How to inprove your health with a halthy diet in 2022

How to lose weight get rid of cellulite and get a nice line 


So, to begin with, we need to know how cellulite occurs and what are the real causes of cellulite. In the rest of this article, find out how to improve your health with a healthy diet in 2022 of course, get rid of cellulite.

According to the latest research, cellulite appears in the highest percentage in women, but also in men and children. Cellulite mostly appears on the stomach, thighs, and buttocks.

Cellulite appears due to insufficient excretion of various toxins and retention of fat deposits in the body. This prevents the normal circulation of blood and lymph that drains the body. Today we can see various advertisements and products, massages, and various treatments to get rid of cellulite, but you must be aware of one important fact there is no magic wand. 🙂

I can warmly recommend you only one true and safe way to successfully remove cellulite, and that is of course the natural way. There are several types of cellulite, and that’s why the approach is different everywhere, but that’s why the best and safest solution is natural there are no untested harmful chemicals and so on.

Here are some examples of how you can successfully remove cellulite

  • Coffee, yes, you read that right, coffee is not only for talking with friends and chatting, it also has useful ingredients that get rid of annoying cellulite. Take two cups of coffee, mix with two or three teaspoons of olive oil and mix with that mixture, and gently rub the skin on the places where you have cellulite. Caffeine is effective in reducing water retention in the body and the appearance of cellulite.
  • Wrap with coffee, take the coffee grounds, spread it on the places where you have cellulite, and cover with gauze, keep it like that for 45 minutes and take a shower, repeat this several times a week and you will see positive results 🙂 how cellulite disappears.

Herbal teas against cellulite

Herbal teas are proven to be good for getting rid of cellulite. Dandelion, nettle, cherry, chamomile, green tea, and mint. Some of these teas contain caffeine, especially green tea, and are also good as antioxidants and prevent many other diseases.

A healthy and moderate diet is also very effective and has proven effective for centuries. Maybe this is a slightly slower process of treating cellulite, but believe me, it has lasting value compared to various preparations with insufficiently tested chemical ingredients. 

Today, people have massively raised awareness that unhealthy eating is the number one cause of death in the world, and healthy eating and various diets have become a global hit. Healthy eating world hit It is also well known that a juice fast is highly recommended for anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way, it is necessary to introduce only freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices at least once a week 🙂

 .Read more …
Therefore, do not consume fatty and spicy food, alcohol and cigarettes should also be avoided or reduced to the lowest possible minimum because it accumulates fat deposits in your body and cellulite appears and then becomes more and more visible.
Always take a short walk after a meal and avoid stressful situations, then cellulite will not accumulate and accumulate, but will gradually disappear over time. 🙂 if you are regularly physically active and disciplined. 🙂 

Was man created to eat meat or plants?

