Healthy eating is a world hit !

Why did healthy eating become a global hit?

You are welcome as always. 🙂 Today, healthy eating is very popular and it is obvious that this way of healthy eating is becoming a global hit in the world. People realized that they had to change their bad habits and lifestyle. It is not easy to correct some mistakes that follow us for years and of course we cannot change everything overnight, but we can change some life strategies in small steps to improve our overall health. 🙂

Many restaurants were closed during the pandemic and were waiting for the coronavirus to subside (KOVID-19) so that they could market their products.

The best adequate replacement for milk is made from oats, coconut, almonds, and rice and you won’t notice the difference in taste, it’s even better. 🙂
There are many ways to get healthy natural milk as an adequate substitute, and perhaps an even better option when we need milk for, say, coffee, cakes, or something else. We can use coconut, almond, rice, or oat or anyone can make it according to their taste and desire, as it suits you, and there is almost no difference or it is even better and tastier. 🙂

Fresh raw food is the main source of health

So, why pure plant raw food is a source of health, the answer is simple because it is literally all around us in nature, it is not processed with any chemical additives and supplements.

Therefore, a fresh raw plant diet has the ability to give us all the necessary nutrients that we need for our overall health, and animals and humans, unfortunately, cannot provide us with something like this, unlike amazing raw plants. 🙂

You probably know that plants are the only producers of food on earth, humans and animals do not have the ability to produce food like plants, which create all the necessary natural vitamins and nutrients that are our main source of energy and life. 🙂 and vital solar energy that moves us in life. 🙂

So, as I wrote at the beginning of this article, healthy eating became a worldwide hit because people realized that unhealthy eating is the number one cause of death in the world.

Known adverse causes of death:

  1. Unhealthy diet
  2. Alcohol
  3. Cigarettes

Alcohol is definitely not as popular in the world as it used to be in many European countries and many bars in the world increasingly serve newer, healthier cocktails with little or no alcohol.

The fact is that people have woken up and slowly everyone realizes what a disaster it is for human health and a way of life that destroys us so that we cannot function normally.

Why do raw fresh plants have a positive effect on the human body?

There are several good reasons:

  • Fresh raw herbs keep you full and you are not as hungry as you would be from regular food.
  • You are never very thirsty.
  • You will never be as tired as from regular food.
  • This also applies to mental effort.

Raw plant food is from God’s garden and it is primarily intended for the human population. 🙂

It is known to everyone and it is becoming more and more clear that the main source of health is a fresh, raw plant diet that prolongs our life and gives us energy, will, beauty and freshness, as well as, of course, longevity. 🙂

Also, if children consume fresh and raw food from childhood, they are happier and healthier later in life, and of course, they continue with these lifestyle habits that they acquired in childhood. 🙂

The only thing is that fresh raw plant nutrition requires a little time and is a little slower process of the overall effect on the human body, but of course, it is not too late if we listen to our body’s alarm in time that warns us to react in time with this type of nutrition. 🙂

It takes a little patience to see positive results, this type of raw vegetable diet definitely has a positive effect on all other accompanying diseases, such as urinary bladder, various infections, and especially pregnant women, if they consume a raw vegetable diet during pregnancy, normally healthy children are born.

It is known that freshly squeezed juices are the best recommendation of world experts and nutritionists when it comes to serious diseases such as cancer, anemia, leukemia, and some other serious diseases. Of course, this method can be applied if a severe disease that has yet to develop is detected in time.

An unhealthy diet is destroying the population

So, today many diseases are rampant in the world, and man is the one who contributes to polluting the environment and literally galloping towards self-destruction.

Sometimes all these recommendations for a healthy diet are difficult to put into practice because of the world crisis, wars or some work we do, so it is simply not possible to fully accept all of them, but if we gradually move towards it, we will always find some possibility to mitigate anything that prevents us from living the life we want.

A raw fresh plant diet can have a preventive effect on any upcoming diseases that tend to develop applied if we want to improve our overall health in every way it may not seem easy, but with time you will surely see fast positive results.

How to boost immunity with a healthy raw diet

So here are some well-proven recommendations for a healthier immune system naturally.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables enriched with vitamin C (this vitamin destroys impure substances with its enzymes and breaks down everything harmful from the body)
  • Consume vitamin E (this vitamin is known as a powerful antioxidant. It is found in nuts, grains, and seeds.) And it certainly improves the immune system.
  • Garlic is known to everyone as the best natural antibiotic. Many people avoid this wonder plant because of its unpleasant smell, but this is a mistake and the smell can be removed by simply rinsing the mouth with green tea or chamomile.
  • Vitamin A Carrots and fish oil this vitamin strengthen the skin and improves vision, and also the immune system.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are very beneficial for blood pressure, joints, and blood vessels. It is mostly found in tuna fish, and nuts.

