Health diet for weight loss!

What exactly is a healthy diet?

Have we asked ourselves this question and how many times? Most, however, do not think about this until some torment or disease makes them do то. There is an old saying that (a healthy person does not trust the sick)and that is why people do not think that health enters the mouth with a healthy diet. Click here

I have no intention of doing any scientific analysis and evidence here. This ће be my attempt to teach себе, и perhaps someone who will read this текст, неке generally accepted principles. I will write a little about the views and opinions on this topic and at the same time improve together with you why a healthy diet is the source of our health?


I respect other people”s opinions, but accepting it is a completely different story until I am convinced of the facts and evidence. Since this is a very extensive topic, of course, I can’t write everything in this article, but will I gradually write in the sequels how much inspiration will I have on this topic? After all, I am a person at the age when the time has come to think about a slightly healthier way of life, and at the same time maybe help someone?:-) Click here

So for starters:What is a balanced, balanced diet?

Hippocrates gave the best answer to this question a long time ago:(Everything we take into our body with food builds us and changes us, our strength, health and life depend on it. Let food be your medicine, not medicine your food)


This means that people knew in ancient times that food ingredients are what can make us healthy or sick. It is good not to go into the distant past, but to focus on the present and the future! Modern medicine has also determined that the main cause of many diseases is precisely the food we eat or do not eat.

It is known that no single food contains all the elements that would enable the human body to function properly, so it means that a varied diet is one of the conditions for a healthy diet. The problem is when do you need to determine how many nutrients are needed? Not all people are the same, not everyone needs the same amount of food, not everyone has the same metabolism and we do not all live the same way of life…keto diet

By immoderate intake of certain foods, or vice versa, by not consuming the necessary foods, we poison our organism, destroy the body, spirit and our life. You should eat a variety of foods and maintain an optimal weight in accordance with your height. Reduce intake (animal fats)increase intake (unrefined cold-pressed, oils, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices)Kike Ricky, seeds, sunflower, sesame, almond… Reduce cholesterol intake (lard,fatty meats, fatty cheeses)increase the intake of carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Drink plenty of fluids:water, teas, natural juices without sugar, replace with honey, reduce salt, coffee and alcohol…


So the first point of proper nutrition is-diversity

No matter how much they try to prove that a person is a herbivore or a vegetarian by nature?Man is still omnivorous, but he is destined for plant food. Given its anatomy, stomach, intestines, teeth and so on…

Unfortunately, it might have been better for man not to be omnivorous and to remain living in accordance with the law of nature, but that is already Philosophy. Many vegetarians avoid meat for moral reasons, IE they do not want to eat the meat of other animals. Biologically and nutritionally there is a reason not to eat meat. Also, many religions prohibit certain types of food. Of course, there are earthly explanations, in order to protect certain types of animals and so on. And in order to protect the population from certain diseases that could be spread by growing and consuming meat of certain animals in inappropriate conditions. Fasting and abstinence from food have also been declared useful, because fasting cleans the body of various toxins, but this of course only applies to healthier people. Click here

As we are all different, everyone needs a different amount and type of food. Our physical activity should affect what and how much we eat. Can we make a diet plan for us, what is needed for our proper functioning of our body? For each individual, depending on age, weight and physical activity, we will get a plan for our diet. Another important thing with a balanced diet is that you need to remember everything, but it is difficult to remember everything.

Colorful food!


How to reconcile everything? This is funny to many, but the basic plan for a healthy diet is color!why paint? I didn’t invent it, but I just accepted it as a good idea, acceptable and much easier to remember. After all, your children will remember easier and you will teach them what to eat. Food is divided by colors:red, green, yellow, white and black, where each of them corresponds to one of our organs. Green improves liver function, red heart function, yellow spleen and vision, white lungs, and black kidneys.

  •  Green food (apples,kiwis,lettuce…)improves eyesight and prevents cell damage…

  •  Red food (tomato,cherry,cherry paprika, beet…)

  •  Yellow food (carrot,pumpkin,apricot,com…)improves eyesight, blood circulation, immune system…

  • White food (garlic,bananas,cauliflower..) is effective against inflammation and a good antibiotic…

  •  Black food (black tea, plums, blackberries, black grapes, black soy, black currants, black mushrooms, and red wine…)

Breaks down fat, an excellent antioxidant, kidneys and strengthens immunity and wine, of course, for better circulation, but in moderation!… In short, all this in our plate looks beautiful and visual for our eyes and our health…:-)

Healthy nutrition for the brain and better learning:

Brain food is firmly linked to real food. The fact is that a healthy diet lead to better grades, better memory, faster brain function and overall improved health, which means that healthy students learn to better and remember better!

Adolescents’nutrition plays a significant role in their maturity and mental ability.lack of vitamins and minerals can reduce the release of dopamine, which is extremely important for the learning process. Poor diet and unbalanced meals affect the appearance of chronic health problems, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Skipping breakfast, for example, is a typical mistake that teenagers make, constantly rushing somewhere and waking up late. And the morning meal nourishes the brain best and gives it energy for a better learning to process. Like fruits, vegetables, hazelnuts,and grains. A hungry brain and an empty stomach are ready for a balanced meal that will maintain the whole organism until a light dinner served before dusk, which enables sound sleep and a good rest for the developing body…Click here

In our busy world, students and we seniors of course rely on fast food, pastries and sweets that are most convenient to us and can be quickly found in the nearest store. However,this type of diet is rich in sugar, salt,fats that cause high blood pressure. Obesity,cholesterol and diabetes and tooth decay. We should replace burgers with fish, pastries with cereals, sweets with various fruits, and carbonated drinks with plain water. All this is not easy, but if we want a slightly better line and appearance and to be healthier mentally and physically, we must constantly get used to what we want and what we don’t want every day! Here is so much again from me for a short time and I hope that this little article of mine will be useful to someone to improve their health and of course strong immunity. If someone wants to ask me something, am I free to try to help as much as I can?Be healthy 🙂 Zveki… Wealthy Affiliate

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