Therefore, experts have compared the anatomy of man and animal and long ago established that the anatomy of man belongs to the type of herbivore. See here a brief overview of the difference between the teeth of carnivores and herbivores. In carnivores, the teeth are sharp for splitting and tearing food, and in herbivores, they are softer and straighter designed for grinding food. Human fangs are far different from carnivore fangs. Read more …
Human molars are such that they belong only to grinding food and belong to the type of herbivores and are not as sharp as those of carnivores.
The intestines of carnivores are much shorter than those of herbivores, and due to the poor digestion of carnivores, food then rots in the intestines of carnivores, unlike herbivores. Herbivores have long intestines:plant foods are digested more lowly, but they do not rot in the body and do not produce toxic substances. Read more …
Therefore, man has such proportions of longer intestines than carnivores, and certainly according to his anatomy he belongs to herbivores, not carnivores, but he also has a system of adaptation to nutrition, so he can consume both.
Nutrition and beauty Read more …
Nutrition radically affects the condition of our body. A healthy natural diet can improve and beautify our appearance by making our skin bright and clean and glowing 🙂
Today, many men and women want and want to solve the problem of oily skin, but they do not know that skin cells are formed when we introduce unhealthy nutrition into the body.
A balanced diet, whit fruits and vegetables grains provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to the skin. A balanced diet is the best preparation for the beauty of your hair and nails, which are the tissues of your body. Improper nutrition leads to brittle nails and dry hair without shine. 🙂
All the necessary healthy ingredients are found in vegetables and fruits, and when you see someone with healthy and clean clear eyes and sparkling teeth, you know that they are eating properly.
 Carotene and provitamins. A smile cannot look beautiful if we have unhealthy teeth, and we also have to match the optimal weight with our height, and in this way, everything else comes to a better and more beautiful appearance. 🙂
So, it is well known to everyone that sweets are the main problem and cause of unhealthy teeth, and also an unbalanced and unhealthy diet leads to hormonal disorders and bad appearance, and of course, there are various diseases that accumulate in a row.
An unhealthy diet is a known and main cause of obesity in many people who have no compass and no idea that they are digging their own grave with their teeth and literally galloping towards the self-destruction of their health. Many successful world champions are known to be herbivores such as Martina Navratilova, Mike Tyson, Carl Lewis, and many others. You are also familiar with the saying eat plants to be strong like a horse. 🙂
Maybe this is probably a little funny to many :-), but if a man followed a goat every day and followed it and ate like a goat and did literally everything the same, he would never be sick, but unfortunately, man is still the sickest being in nature humans, and also pollute the environment and nature the most.
! Read more …
for fresh squeezed juices from fresh fruits and vegetables we need a good juicer and blender for grinding, smoothies and various good fruit and vegetable specialties!
Why can’t we lose weight fast? So we decided to lose weight in a healthy way, skip dinner, introduce discipline and watch and follow the results every day and thus gain more self-confidence 🙂

We must never forget and neglect one important fact, if we want to lose weight in a healthy way, we must eat only raw plant food, and thus we will achieve an optimal normal weight. It is also necessary to consume a normal dose of calories, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and freshly squeezed juices that we must consume daily. 

You can get frustrated if you have the same unchanging weight for days, weeks, or months that drives you crazy. There is a reason for that!this is because we eat more than anticipated. .A quick sweet recipe
Therefore, we must understand that physical activity is necessary. Today, everything is measured in minutes, and seconds, but we should put aside the stopwatch and start physical activity until we sweat profusely, and that’s the only way we can achieve the desired results and reach a healthy and normal optimal weight.
Again, I must mention that there is no preparation and magic wand for fast and healthy weight loss, but only good and daily training and everyone according to their physical capabilities, but remember that we only achieve real results when we sweat well 🙂 My warm recommendation is to take a look and here you will find very useful tips for your overall health 🙂 Beyond body 

So the best possible option is to consume vegetables and fruits in their natural form and raw, you will see positive results over time for sure 🙂 That’s all I have to write for now and I hope you like this little article and that someone managed to find themselves here and improve your health.

I just have to mention that I am not a doctor or a quack and that everyone should first contact their doctor or nutritionist. If anyone wants to, they can contact me, or leave a comment, and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible. I wish you good health 🙂 Zveki…


 Healthy food for skin 

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law of attraction health

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Healthy eating trend hit

Trend hit

Why has a healthy diet become a trend?


The trend of healthy eating in the last decade is current and people have massively raised the awareness that healthy eating has a huge impact on our health! Unfortunately, a fast lifestyle and fast diet prevailed in many people, but when a doctor diagnoses, for example, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, headache, obesity, etc … Then we realize that it is time to reconsider where we are wrong?



If we decide to eat healthily, we will notice:

  •  That we have excess energy and vitality

  •  To manta in the optimal weight that suits us best

  • That our immune system is stronger and better

  • To age more slowly 🙂

  • To reduce our fatigue and exhaustion

  •  That our teeth and gums are healthier

  •  To increase our ability to concentrate

  • To get up more rested and full of energy throughout the day

healthy diet on the body

The impact of a healthy diet on the body

The impact of a healthy diet on the body. Unfortunately, many still eat unhealthily and unbalanced. Improper diet is a risk factor for many diseases, but it is better to prevent than to cure. And finally, the time has come to follow the global trend of healthy eating and put an end to unhealthy eating and our bad life habits! Click here

It is difficult to determine the basic guidelines of a healthy life, but when it comes to our health, then we simply and easily have to accept the fact and adapt to a certain diet!

