and, if necessary, write down and keep records.

This method can help you better dedicate, motivate, and eventually achieve your goal to lose weight. Weight loss 

When do you decide why you want to lose weight? and if you have written it all down and clearly defined why you are doing it all? then read every day and re-examine yourself so as not to lose your compass, motivation and disrupt the specific goal that you must achieve! Herbal products

Be realistic in expecting results

Today, there are many diets and various diet products for fast weight loss, but in practice, it has been shown that this is not the case and that the percentage of weight loss is very small.

It is very important when you set yourself a goal to be realistic so that certain frustrations do not occur or you are not tempted to give up.

So, as I have already pointed out in this article. There is no magic wand for fast weight loss but it’s all in you 🙂 The good news is that losing 5-15% of your body weight can contribute to your health.

You can reduce the risk of heart disease, improve blood sugar, low cholesterol, reduce joint pain, these are just some of the benefits when you lose weight. Read more…

Focus on your goal

Focusing on goals only on the end result can upset you and make it seem unattainable at times. So should a process or procedure be set up first to reach that goal? we can take an example several times a week to introduce running or walking, we can reduce the portions from which we eat instead of large plates to take smaller plates, etc … 🙂

Make a plan

Make a plan that will suit your lifestyle, or model, adjust your diet plan so that you can stick to everything without being complicated.

There are many different diets that are mostly based on reducing calories, but it is known that such diets are not very effective in their entirety because when you lose a certain weight then you quickly return to your old weight and feel bad about it.

This means avoiding strict diets that completely eliminate certain foods. Make your own plan and introduce eating and living habits that will help you lose weight.

1. Reduce snacks
2. Reduce your calorie intake
3. Reduce large portions
4. Reduce cooking and frying food
5. Increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables
6. Introduce regular physical activity
7. Drink as much water as possible
8. Do not eat anything after 6 p.m.

Be positive

Talk positively about your weight loss

This is a great book, Joseph Murphy I have read it many times and it is great for self-help to read as needed

Maybe at first glance, this book has nothing to do with weight loss, but then you are wrong 🙂 it has a lot to do with it. The whole procedure, the weight loss program is closely connected with our thoughts

People who think positively and feel confident and do not doubt their ability to achieve their goal will achieve it sooner or later.

So start talking positively about your weight loss, but also what you will change to achieve your goal and think loudly about it and you will quickly see positive results.

We live such a life that we will always have to deal with stress or some stressful situations. We also have holidays, birthdays, celebrations, etc … There is always a lot to eat and drink in such places and situations, but simply if we introduce all that into our plan and goal, we will be ready to mitigate and control ourselves. Read more… 

Simply, if we make a strategy of certain skills, then dealing with such situations will not be a problem for us to achieve our goal of losing weight. 🙂

So, you need to have some specific methods in order to be able to deal with stressful situations in the future and your way to achieving your goal more easily.

1. Be physically active
2. Be in the fresh air
3. Shower with warm-cold water
4. Talk to friends

Don’t be narcissistic

Face yourself

If you strive to be perfect or if you are a big narcissist then you will have a hard time losing weight or not at all. I mean permanently long-term optimal weight.

When you start the weight loss process, it is very important that you do not look in the mirror every hour or non-stop. That way, you won’t see any results, especially if you watch several times a day.

Don’t compare yourself to models. Get dressed and wear a wardrobe that suits you and that fits you nicely.

When I say don’t be a narcissist, I don’t mean literally. You have to love your body and respect yourself, but within normal limits and constantly work on facing and reconciling with yourself.

It is normal that we will gain more self-confidence when we look in the mirror after a certain period and see that we have lost weight, but not by looking at the mirror non-stop every day.

What to eat if you want to lose weight fast? eat fruits and drink fruit and vegetable juices 

– Bananas

Bananas are rich in fiber, magnesium, vitamins B-6, C, and A, antioxidants, and have more calories than other fruits, but bananas also reduce high blood sugar and cholesterol levels so they are good for diabetes because of their rich nutritional composition Read more…

– Kiwi

Kiwi is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. It is known to help in the weight loss process due to its composition, it increases the feeling of satiety, intestinal health, better digestion and encourages weight loss.

– Melon

Melon does not have a lot of calories, but it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It has high water content and is very favorable for weight loss you can cut melons into rings, make juices or smoothies in combination with other fruits.