When it comes to vegetables, eat as much raw broccoli and cabbage as possible. This vegetable strengthens immunity. healthy strengthen immunity

Be physically active

Listen to your body, exercise moderately, but regularly, and let this become your daily habit. There is no alibi and no excuse for not being able to take at least some time during the day for some kind of exercise. 🙂

Now you know and agree with me that Healthy eating is a world hit! If we want strong immunity, it is necessary to insert some healthy lifestyle strategies for example, such as:

  • Reduce or leave cigarettes, and you can read here how to do it on Easy Way 
  • Consume daily as much fruit and vegetables as possible, and avoid fatty and processed food.
  • Maintain an optimal weight and match your weight to your height.
  • Check your blood pressure regularly.
  • Cut down on or leave out the alcohol
  • Sleep and get up on time.


Stress can weaken your immunity and make you susceptible to various diseases. Hang out with positive people who are cheerful and always smiling. Get away from people who just whine every day and burden you with their problems. Many people actually do not have so many problems as they exaggerate everything and invent new problems, so to speak. You can also read this article of mine, it will be useful for you 🙂 Chronic stress 

Sleep and rest

Insomnia can be one of the main causes of weak immunity and increased cortisol, thus reducing the body’s ability to fight against many diseases. If you rest well and get enough sleep, you will have more energy and a better mood to function normally on a daily basis. Listen to your body and react to the time when the alarm for a new illness goes off. 🙂

Consume as much liquid as possible, drink water

You probably know that the human body is made up of 65% water and water is more necessary than food. If you want your body to function properly in all aspects of your life, then you must take in as much liquid as possible and make sure that it is pure water or with a little freshly squeezed lemon. So, when you get up in the morning, drink fresh water with a little lemon and let this be your daily habit instead of coffee, cigarettes, or some alcohol and food. You need a minimum of three to four liters of water daily and you will see positive results very quickly. 🙂

I would have so much, for now, to tell you briefly why healthy eating is a global hit in the world, but that does not necessarily mean that we now have to overdo it. I wrote another article about it so you can take a look and read it here. 🙂 Ortorexia obsession or healthy eating 

And now I would love to hear how you like this article and if anyone has been able to find themselves here to improve their overall health. 🙂


I must mention that I am not a doctor or quack and that everyone should contact their doctor or nutritionist before doing something wrong on their own. This is an informative article only. If anyone wants to contact me, they can leave a comment, and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible. I wish you good health. 🙂 Zveki.

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6 thoughts on “Healthy eating is a world hit !”

  1. Nature has provided us with all the foods to stay healthy. Eating fruits and veggies daily does a lot of good to our bodies than we know it. All these fruits and vegetables contain vitamins that are rich in antioxidants that can ward off free radicals. I’m not sure I have stayed faithful to drinking up to 4 liters of water per day. Drinking 4 liters of water every day can be really helpful but it comes with always having a full bladder…lol. There’s nothing as good as having good health and a sound mind and it all starts from within… what we eat and drink.


    • Of course, healthy eating is in nature and it is our free will whether we want to be healthy or not. 🙂 As for water and a full bladder, you can drink less than four (4) liters per day if you consume plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain enough fluid to benefit your overall health. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Three to four liters of water per day? I always thought it was 1.5 or 2 liters… Wow, I don’t know if I can manage to drink 3 to 4 liters of water per day, but I’ll try.
    I wish more people would eat more plant-based meals, grow vegetables in their gardens – or in an indoor garden if they live in appartments – and cut down or eliminate the harmful toxic food everyone finds so “normal.” Our society has so many diseases and they are connected to the Western Diet. The Western Diet is not healthy!
    I eat a lot of vegetables. I cook most of them but I also eat some raw. I’ll start eating more raw broccoli as well from now on and I could make some fresh sauerkraut as well.

    • Yes, try to drink as much water as possible, but if you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, then you don’t need to drink three or four liters because there is a lot of healthy liquid in fruits and vegetables. For example, grapes, oranges, kiwis, watermelon, tomatoes, etc… Thank you for your comment and I wish you good health.

  3. Thank you so much for this instructive article and helpful health information and wish you good health


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