Foods to avoid:

1. It should be used in as small a quantity as possible because it burdens the kidneys and is the cause of high blood pressure. Use other spices to reduce food salting

2. Sugar/sweets: Also in as small a quantity as possible due to the risk of obesity in diabetes. As well as because of caries.

3. Empty calories: food that has too many carbohydrates, fats, sugar, and salt, and no other valuable ingredients. These are various snacks, chips, candies, sweets, wafers, and this food is harmful and expensive.

4. Ready-made food: contains artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives that improve the appearance, taste, or durability of this food, which is harmful to the human body, and especially to developing children.

5. Dried meat products: especially those with lower prices, such as salami, pate, hot dogs, and harmful ingredients that are usually of unknown origin!

🙂 click here

Choice and amount of food


1. The food we eat should not contain preservatives, it should be fresh and easy to prepare.

2. Meals should be of moderate size, but with quality ingredients.

3. Carefully choose and read labels and declarations, on groceries: shelf life, composition, origin, and which additives are added.

4. Enjoy fresh uncooked fruits and vegetables

5. Choose foods rich in antioxidants: tomatoes, spinach, carrots, berries. It is best to use seasonal fruits and vegetables

6. The best drink is water: carbonated drinks have a lot of negative ingredients, sugar or artificial sweeteners, and various additives that are harmful to the body.

Meal advice

1. Eat regularly and schedule meals according to your daily schedule

2. Eat fewer meals every three to four hours

3. Start the day with lemon tea or lemonade and healthy breakfast, about seven or eight hours depending on your biorhythm

4. Dinner should be light so as not to burden the digestive organs and should not be eaten for at least two hours before bedtime


Healthy diet for better learning

Healthy diet for better grades

Brain food is strongly associated with a healthy diet. To the surprise of many lay people, advocates of healthy eating confirmed that healthy eating has a positive effect on students’ academic success, as well as on their attitude and behavior towards learning. It has also been confirmed that a healthy diet contributes to better grades in students, the brain works faster, general health and simply healthier students learn to better. 🙂click here


Healthy students value themselves more and socialize better, they fit better into the community. On the other hand, unbalanced meals affect chronic health problems such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.

All-day long

Skipping breakfast is a common mistake that students make, justifying rushing to school, getting up late, etc … The morning dose of nutrients feeds the brain and gives energy during the day, better concentration, and the whole learning process, but a hungry stomach and a hungry brain never! :-)A light dinner, best served before dusk, ends the school day with a certain amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber, which allows students healthy sleep and rest and a better developing body. 🙂

🙂click here

The hit is to be full of healthy food 🙂

The latest world hit (golden milk)

haldi doodh

The traditional Asian name and this drink were used as a medicine against colds, coughs, and other ailments. In time, due to its great global popularity, it got the name golden milk! You can buy it around the world in healthy food markets, restaurants, cafes. Golden milk is a turmeric drink, also known as turmeric juice or tea.


Turmeric has been known for many years, and it gained popularity when all the trends are directed towards a healthy diet today! It is known for its antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory action. This golden milk lowers blood pressure, regulates metabolism, and is good as a healthy invigorating drink. If you haven’t tried it yet, be prepared for an unusual taste reminiscent of a little curry, but many mixes this drink with coconut and almond milk, which improves the taste mmm … 🙂

Preparation of golden milk ingredients:

1. one cup of coconut milk or almond

2. A piece of turmeric thinly sliced, unpeeled, or 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder

3. Cinnamon stick

4. A piece of thinly sliced ginger

5. A teaspoon of honey

6. A teaspoon of coconut oil

7.1/4 teaspoon black pepper


Whisk all the ingredients with the measure of one glass of water and pour into a bowl. Wait for it to boil and then cook on low heat for another ten minutes. Strain into a cup and sprinkle with cinnamon powder. Pleasant 🙂

How to choose healthily?

Black and white bread

There is a difference when we talk about black and white bread. Many people who care about their stature, appearance, and health consume some kind of black wholemeal bread. Everyone would like to eat grandma’s bread from the village, hot bra,n, and other things, but of course not healthy 🙂


There is one secret, a way to recognize real healthy wholemeal bread. Unfortunately, many bakeries add various toppings to the bread to make it look and look integral, they add cocoa, red wine, artificial color,s and the like. Real wholemeal bread is easy to recognize, and here’s how?