– Orange

Orange is a citrus fruit and also has very few calories, but it provides a feeling of satiety. You can consume it in several ways: make juices, smoothies, fruit salad in combination with other fruits. Orange has proven to be an excellent fruit in the weight loss process.

– Avocado

Avocado is probably the fruit with the most calories, but due to its rich fat composition, vitamins can help in weight loss, it is good as an antioxidant and lower cholesterol. It can be used instead of butter, margarine as a spread on bread, and it is also known to have a beneficial effect on the skin and as a face mask 🙂

In fact, the fruit is always good for healthy weight loss due to its citrus composition, and it provides a feeling of satiety. Not only fruit is crucial for healthy weight loss, but as I have already pointed out in this article. Positive thoughts, physical activity plans, the goal of a healthy lifestyle, etc … 🙂

I hope you like this article and that someone has found themselves here to improve their health. I just have to mention briefly that I am not a doctor or a quack doctor and that everyone should contact their doctor or nutritionist.

If anyone wants to ask me something you can contact me or leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer you within 24h I wish you good health 🙂 Zveki …

6 thoughts on “What to eat if you want to lose weight fast”

  1. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but over the last year I got some belly fat due to an accident I had which caused me to be immobile for a long time. I’ve always had a fast metabolism, so I hope to lose this belly fat asap. I’m glad to read that I do most of the things you recommend. I don’t drink coffee but I drink tea (I add sugar, though, brown sugar). I would like to start exercise too. Can riding a bicycle help lose weight?

    • Just keep up with fruits and vegetables and don’t worry :-), and when it comes to cycling, it is of course a great choice for weight loss and your general health. It is necessary to be physically active if we want good and faster positive results. Thanks for the comment and I wish you a speedy recovery and good health 🙂

  2. A very interesting and informative article. I love fruit. Ever heard of the snake juice diet or intermittend fasting? Will be very interesting to hear your opinion on this in regards to weight loss.

    • Of course, I heard about the snake diet. The snake diet is based on eating the same as the snake. The snake takes a break after each meal for about 22, 23, or 24 hours, and this type of new diet recommends juice (one liter of water and two, three tablespoons of Himalayan salt) and guarantees weight loss of up to four kilograms in five or six. days, but how healthy and how much does the body exhaust? This type of diet originated from the already known diet of occasional fasting or starvation, but today literally every month a new type of diet appears that is one of the world’s hits, but I must emphasize when it comes to health risks of these diets and not sufficiently tested by health workers or nutritionists? then we can’t be sure that we can avoid side effects and worsen our health! You don’t have to starve a lot if you want to lose weight and deprive yourself of vital and nutritious ingredients, but you say you love fruit 🙂 I can recommend a light dinner or fruit salad for a night of easy and peaceful sleep. Thank you for your comment, if you have more questions, I can answer you in more detail. I wish you good health 🙂

  3. Awesome article! I do agree that counting or reducing calories is not an effective way to lose weight – after all not all calories are the same and does the same thing to our bodies – besides it cannot be sustained in long run. The secret to losing weight is to have a diet that includes as much as possible the consume of real food including as you said load of fruit and vegetables.

    I’m not sure I agree with your advice “ do not eat anything after 6pm” what do you base this advice on? I would say as longer you understand the concept of choice, combination of foods and know what certain food do to your organism, you can pretty much eat anytime you want and will even aid the weight loss process.

    Thank you

    • I’m glad you like my article 🙂 and you asked a great question why you shouldn’t have dinner after 6 pm? There are many answers and different opinions to this question of yours, but I can give you my example, which personally helped me to bring my weight to the optimal weight that I have maintained over the years. The reason could simply be if someone wants to lose weight? let’s not go to bed with a full stomach! it is known that you should not eat anything two or three hours before bedtime. We can include products that stimulate the production of serotonin and melatonin, such as bananas, kiwis, almonds, and honey. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland which manifests its effect on sleep by regulating our daily biorhythm and indicating to the body when it is time to sleep and when it is time for activity. The secretion of this hormone (melatonin) increases when it gets dark, and decreases when it is light. So this hormone helps us know when it’s time to rest. Melatonin regulates the activity of enzymes related to the function of organs without which we cannot know when we are hungry and thirsty. My recommendation before bed is a light fruit salad of cherries, walnuts, corn, tomatoes, these are some of the natural sources of melatonin that I recommend two or three hours before bed for an easy and peaceful sleep 🙂 thank you for your comment and I wish you good health: -)


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