Relieve cramps naturally

Relieve leg cramps

The most common cause of cramps

The most common cause of leg cramps is often unknown to us, and when the cramps first appear, each of
us is quite scared of us. Even if the cramps appear in bad weather, at night, or during some activity,
it makes us even more restless.

However, very often this discomfort passes quickly, which in this case is bad because then we don’t realize
the seriousness of the message that the body sends us.

The most common cause of leg cramps is – Diet without vitamins and minerals
The most common cause of leg cramps are caused by a lack of minerals and vitamins in the body’s
deficient diet, but also unhealthy lifestyle habits. Calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg),
vitamins of the B complex, but also antioxidant vitamins are extremely important for functioning
organisms as a whole. A lack of these macro elements and essential vitamins often results in
the appearance of cramps in the legs.

Of course, the reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon can be much more serious. Some of them are diabetes
accompanied by polyneuropathy, alcoholism, hormonal disorders, and intake of drugs to reduce the level
of cholesterol, but also venous diseases can be causes of spasms.

Cramps in the legs (calves) most often occur at night, provoked by increased physical activity
during the day. For men, it is playing sports, physically hard work, and for women
wearing high heels or taking a long walk is sometimes a trigger.

Can the sun cause leg cramps?

One cause that stands out, in particular, is, believe it or not, lack of sun exposure!

The sun is the source of life on earth, the sun makes us cheerful and happy. We darken from the sun, on
we enjoy the sun. However, perhaps the most important role of the sun is to create an active form
of vitamin D

UV rays from the sun are necessary to convert provitamin D into the active
form of vitamins.
To put it simply, every person needs to stay on a daily basis
in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes, and are we doing that?

Scientific research says that the vast majority of the population is deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D is
the most vital for the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. To clarify, calcium deficiency is disruptive
conduction of nerve impulses to the muscles, resulting in spasms. Click here

Magnesium deficiency

Another mineral essential for the functioning of the muscles, as well as the heart muscle, is magnesium.
It is necessary for all processes of obtaining energy in the body,
and our muscles are the largest
energy consumers.

Therefore, magnesium deficiency can definitely lead to leg cramps.
Most of the time, we don’t get enough magnesium through food,
we lose it from the body.

Unfortunately. symptoms appear late, only when the concentration falls far
below normal limits.
Then rest occurs, that is muscle tremors, muscle twitches, but also
cramps as the clearest symptom of its deficiency.

Therefore, we can say with certainty that magnesium deficiency is also a very common cause of stomach cramps

Vitamin deficiency causes cramps

Vitamins are the next cause of leg cramps.

Their name alone tells us how much they are
important for the functioning of our organism. The word “Vita” from which they got their name, in Latin
means – life!

All vitamins can be divided into those that are soluble in water and those that are soluble in water
fats. The cause of spasms is a lack of vitamin B complex. These are vitamins
soluble in water and their excess is very easily removed from the body through urine. However,
there is a problem.

These vitamins are not stored in the body and must be ingested daily
through food. B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 are all vitamins that participate in energy-generating reactions
in organisms and are especially important in preserving nerve and muscle function. Read more

Fat-soluble vitamins are no less important. They manifest
antioxidant effects. Especially vitamin E in combination with vitamin C is necessary for these
processes. Antioxidants have a beneficial effect on preventing spasms and functioning
organisms as a whole.

Can we recognize that we have a problem?

We can easily diagnose this unpleasant disorder ourselves. Frequent cramps,
especially at night which do not last long and are repeated accompanied by muscle tremors and sensation
stiffness clearly tells us that we have a problem. It is very important that we know that these are cramps
just one of the symptoms
, it’s a sign that our body is suffering, that our heart is suffering, and that we don’t have
enough energy.

We must not ignore the frequent occurrence of cramps!

Now we know what the most common cause of leg cramps is – Is there a solution?
A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are the keys to the solution! As doctors would say hygienic-dietary

Let’s go in order.

Physical activity is one of the solutions for leg cramps!

Practice something

We can often hear, exercise, and move, it’s healthy! But most of us don’t even know why that is
healthy and to what extent. Sometimes even when we decide to act, we can do more damage
the body will rather not contribute if we don’t know the right measure.

Moderate physical activity is a prerequisite for health. So moderate! Daily walk-in duration
from half an hour to an hour does wonders for our body
. We are talking about a walk that makes us slightly tired
and during which we feel to speed up our breathing. It will contribute to the health of our heart, and our veins, but also
muscles and prevent leg cramps. Sudden physical activity of an untrained person is a great
problem and can harm them. This is prevented by regular light exercise.

Additional intake of calcium as a solution to the problem

Calcium (Ca) is definitely the king of minerals. We have 1 kg of calcium in the body and the most in
bones and cartilages.

However, this mineral has a number of important roles in the body’s function. It participates mechanically
in the effect of hormones, activates enzymes, and is a secondary messenger, but is also very important in transmitting impulses
from nerves to muscles. A lack of calcium leads to tetany or spasms.

Deficiency occurs often and easily
because this mineral is difficult to extract from food. Milk, offal, almonds, and walnuts are rich
in calcium, but it is difficult to absorb. Vitamin D is necessary for its absorption. The issue
is that hardly any of us have a sufficient amount of this vitamin. None of us spends
more than 15 minutes in the sun every day.