Put a piece of the middle of the bread in water – if the bread turns white and the water turns black – the bread is colore!

Black bread is harder than white, and white is softer, translucent,t and has a different smell and taste. 🙂 the most beautiful bread is according to the recipe of our old ancestors, grandparents from the village from the oven and wood stove! 🙂

Choose to bread made from 100% whole grain

or mixed with other types of whole grains. Skip those types of bread that have too many additives, flavor enhancers,s, and salt.

Rye is rich in dietary fiber so it can help you lose weight.

Buckwheat is good for cardiovascular patients and diabetics.

Oatmeal is known for its amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, while its energy value is lower than others.

Choose to bread with as many cereals as possible that will bring your body as much fiber as possible per meal. Read the declaration and choose the bread that is the healthiest to your taste. Do not omit bread from use, just choose moderately. 🙂 and I wish you pleasant meals! 🙂

I hope this has been helpful to someone and that with this little article of mine I have been able to contribute to someone to improve their health! 🙂 Ever since a healthy diet became a world trend and a hit in the world! let’s join the victory of supposedly incurable diseases, which essentially do not exist, there are only incurable people 🙂 who do not want to change their bad life habits! :-)And I must emphasize that I am not a doctor or a quack doctor. So always consult your doctor or nutritionist before starting a healthy diet! I can only share some of my personal experiences and try to help someone improve their health!

If anyone has questions about healthy eating, feel free to ask me or leave a comment, and I will do my best to answer your questions as soon as possible. I wish you a lot of success and health! 🙂 Zveki…

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All seasons health care

When do the season change

Seasons and health

There are various tips for improving our health, but (especially the seasons and health) should be emphasized! Amid the coronavirus epidemic (Ovid 19), strengthening immunity plays a significant role in the fight against this vicious disease! And also the new season, summer. Of course, the inclusion of hygienic practices such as regular hand washing, social protection for sneezing, coughing, masks, etc … However, life habits play a big role in all this. Do you know that everything we eat, how active we are, how much we rest (sleep), and how we fight stress all affect our immunity?

Herbal products


Eat healthily

The importance of nutritional nutrition

Lack of nutrients significantly affects our immune system. The best way to protect ourselves is to eat a varied diet. There are always some good suggestions when it comes to healthy natural sources that make us healthier, protect us from colds, flu and strengthen our immune system. Here are some healthy suggestions:

1. ECHINACEA-It stimulates the immune system in the fight against colds and flu

2STRAWBERRY-Helps with seasonal flu

3. EUCALYPTUS-It has an antibacterial effect, is good for coughing, and can help the airways and make breathing easier

4. CANADIAN BUTTERCUP-Helps with bacterial infections

5. GINGER-It also helps with airway obstruction, warms the body, and relieves sore throat

6. SAGE-Eliminates sore throats and mucus problems in the sinuses

7. THYME-It contains antibacterial properties


But as always, before using any medicine (and herbal), you should consult your doctor or pharmacist. Especially if there are some symptoms or you are already using some therapy, medicine.How to have a healthy brain

Physical activity

Some reasons why physical activity is important: Daily moderate exercise can strengthen the immune system and thus protect us from the flu, colds, and coughs. Regular exercise will make you feel more energetic and make it easier to get out of bed on a cold and dark morning.

Stress and sleep factors

Our state of mind also affects our state of health. Adequate and sufficient sleep greatly affects the strengthening of our immunity and overall health. Stress and poor sleep are also factors that further weaken our immunity and susceptibility to infections. Especially in the time transition period when it comes to the seasons.

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Healthy habits teens

Healthy habits

Branded diet

Every year they throw out a new diet that is in trend. It is nothing new, it has already been seen, with a lot of protein and in question? What do a healthy teenager’s habits depend on how much a person will lose weight? It depends primarily on weight, for example, someone who is 80 or 90 and someone who weighs 55.60 kg. They cannot lose the same weight in the same period. Every organism needs 1200 to 1400 calories to survive. If you choose what you eat, you will certainly lose weight, but not as much as it is said. It is important to eat food that is nutritionally prescribed and that preserves the body and so you will lose unnecessary fat.

Which food is best for the morning?

”People are afraid of what will happen to me if I go hungry?

The big problem is that people are afraid of hunger! What will happen to me if I starve? I have to say right away that we will not faint. It will be nothing for us, it is only important that we drink enough fluids, that we drink as much water as possible! Our body is perfectly capable of turning our fats into energy when we don’t eat at the moment and we will be perfectly healthy! What food is best for the morning and what is the best thing to do in the morning when we get up? In the morning when we get up it is best to drink half a liter of water. Usually, when we get up we say I’m not well, then we drink coffee, and coffee instantly raises our blood pressure, but later lowers it again. At night, we dehydrate it will evenly regulate our pressure. Click here

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Recipe for a healthy breakfast


Breakfast and obesity

Unfortunately, extremely obese people are the ones who do not eat breakfast. Why is it important to compare breakfast and obesity? It is extremely important to emphasize breakfast when it comes to obesity! Why do we make the huge mistake of skipping breakfast and not eating breakfast regularly? Because our body switches to “saving” and burns calories more slowly. During the day we feel more hungry because the body struggles to make up for the lost time. Just as there is a recipe for a healthy breakfast, so there is a recipe for our overall health! It is known that people who eat a healthy breakfast regularly have more energy during the day, unlike others who skip a healthy breakfast. Also, if we don’t have breakfast we quickly feel tired and irritable during the day.

A book of healthy recipes


There are a lot of healthy recipe books, but unfortunately, all those books quickly end up on one of our shelves in the house and dust collects on them. There is a much better way for a book to motivate us, and that is actually an e-book! which will be available at any time on our phone, computer, or office where it will always be with us when we need it? It’s a much better way to motivate us. So on the way back from work or some time we take a look at the phone and see some useful healthy recipe for breakfast and the next day we already know how and what we have for breakfast. For each recipe, we have a list of groceries on the phone and we can’t forget anything. There are a lot of books with a lot of valuable tips and explanations. A list of healthy foods and why is breakfast so important?

Healthy food

What exactly is healthy food?

We decided to eat healthy-excellent. However, we lack some knowledge of how to prepare healthy food? Today, a healthy diet is quite popular and in the sea of all this information, people just do not know where to start? Which foods are considered healthy and what is combined with what. To know that, we first need to define what healthy food is? Healthy food means “living food” that will give us the energy we need to function normally throughout the day. That is why it is best to eat raw food. In this way, we get the most enzymes out of it. Enzymes help us to digest and absorb food better. Although our body produces its enzymes, this is not enough because our body expends a lot of energy on its production.

Why do we get tired and drowsy after eating a lot of heat-treated food? We have probably noticed that we get tired and drowsy when we overeat. This is because our body persistently struggles to digest the food we eat. Also, what remains in the stomach rots and is a problem to create some new diseases. Therefore, we would have to introduce at least one meal of raw food during the day and to save more energy for our activities during the day. We should try to avoid complicated recipes that require a lot of time to prepare and reduce as much as possible heat-treated food, and thus we will have fewer dishes and less work in our kitchen :-)In addition to raw meals, of course, it is necessary to cook a little something because some foods simply require cooking. Click here

Some cereals should be heat-treated and we can make various pastries from them. Also, some cereals should be heat-treated! Which should be pre-immersed in water. Mushrooms, for example (mushrooms are best boiled). As for nuts, we can eat them raw, and we can also soak them in water or blend and make various spreads, cheeses, milk, cakes and various sauces. For easier review and memory, here is a small list of healthy foods that are desirable to consume for our better health!

1. All kinds of fruits and vegetables (watch not to eat fruits and vegetables in the same meal)

2. Whole and gluten-free cereals (rice, buckwheat and quinoa) are best eaten with old varieties of their seeds.

3. Germs and dry brewer’s yeast.

4. Soy products (turf, cheese, soy yogurt and soy paste) should not be overdone with soy intake, one meal a day of soy is enough.

5.Legumes (lentils, beans, peas and green beans)

6. All types of nuts (walnut, almond, hazelnut, Brazil nut, cashew nut)

7. All edible mushrooms.

All these foods together are rich in healthy fats, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Daily intake of these foods reduces the risk of various diseases.