You can view a clinical study proving the effect of vitamin D on leg cramps Here 

Now that you know this, you have no excuse! You and the sun must hang out every day because the sun is
necessary for your body to function normally.

The recommendation of the World Health Organization is that we will never go wrong if we introduce enough
amount of this vitamin. The conclusion is that we need to get an additional amount of this vitamin.

Staying in nature, light walks (not in strong sunlight) are the way we can get calcium, or yes
we introduce additional amounts of this vitamin through supplements. An added benefit is that we will prevent
the occurrence of osteoporosis, and preserve our bones and our joints.

Additional intake of magnesium

Magnesium intake is equally important for preventing spasms and muscle function.

It is a mineral that we must get through food.

Only a varied diet can make possible
optimal intake. Or we are left with supplementation, which we always want to avoid. Sources
cereals are the first source of magnesium. Wheat, barley, buckwheat, oats, corn. Integral flour contains
this mineral.

Legumes, such as beans, peas, lentils, and green beans are an excellent source
of magnesium. The fruit we all love is the banana. Notice that tennis players must eat bananas during
long grueling matches.

The reason is the intake of potassium and magnesium. And something else that should
become a routine in our diet, is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is an antioxidant, that reduces
cholesterol concentration but also has a significant amount of magnesium. A varied diet should
enable sufficient intake of magnesium. Read more

B complex vitamins

Equally important when we talk about nutrition is the intake of sufficient amounts of vitamins. Vitamins, sem
for a few exceptions, cannot be synthesized in our bodies. We have to get them through food.
B complex vitamins, which are necessary for us to prevent the occurrence of cramps, are also found in
vegetables, but also in food of animal origin.

Offal, the ie. animal liver is a very important source
of vitamins
. Meat too, and dairy products in particular. Perhaps more important is the intake of cereals, but no
intake of white flour. Vitamin B1, which is particularly important, is found in the bran of cereals. Rice that
otherwise we consume is glazed, its membrane has been removed. The same situation is with white flour,
it is cleaned of the membrane.

That’s why we should eat whole grains, black flour, and rice
membrane. Then, fresh vegetables, such as carrots, celery, kohlrabi, kale, etc. These are all rich sources
of the vitamin B complex.

What must we avoid?
Sometimes, despite sufficient intake, vitamins remain unused.

Alcohol, coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks interfere with the absorption of vitamin B complex, so we must have them
avoided especially after meals.
The most common deficiency of these vitamins is in alcoholics, which
coincides with the appearance of cramps in these people. Coffee intake should be reduced, and carbonated drinks completely
put out of the diet.

The intake of refined sugar also interferes with the utilization of vitamins, so it should be taken
to limit and reduced to a minimum. Some drugs that are used for a long time can decrease
absorption of vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 is deficient in all persons who have had operations on
the stomach or small intestine due to reduced absorption
. Vitamin E is found in nuts
which are an excellent source of healthy fats at the same time.

A tip that can help you prevent the most common cause of cramps

Leg cramps can be avoided with a proper, balanced diet. Diet should
it implies intake of various foods of plant and animal origin. They are equally important
as other healthy lifestyle habits. Physical activity and spending time in the sun is a source of health, especially for
our bones and muscles.

If it is necessary to increase the intake of some mineral or vitamin, we can resort to its use
supplements, in clearly limited doses
and time periods of use. A big
concentration of calcium and magnesium can also be harmful and result in muscle weakness,
so we have to be careful when talking about supplementation.

And finally, if the cramps do not go away despite the correct hygienic diet regime, in the longer term
period, it is necessary to consult a doctor for detailed examinations. It is often behind leg cramps
they hide some more serious diseases or diseases of blood vessels. Cramps are often the first sign that
reminds us to prevent more serious consequences of those diseases in time.

I hope you like this article 🙂 and that someone was able to find a solution for themselves and improve their health.

I just have to mention that I am neither a doctor nor a quack. Everyone should consult their doctor or nutritionist. If anyone wants to, they can contact me or leave a comment, and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible. I wish you good health. 🙂 Zveki…


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  1. I was born in South Africa but live in the UK and for this reason I do take vitamin D supplements due to the lack of sun exposure in the UK. I think it must be a big shock to your system if you grew up with a lot of sunshine and suddenly there is a big lack of sunshine. Many thanks for a very informative article.

    • Yes, any sudden climate change affects almost every person. You can take supplements in moderate amounts to bring your body back to normal. 🙂 thank you for your comment and I wish you good health with moderate supplements and moderate sun exposure. 🙂

  2. Very informative article, I suffer from regular leg cramps, I thought it was a lack of water I didn’t realize that it could also be the result of a lack of minerals and vitamins. I already take some supplements daily so I will have to look at incorporating calcium and magnesium into to my daily vitamin regime. Thank you

    • Feel free to take magnesium, potassium, and B-vitamin complex in combination with calcium and potassium. I share my personal experience with my cramps with everyone and that this combination is very good and effective, but of course in moderate amounts. Bananas are a good choice if you want to get rid of cramps naturally. Take this every morning after meals and also repeat everything before going to bed and you will see positive results quickly. 🙂 I wish you good health 🙂


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