What is junk food?

Avoid unhealthy foods that lead us to various diseases.

You have probably noticed that the above list of healthy foods does not contain meat and dairy products! An unhealthy diet also includes foods high in calories from simple sugars, as well as saturated and trans fats, but containing almost no fiber, minerals and vitamins. That’s why these foods are often called “empty calories” that do more harm than good!

For easier review and memorization, here is a short overview of a short list of unhealthy diet!

1. Fried foods like french fries, chips and other fast foods because they are full of fat and have no nutritional value.

2. White bread, because it has a high caloric and low nutritional value, so it should be avoided. And not only white bread, but generally whole wheat, which in 90 /% and more cases is a hybrid.

3. Alcohol because they contain empty calories and are called anti-nutrients.

4. Unhealthy sweets, juices and carbonated drinks, because they are full of sugar. Their consumption has a lot in common with taking drugs. The more we consume them, the more our body requires them to consume them!

5. All types of meat, especially cured meat products and meat products (pâtés, sausages, salami, etc.)

6.Eggs (of which we could occasionally consume are organic hen eggs that boil freely in the field and do not feed on concentrate)

7. All types of fish (we can consume organically farmed fish or from nature reserves because water surfaces are increasingly polluted.) Fish is still the least harmful of all these foods.

By consuming these harmful foods, we contribute to getting sick from some of today’s diseases (allergies, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.)

How is healthy food prepared?

We met a healthy and unhealthy diet !

Now that we are familiar with a healthy and unhealthy diet, all we have to do is learn how to prepare healthy food. It is desirable to eat as much raw food as possible, but it is also necessary to eat cooked food. Do not collect recipes, but ideas. All fears that we will not store food nicely and we should not burden ourselves with measures, weight, etc. should be removed. Should we look for inspiration and add something ourselves and make our own idea and remove all fears that it might not be good?

For example, we can make a small alternative list of healthy and unhealthy diets.

1.You can replace meat with soy products (tofu cheese, soy burgers, soy flakes, etc …)With other legumes (beans, lentils, raw chickpeas, etc …) nuts, mushrooms. We can always make, replace healthy plant alternatives, and ours remind us of meat and even much tastier than meat!

2.An alternative to dairy products are vegetable milks (almond, soy, rice, coconut and cashew milk). If you lack calcium, be sure to eat sesame seeds and as many greens as possible.

3.Replacing any industrial non-carbonated juices are squeezed clear and thick juices (smoothies) You can make them from fruits and vegetables, with the addition of seeds, nuts or super foods.

4.An alternative to refined sugar are unrefined sweeteners (homemade honey, barley malt, maple syrup, coconut sugar,)

5.Refined salt alternatives are (sea salt and Himalayan salt)

6.Unrefined cold-pressed oils (hemp oil, wheat germ, chicken, olive, flax, pumpkin and sunflower) are excellent alternatives to refined oils.

7.A substitute for ketchup is blended tomatoes or ground tomatoes in the winter.

8.Instead of white flour, you can replace it with wholemeal flour, the same goes for white rice

By the same principle, you can always find an alternative to unhealthy food and replace it with a healthy diet! If I accidentally missed something, feel free to email me at Also, you can write to me here, and I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible and share with you everything I know from my experience and I sincerely hope that with this small article of mine I will be able to help someone improve their Iealth.I would also advise everyone to go to their doctor before trying to embark on this program, a healthy eating procedure and adjust everything to their age, weight, some of their health problems? I just need to mention that I am not a doctor and Quaker I’m just sharing with these my little posts in the hope that I will be able to help someone improve their health. So many of me for now feel free to write me in the comments, and I will always try to give you some useful advice and answers to your questions that bother you! mi u zdravlju.Zveki … 🙂

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Healthy and fast weight loss

Healthy and fast weight loss is based mainly on losing calories Riding a bicycle can help you lose weight quickly, and a bicycle is also a multipurpose means of transportation. 🙂 It can be a good and useful calorie consumer if you want to lose weight in a healthy way. It can be good for … Read more

Healthy body makes healthy mind!


Healthy body healthy mind and spirit 

Urgently need psycho-physical activity! Our body is the most complex thing God has given us! It is simply a miracle. Our body contains all the elements: fire, water, air, earth, our body is made of earth. Since we exist, the body serves us and will serve us until death. The most important thing is to understand how our body listens and we thank it the least. Our body serves in the best possible way. One does not have to fight with one’s body – it is ugly, aggressive, and aggressive. The body is our temple … We live in that temple and we should take care of it, that is our responsibility. When we understand our body we will solve many health problems! Most problems are psychosomatic because the body and the mind are not separate. The mind is the inner part, and the body is the outer part of the body. Beyond body 

The body is a miniature universe

The difference between the body and the universe is only. There is a mountain, tons and tons of various books, literature written about our body and mind. For example, think and get rich, but we should not only aim to get rich financially but also healthily! In the first place to put our health, and the rest comes As itself. Each of us has a choice when we wake up every morning whether we will be happy or unhappy? There are now hidden life habits that we need to change is not easy, but gradually we can. Our positive thoughts reject the negative. With our life habits, we can achieve the greatest adventure in life, and that is to get to know ourselves! :-)The more times we fall in life, the more times we should get up. Every time we get up after a fall, we get new strength to move on. Every man is special, there are no two same people! how many times we fall in life so many times I need to get up. Each time you get up after the fall gives new strength to go on. Each man is special no two are the same man! my way of life can not be anyone’s way, but you might not like it. Click here


If we are under stress, we often feel tired when we are upset. So we need to rest our mind and body. We need a good rest for our health, body, mind, and mood, especially since we spend a third of our lives sleeping. Sleep problems can be the cause of many things, from eating or drinking before bed to the position in which we sleep. There are bad and there is a good sleeping position to sleep.

The best position to sleep on your back:

Sleeping on the back relaxes the muscles of the neck and spine and keeps the neck in a neutral position, but our knees must be bent while lying on our backs. I know that from my personal experience because I also go to physiotherapy because of my spine! for sleeping which is the best!

Side position :

Sleeping on your side is good for those who have problems with snoring, neck and spine pain, but also for pregnant women as well. Also, the mattress and pillow must be in good line with the neck during sleep for better rest!

The Worst stomach position:

Sleeping on the stomach is never advised because it does not support the natural line of the spine. It also creates pain in muscles and joints that can lead to stiffness and cramps. This sleeping position should be avoided by those who have a problem with the neck and spine.

The second worst position of the fetus:

If we sleep on our side with our legs folded on our chest, it can lead to back pain. Sleeping in the fetal position can lead to severe back and joint pain, especially if our chins and knees are almost connected during sleep! Sleep position and type Mattresses and pillows play a very important role in supporting the contours of our body. Pressure on any part of the body can disrupt sleep. Good sleep requires a good sleeping position and a good mattress or bed.

How to make our brain work faster

Everyone would like to think faster and more efficiently, but it is not easy. However, if we work on it and if we know what we need to do, our brain will start working relatively fast, and maybe super-fast

1. Throw out negative thoughts

All the tragic news that surrounds us every day through the media, radio, newspapers, etc … We just need to replace it with positive thoughts and our brains will be grateful for that.

2. Memory training

Our brain is like any other muscle, the more we exercise it, the more it will work and remember. We should try to remember some historical events, the names of some people and something similar every day. That way we refresh and improve our memory. Does it happen to someone that they lose their belongings every day? For example, apartment keys, car keys, documents, or where is my towel, socks, etc … 🙂

3. Be physically active

It is not said that a healthy spirit is in vain in a healthy body! With regular exercise, we improve our circulation in the body and thus endorphins are released through our brain, which relieves our stress and gives us much more energy and concentration! Which I experienced many times when I was actively involved in sports!

4. Get enough sleep

And finally, good sleep and rest contribute to our brain to work better and sort all the information in its place. And of course better memory! Also, a healthy diet is essential for our brain as well as the whole organism. As many fruits and vegetables, cereals, natural fruit and vegetable juices, and as light dinner as possible before going to bed!

Laughter and positive thoughts

Laughter as a medicine for our heart and brain

1. Aggression, anger, anxiety, viruses, and overall social isolation lead to a high risk of heart disease, brain disease, on the other hand, joy, laughter, a sense of humor can help us stay healthy. Laughter is a medicine for our soul, heart, and brain. The positive effects of laughter last 24 hours. Laughter has been shown to have a positive effect on other aspects of our biochemistry as well. For example, it reduces negative reactions to stress and promotes better blood circulation to our heart!

2. It is believed that laughter reduces the risk of a heart attack. We should focus on positive things. Spend more time with us dear people who make us laugh and relax. People still knew that in ancient times! court fools in their castles 🙂 to make them laugh and to rest for a moment from various worries and wars, etc … We should watch some circus, funny movies, comedies in moderation, and if laughter becomes a part of our everyday life, we can quickly recover and reject all these risks of illness!

How to rejuvenate our skin


Aging is inevitable, but who says we have to look at our age? There are more ways to go back an hour and rejuvenate our skin to look younger without cosmetic surgery than natural!

Drink water

Drink water even though there is no real source of youth, water is close to that. Without enough water, our skin cells are not able to function well enough and the skin can become dry and tight. Water not only hydrates us but can also prevent wrinkles. Of course, there is no ideal amount of water to drink now, but you should listen to your body!

Quit smoking

Quit smoking, quitting smoking is one of the better ways to improve your health and beautify and rejuvenate your skin. Smokers have bigger problems than non-smokers with sleep. In addition, smoking accelerates aging and wrinkles appear faster than usual. Here you can compare your skin smokers and non-smokers just watch when you have a situation and you will see the difference!

Herbal products

Limit sun exposure

It is not news that excessive sun exposure is harmful to our skin. It is also associated with premature aging and wrinkles. And a much higher possibility of skin cancer. Ultraviolet rays are to blame for this, and ultraviolet light intensifies wrinkles. Limiting time in the sun and regular use of healthier sunscreen can rejuvenate our skin!

I would have so briefly to write to you for now in this little short article of mine, but I sincerely hope that maybe this will be helpful to someone to find themselves at least somewhere a bit? I can try to transfer some of my knowledge to someone with my experiences and help someone to improve their health! If someone wants, they are free to ask something, and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible. Be in good health. Zveki… 

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Spring and health

Spring falls on my shoulder


: It is time to rest from isolation, viruses, corona, etc … It is time to slowly wake up and slowly return our health, psychophysical health to normal! 🙂 Where spring is, summer is coming soon, it is known that the seasons affect the change in the functioning of our organism and mood, especially in people who react to changes in the weather! Meteorological reactions most often occur with the change of weather and are related to our time. These are normal phenomena that do not have to worry us so much.

Spring is specially decorated with the chirping of birds and the announcement of waking up, flowers, greenery, etc … Again, it all depends on who lives where and in what climatic conditions, but regardless of all that time to wake up again when it comes to our health and constant self-examination Кликните овде  

Light food

What exactly do we mean by light food? spring has arrived, and the weather changes we are constantly exposed to can be a challenge to stay healthy. spring is the season of beginning and transformation. And the transition from winter to a light spring diet, like waking up to nature.

Easier spring diet. From winter to spring: What to change in the diet? On colder days, we should follow the natural desire of our body to eat warmer cooked meals, and on warmer days, we should freely switch to lighter meals, such as salads and cooked green vegetables, or light soups, fruits.:

Spring detox

Eat smaller portions, listen to the body’s natural call to cleanse itself, so that we eat less. Our natural system of metabolism and fat, which occurs in the spring, reduces appetite in the spring. We start burning fat and detox. This is very useful for us to lose some extra pounds. Add root plants for stronger immunity. Root plants, ginger, dandelion, burdock cleanse out the digestive tract of servings and toxins.

Always add fresh ginger and turmeric to meals, drink plenty of ginger root and dandelion liquid to cleanse the liver of toxins. we need to reduce foods that are difficult to digest if we follow the natural flow of our body: we need to reduce milk, gluten, and everything else that is difficult to digest! move be physically active to cleanse the lymphatic system: Our healthy lymphatic system is very important for our overall health.

We just need to imagine cleaning the sewage and toxins from our bodies! your heart pumps blood, but the lymphatic system needs muscle movement to move fluids and clear out bodies. Go outside, go outside, play something, exercise, ride a bike, or do some other physical activity that you enjoy.

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